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  • KOF Weekend Exhibition: August 15, 2015

Author Topic: KOF Weekend Exhibition (Aug 15th, Bronx, NY)  (Read 1165 times)


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KOF Weekend Exhibition (Aug 15th, Bronx, NY)
« on: July 31, 2015, 06:51:57 PM »
We'll be having the tournament @ the 866 Hunts point location.

98 02:UM XIII

We could use as many extra setups as possible considering people will be spread across all 3 games.

98 seems to be preferred on steam excluding ps2 and arcade/emulated versions.

XII will be on Ps3

02:UM will also be steam edition.


Standard rule set, 1st to 3

Double elimination in each game.

Winners finals first to 5.

The tournament starts @ 3pm - 4pm is the cutoff point for registration/lateness. After the 4pm headcount all players unavailable will be DQ'd and those who haven't registered will be unable to. Sorry :(

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