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KOFXIV Announced for 2016

Started by desmond_kof, September 15, 2015, 05:32:14 PM

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This is just the teaser trailer so far, so more will come soon. Post your thoughts and what you will like to see in KOFXIV!
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I screamed like a maniac when I heard about this! I am super hyped!


I think the game looks pretty good, I can't wait to see more  :)

Geese Pants

Glad to see the new owners keeping the series going for the fighting game community..........


hopefully is easier and more accessible to everybody.


Trying to stay optimistic on the graphics. SFIV looked awful too in its first clips of the 3D art style. Hoping it will clean up nicely, but in the end its the game play that will make it or break it. Would be sad to see the PS4's beefy specs not taken full advantage of though.

Really hoping for a PC release within ~3 months of the PS4 release.

Shinra Shiranui

I am looking forward to this installment. It hurt really bad when I had to step away from XIII because of college, and now that I am done, this couldn't have been announced at a better time!
KOF XIII: EX Kyo,Mai,Saiki


Woah. Glad SNK finally revealed this. If exclusive, I guess it's time to get a PS4.

We have Kyo, Iori (in the musician outfit finally), Leona, and Terry so far. Is that right?
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I'm pretty sure those are the only ones revealed, yeah. But anyways, I'm actually really hype! I don't care if the game looks like an MMD project, I wanna play it and finally have at least something new for me to play.


Leona and Terry are in? I didn't saw them on the trailer.


There are some flyers for their 3D models for those two flying, so they should be in there along with their respective team mates. 


I'm trying to stay positive I been watching the trailer over and over and the more I watch it I find my self with mix feelings TBH the trailer is crap,now I don't want people to take me wrong I love SNK games specially Kof even if the graphics stay the way they are in the trailer I would still buy the game but it won't be able to stand against GG and SFV. Hopefully that's not the case.


Do you guys feel that system wise they should go back to HD and rebalance it to tone down the damage like they did with damage scaling in 02UM when you entered Max Mode? Or do you think they should just go back to basic Super Bar with Super Cancel?

The Fluke

I have a love/hate relationship with kof 13. Great as it is in some ways, it's also straigth up silly sometimes.

I think they should either drop both hd and drive, or perhaps let you build up for only one drive cancel. Ex moves are great and they share meter with supers and drive so they add more to the overall game as you have to manage those bars.

The problem with hd is that it makes some things go by too quickly and makes it so a losing player can win in a moment. player 1 makes two or three good calls, player 2 scores one hit and flips the round right on its head. Add hd combos off of grabs and anywhere juggle and we have a game that is often more about combos than actual choices.

I do enjoy combos and options around drive and hd, but it would be nice to not have to bother with them and having two new, good and relatively different kof games would make playing either more fun, or so i think.