Author Topic: Section Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 3027 times)


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« on: August 12, 2011, 03:40:53 PM »
If you are new, post an introduction in the Meet & Greet thread.

Limit discussion to the topic of each thread.

Anything non-game related should go in Pao Pao Cafe > Social Club thread.

Before creating a new thread, check to see if the topic is already being discussed. There's a search box above the navigation to assist you.

Do not discuss any pirating of software on this board. Disc-Swapping software is fine for playing imports.

Treat other posters with respect. Demeaning remarks, including racism and homophobia, will not be tolerated.

No spreading of personal information without one's consent. This includes IM address (unless they have it in their profile), names, pictures, etc.

We all want a better, bigger SNK scene in the US. I'm hoping Dream Cancel can become that place. Common courtesy and respect will help us to grow by leaps and bounds.