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KOF 2002UM - Mai
« on: November 20, 2010, 04:43:50 PM »
Shiranui Gourin - ;bk/ ;fd+ ;c close
Fuusha Kuzushi - ;bk/ ;fd+ ;d close
Yume-zakura - ;bk/ ;dn/ ;fd+ ;c/ ;d close in air

Command Normals
Tsubakuro no Mai - ;fd+ ;b
Benitsuru no Mai - ;df+ ;b
Daiwa Fuusha Otoshi - ;dn+ ;a in air
Ukihane - ;dn+ ;b in air
Yurasura Ume - ;dn+ ;d in air

Special Attacks
Ryuuenbu - ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;a/ ;c
Koyasen Tori - ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;b/ ;d
Ka Chou Sen - ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;a/ ;c
Hissatsu Shinobi Hachi - ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;b/ ;d
Midare Kachou Ougi - ;dn ;db ;bk ;d (x4)
Musasabi no Mai (air) - ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;a/ ;c in air
Musasabi no Mai - ;dn~ ;up+ ;a/ ;c
┗Musasabi no Mai - ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;a/ ;c
┗Ukihane - ;dn+ ;b
Toukajou Tsubute - ;dn+ ;d
Yurasura Ume - ;dn+ ;a/ ;c

Hissatsu Shinobi Hachi - ;dn ;db ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;b/ ;d
Hanaarashi - ;dn ;df ;fd ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;a/ ;c

Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Hachi - ;dn ;db ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;b ;d

Shiranui Ryuu Kyuubi no Kitsune - ;dn ;db ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd+ ;a ;c


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Re: KOF 2002UM - Mai
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2011, 03:36:38 PM »
2C 3B 214D 214D 214D 214D
2B 5A 214D 214D 214D 214D

MAXMode Activation
2C 3B [BC] 2C 3B 214B 2141236[BD]
MBAA: H-Aoko
MBAC: Hisui & Kohaku
LB2: S-Akari
NGBC: DIO & Kaede
KOFXIII: Yuri / King / DuoLon


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Re: KOF 2002UM - Mai
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2015, 08:35:50 AM »
Alright... I got a boobload of Mai for the wiki!

First off is Normals.

Her far  ;c is basically your anti hop tool. It can stuff hops, punish hops, and is a decent poke as well.

Cr.  ;c does wonders for Mai! it's her great and counterpoke, and pretty much beats a lot of things, like sweeps, mid profile moves, good for frametraps, getting random damage from hits, and a good whiff punish tool. It really shines when you have good execution and can combo into ;dn ;df ;fd X2+ ;a/ ;c for more than 30% Damage and hard knockdown, and Mai really wants knock downs to set up her amazing Okizeme!

St. ;d is a good poke, leaving her at a slight disadvantage, which opens up the opponent into thinking they can have a chance of punishing her offense, but instead getting hit by another attack. It's also good  when she has frame advantage impatient opponents who mash randomly, or try to work around it by jumping or rolling.

Her St. ;c ;d can is good for frametraps, and can even destroy lows in its later startup and active portion. It's an annoyance against button Mashers and hoppers when trying to gain some distance or hit her out of it with a low poke, however, it's quite slow, and shouldn't be used much in neutral situations, if at all.

Her  ;df ;b and  ;fd ;b makes her a problem at midscreen, and opens up for some free damage on the opponent.

 ;df ;b is a slide that goes under high/high hitting attacks, and is cancellable out of on the 1st hit, 2nd hit leading to a soft  knockdown, but more on that in a bit. She can cancel it to make herself safe on block, and on hit get big damage she normally wouldn't have because of pushback on other moves. This is probably your go to low next to  ;dn ;d, since her  ;dn ;b is very laggy and doesn't do much for her as  ;df ;b does.

 ;fd ;b is a slow overhead that beats out lows, and can be linked to  ;dn  ;a  or  ;c for more damage. It's a good meaty for downbackers, can even catch people off guard in frametraps in some given instances. With all these tools,  Mai is no slouch on the ground, and her air game is probably one of the strongest if not the strongest, in the game. Her normals can be used for everything, and really suits Mai's fast and poke heavy play style.

J. ;a and  ;b are good for air to airs at close range and also for IOH's when coming down to the ground. J. ;c is a good poke for mid range air neutral, and J. ;d covers most of her air game, making people respect her in the air and on the ground, since it's a good air to air and far ranged jump-in. This is probably your main go to for a lo of things in the air.

Her ;dn~ ;up+ ;a/ ;c helps compliment her air dominance, catching people trying to play Mai in the air or for very confusing and scary pressure. The  ;d follow up is an unblockable air grab that can even be done on short crouchers, like Mai herself. Her  ;dn ;b follow up can set up for ambiguous crossup mixups, and be used solo by itself, along with  ;up ;dn  ;d.

Although these two moves can't be used per se in a neutral situation,in regards to pressure and setting up ambiguous crossup mixups in to hard knock down, it is the creme de la creme in doing so, since both put Mai at angles where they look they can crossup, but are very ambiguous, sometimes leading to people choking and falling for her  ;d command grab mixup.

Her two primary specials used for pretty much a general assortment of things are her  ;dn ;db ;bk+ ;a/ ;c and  ;dn ;df ;fd+  ;a/ ;c.

    Her projectile can be used for not only zoning, but for oki as well. When timing her soft knock downs correctly, Mai can place her  ;a fan right on top of the opponent and get in with her  ;df ;b or long range air normals to get in easily and damage. It also stays out for a long time, making even neutral situations from far to mid screen a pain for non zoner characters. It is also used to make very open gapped block strings making opponents think they have a chance to counter attack, but can't because they must deal with the projectile and risk trading with, or, getting hit by it. It also gives her a bit of frame advantage at given points in spacing, in which she can for high/low mixups with  ;fd  ;b/ ;df ;b(don't sleep on them B's! They'll get you to college!)

Her  ;dn  ;db ;bk+ ;a/ ;c is just a godsend. It is a great pressure/neutral tool, it can do the following:

Beats/trades with good to high priority moves
great whiff punish tool
can bait out GCCD's from afar, including good priority ones like Mai's herself, K's, Bao's, and Yashiro's
meaty that gives her big frame advantage on block for up close frame traps and shenanigans
good hop stuffer and good hop stopper
good combo ender after a CHCD combo
great for setting up oki in the corner after it hits
has a big hitbox, reaching even past the flame animation.

Only downsides to this move is that it loses to properly spaced jump-ins and loses to lows, you can stuff her before the active frames come out.

Mai is great. Play her.

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Re: KOF 2002UM - Mai
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2015, 09:44:18 AM »
Alright... I got a boobload of Mai for the wiki!

Thanks for the information you have been sharing.

To place the info on the wiki, I would need to re-write it or rephrase it a certain way for it can fit along with the description style the rest of the pages have been using.

Thanks again.
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