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New Samurai Showdown Coming?

Started by solidshark, February 14, 2016, 03:38:17 AM

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Report claims a new SamSho is coming for 2017


What do you guys think?
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I won't get my my hopes up until game is officially revealed. Apparently Yasuyuki Oda said this rumor is probably fake. Is this teasing or dismissing? Hard to say. I wonder how reliable Hadoken.net's sources are. If this is ture, SNK is really trying to make comeback to world of video games.
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I do not think there has been a decent Samurai Shodown game since IV and the Sen travesty burned a lot of potential new fans.

Even if it comes, I do not see it being successful due to its clunky nature.

I would personally love a balanced and fully featured Last Blade, but in 3D it would get a lot of shit and very few sales due to Soul Calibur comparisons.

Soul Calibur V is pure horse manure from an objective standpoint relative to the original, but that customization trash bag it carries is highly regarded and Capcom lovers are all over that meter-filled, streamlined, unbalanced bullshit.

However, I was never big into Samurai Shodown and mostly stuck to II, whenever I wanted to play.