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How to make a Real Arcade Pro.2 "top-opener"?


Micky Kusanagi:
I need to be able to open my stick from the top like a Madcatz TE. It's a Japanese Tekken 5, basically a HRAP2 without the turbo thingy in the top left corner. Is there an alternative to Arthong's top loaders which only requires stuff you can easily buy from your local hardware store? I live in Italy and Arthong ships from the US (or so I think), so I'm not willing to pay a huge shipment fee for a couple metal and plastic pieces since I don't have anything else to buy from them...

I was thinking about glueing spacers and bolts inside the case, where there are the holes I should put the screws in, and replace the original screws with ones of the same kind Madcatz TEs are equipped with. Is Super Attak -or equivalent- the right product to glue metal to plastic? Sorry for my DIY ignorance xD

I would use hot glue with a glue gun instead.

Micky Kusanagi:
Uhmmm...I don't have a glue gun nor I have friends or acquaintances who got one, so I think the top loaders could be the most cost efficient option xD Thank you anyway ^^ Are there any easy to find hardware pieces who could serve for the same purpose as Arthong's top loaders? Posting a video for those who haven't heard about them


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