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NorCal KOF!

Started by Tone, November 26, 2010, 03:26:13 AM

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Mark 2 is open Thursday at 7:30. Anyone up to play there? If not, can see if there's an event we can piggy-back off of on the weekend.


New place opening: Venue 550, a night club that hosts fighting game events.

Opens on the 15th of November. Hellpockets is hoping to coordinate a KOF tournament there. I know we wanted to head to Mark 2 that Friday, but lets show some support for this new venue as well.


Since I seem to be the only person posting in this thread, Mark 2 is open this Thursday and I will be there. Hopefully I see some of you there that day.


Just looked at the Mark 2 calendar, is it not open for this friday?


Nope, unless someone makes a last minute change in the schedule.


KOFXIII: N-Robert, Ryo, R2 Takuma


straight from Myung:

QuoteOffice hours updated for tonight. PS4 obtained. No games yet. Would people want to see/play one?

guess we're good?
KOFXIII: N-Robert, Ryo, R2 Takuma



good games, good times. MARK 2: STRONK.
KOFXIII: N-Robert, Ryo, R2 Takuma


Sorry I couldn't make it out this Friday. Had way too much going on at work that held me up. I didn't feel like driving at all.

There is a fork coming up. There are two KoF events, one is the opening of the club: Venue550 in San Francisco. Iplaywinner is coming out to do some footage of the event.

There's also Versus on Friday in Milpitas. Either one is good and this is plenty of time to plan for the 22nd.

There's also Battle of the Best IV in San Jose the next day.


So what'd I miss in the 6 months i've been out of the kof community? What's happening soon?


Battle of the Best IV is this weekend.

It's at 701-799 N. 10th street in San Jose and starts at noon. KoF will be there so I'm heading out there.

This Friday is Versus at MGL. You also have a tournament at Double KO, the opening party for this new club/lounge/arcade place in San francisco called Venue 550 at 550 15th Street in San Francisco.

That's about all for this week.

Glad to see you again!


Sorry again for the double-post.

Versus @ Milpitas is canceled as Joe is helping set up for Battle of the Best IV that's happening on Saturday, November 23rd (Previously mentioned).

So, other than Mark 2 casuals or going to Venue550, that's it for Friday.


Bleh. The week I'm free for Versus it gets canceled and I'm too broke to get to SF. Then I'm busy tomorrow, so I can't make it to BotB. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :(