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Re: KOF 2002 UM - Xiangfei
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I actually watched that, but it didn't really help me understand the timing any. I was hoping someone with experience playing her could explain it (maybe if I understood Japanese, the video explained it too, but I don't :x)

If I just spam the input just outside attack range while the CPU is set to attack over and over again, it will eventually trigger, but I can't figure out how to do it on purpose... and I've never gotten it to work when close enough to be hit. I either get hit or on rare occasion do her stand A and trade hits (or interrupt the attack). It never seems to trigger the counter when actually being in range to attack. Obviously I understand nothing of the timing.

you have to input the direction within few frames from pressing A
I have found out using  ;a +  ;fd is the hardest since the counter will happen only during the active frame of the medium attack (range doesnt matter)
you can practice by recording Yamazaki  ;dn ;db ;bk +  ;b multiple times and you will get the timing

usually I go for  ;a + ;dn (just a matter of guessing) & ;a + ;up (easy to catch jumping attacks)
I use it against all Choi jumping moves (except Max 2), Namless jump  ;c or jump  ;a and all cross jumps attempts when grounded but be careful as sometimes the counter miss the opponent

I wanted to share one more tip since very long time

instead of inputting ;dn ;db ;bk ;c after  ;fd ;df ;dn ;db ;bk ;fd ;a or ;c
simply press  ;a + ;c for the follow up attack ;)
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Re: KOF 2002 UM - Xiangfei
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Xiangfei's Hitboxes:

Please read this for more details:


1. Xiangfei's leap super/Max 1, qcf, hcb+K/BD's hitbox will not activate until she connects to the opponent.
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