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« on: August 05, 2016, 03:03:23 AM »

;a = Light Punch
;b = Light Kick
;c = Strong Punch
;d = Strong Kick

(*) = EX OK
(!) = MAX OK

Zarina Rocket - (close) ;bk/ ;fd + ;c
Zarina Ton - (close) ;bk/ ;fd + ;d

Command Normals
Trick • R  - ;fd + ;b
Trick • S -  ;df + ;c

Special Moves
Preduncle Pruning - ;dp + ;a/ ;c (*)
Floral Screw - ;hcb + ;a/ ;c (*)
Spinning Petal - ;dp + ;b/ ;d (*)
Growing Flower - ;qcb + ;b/ ;d (*)

Super Special Moves
Yellow Eruption -  ;qcf ;qcf +  ;a/ ;c (!)
Hurricane Dance -  ;qcb ;hcf +  ;b/ ;d (!)

Climax Super Special Move
Yellow Cyclone - ;qcf ;qcf + ;b ;d
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Re: Zarina
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2016, 11:40:40 PM »
KOF XIV - Zarina Day 1 0 Combos (Definitive Edition) by Opsclerk


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Re: Zarina
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2016, 03:52:03 AM »
Here is my Zarina guide but I want to go a little more in depth in my findings.

- Her A normals and B normals have really good range, but remember she can't rapid fire them. cr. B really shrinks her hitbox.
- Hop A, B, and C are great air to airs. Jump D has considerable start up which can make it useful for mixing up your jump ins. j. CD has a great downward angle.
- I dont really use cr. D. It's really dangerous if whiffed.
- st. CD is a fantastic poke. It's completely safe on block if I remmeber right.
- cr. C launches allowing for combos, even if used as an anti air. Its best at AA'ing cross ups; the hitbox isnt great for frontal jumps. You can still combo if it trades, unless its a CD you traded with.
- f. B is safe and a good whiff punish. Not special cancelable, but goes nicely into Max or Supers.
- Her dps have very small amounts of invulnerability. Ex version has much more though.
- You can soar over low fireballs with hcb P.

Here's the combos I found for her in text form.
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Re: Zarina
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2016, 01:53:39 AM »
Another plus for st. CD is that it can pass through most normal ground fireballs. It may possibly have a few frames of lower body invul.

I find jump D can set up ambiguous left/right mixups with the proper hard knockdown setup. It's still something I'm working on and I haven't tested on the whole cast. If you forward jump instead of rolling in the below setup then the timing of jump D will determine which side you'll end up. This is not a safe jump!


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Re: Zarina
« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2016, 04:28:37 PM »
From Facebook:

"A quick guide for Zarina: (Thank you Prince Thabet for inspiring me to do this)
Zarina is the character I have spent the most time in the lab with and the most time playing.
There has been a great deal of mixed opinions on Zarina and her tier; Some top players think she is trash (some top Mexican players) while some think she is top-tier (Chinese player). Today we will explore Zarina's role on your team as well as her strengths and weaknesses to see if she is right for you and where exactly she would fall on the tier list as well.

I believe one of the reasons for these great discrepancies on whether she is good or not come from the fact that many people are putting her in the wrong position and have not fully explored her. I have experimented with her in all 3 positions and have found her to be strongest in the 2nd position. Why?
She is a weak point character: She cannot build much meter without getting in. Her no meter damage is great but she loses to projectiles and no meter makes it even harder to get in or punish fireball spam.
She is a decent anchor but not the best: Her super damage is average to weak, her optimal damage comes from using 1 or 2 meters since even going into lvl 3 doesnt add too much damage after a maxmode combo (unless you need it to kill).
As the middle character she shines because as soon as you land any hit, you want to have meter to go immediately into Maxmode and start styling.
She gets huge damage close up and has pokes to confirm into max mode., her moves tendo to corner carry and she shines when pressuring the enemy in the corner as well.

Footsie tools and confirms into Max mode:
Her forward B is safe on block and much of your damage will come from confirming this forward moving unique normal into max mode, however, it's best to combo into the forward B from a normal.
Her crouch B into her forward B is godlike, cancel into Max mode on the 3rd hit of this combo.
Her crouch A into her forward B is also godlike and has slightly farther range but they can block it high. ( think elena's crouch jab into special from Street fighter)
She has even better pressure strings and meterless combos like:
Jump in B (ez crossup even off short jump) Cr +B, Cr+A, Downforward C into QCB +D (And if in the corner u can end with a DP+ D.
Close up or after you land a cross up or jump in, go into close nuet D and it combos into downForward C, note: This is the huge damage, the hard hitting close standing D into downforward C, cancel into max mode and immediately do the same combo D into downforward-C and then go into EX HCB+Punch, etc etc
Her far footsie combo tool would be her df C.
double hitting sweep can go under projectiles and seems hard to punish on block many of her normals will low profile jump ins due to her fighting style.
Anti airs: Stand C or D or light DP for anti airs, or EX DP for invincibility if you are in max mode or just low pro like a pro ;) Also Her down+C can anti air and you can cancel it into max mode off anti air.
Note: Her down C will propell her backwards, like a backdash but different, because if they get near they get launched off her foot, however it can get stuffed too, use this to bait or anti air and then all of a sudden go in with a run + crouching normal (more on this later).
Her air normals are almost all godlike and each has its use.
Air D and air B for cross ups, (air a can also crosssup but harder)
Air C is best for air to airs, jumping B for air to airs is also useful at times and for quick control.
air A for high air to air and deep crossups or deep jumpins to keep them in blockstun longer.
Special moves:
Her special moves are situational and her ex are most useful for combos.
Her long range command grab/jump (called peduncle pruning aka DP punch, hits at a very specific range, memorize this range to mixup your opponent and it hits much easier if they are cornered. Ex is useful in combos after knocking them in the air (see youtube for her advanced combos, there are plenty)
Her DP+K is her anti air but moves her forward a bit, keep that in mind, the fierce version moves forward more and does more damage, but she flys upward much later so keep in mind when spacing, and ex is invincible.
Strategy and tactics:
Her main goal is to get in, land a hit and dish out tons of damage.
Her tools make this job kind of interesting, and you have to get creative sometimes to get in, use her excellent movement, odd hitting normals and slipperyness to annoy and confuse the enemy, here crouching C is your friend to condition the opponent into thinking you are retreating only to run in or short hop in and strike quickly by surprise.
Her short hop + A (close up) and her jumping D is godlike and should be abused.
Note her Jump C is the best air to air but will whiff on crouching opponents, same with her air B sometimes. If they are crouching a lot, go with her air D, just time it correctly as it has longer start up.
Once you have them in the corner you can land her command grab gimmick much easier and can mix them up with short hop empty jump lows, short hop overheads, shimmy throw, meaty lows, and her command grab (the DP+punch special will always hit in the corner (close-ish range) unless they jump out of it or counter hit you.
Instant overhead: Her short hop up forward into a quick D will cause her to flip, hit the opponent and land on either side if they are standing and at midscreen but may be unsafe depending on how early you hit it. You can throw this in every now and then to confuse the opponent or for the deathblow.
If done when the enemy is in the corner, do it a little later in the air and it will look like a crossup but will hit same side (her body may actually cause her to crossup, need to test) either way it looks dirty and if they inch move or hit a normal, they will likely get crossed-up.
Overall she is a fun character that needs some meter to open up her big combo options, she can also go into her EX Floral screw and after the wall bounce, go into Cr+C then super, OR cancel her Cr+C into max mode, this will launch them and this is how you continue the combo with 2 max modes into even bigger damage.
Her use is as a cunning damage dealer, you have to play smart to get in and she has a wide array of tricks to condition the opponent and get in their head. Once they are in the corner they are free to her mixup game or meaty pressure strings and can get opened up by a good Zarina.
Her overall Tier I feel is A-/B+, she can dish out ridiculous damage but doesn't have the neutral game as easy as a projectile character and you have to play smart and work to get in, but once in there she can wreck house and has enough options to confuse and scare the opponent.
Long live KOF!"
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Re: Zarina
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2017, 09:22:02 AM »
Zarina hitboxes are complete:


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Re: Zarina
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2017, 05:15:59 PM »

Added a few combos to Zarina's wiki page:

Wiki (1 meter combos)
Google doc:
"Do not place so much importance on winning. The fight itself has value."