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Started by Mr.Minionman, August 05, 2016, 07:25:13 PM

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Thanks for that vid. The first match is the style I've been trying to apply, glad I'm maybe on the right path with him.

EDIT: Watched the rest, and realized how to optimize the 1st position Max mode with him. Thanks a ton, good stuff in those matches for sure.


Gang-il feels so much more complete after yesterday's patch. Far standing D alone makes his ground game noticeably better and more consistent. The increased damage on the supers helps a lot, too, especially during Max mode conversions.

Still not going to be an easy character to use by measure of some other high tiers but I do think he's viable now with work.

Thanks SNK!

White Rob

Quote from: KrsJin on October 19, 2016, 11:35:17 PM
Gang-il feels so much more complete after yesterday's patch.

Thanks SNK!

Far D buff was huge. The cr.B speed increase makes it so you can link them into each other now (ie. cr.B, cr.B for 2 hit combo) and consistently connects after 6B hits crouchers. Far B being special cancellable makes it so you get meterless knockdown off of 6B (6B, far B, 22B, 623A). This combo has to hit deep though or the 623A part whiffs sometimes.


Yeah, has to hit deep off 6B and you have to cancel it fast to ensure consistency. Out of fear of whiffing, I usually just end with B xx  ;dn ;dn D.


Wow, crouching B is +3 on block? I need to utilize this more.


Micky Kusanagi

Guys I love your videos because you're always on the lookout for spectacular, fun to watch stuff, and for your music choices. Dong Hwan's theme fits Gang-Il like a glove!! And Gang-Il is one of my favorite newcomers -too bad I don't feel so comfortable with him as I do with Kim because of his height-, so I'm really happy you uploaded a CMV about him. Last but not least, I saw some interesting combo tech I'll be happy to try out the next time I play KOF14.
Ore no...kachi da!!


Some genuinely good stuff in there. Some real stuff you can apply in matches, too.


Thanx for your feedback. We´re glad you liked it. We try to use themes that somehow fit the character, with a variable amount of success.
"Working" with Gang-Il was fun cos we found more stuff than we thought we would. We like to think there´s always something to learn in our vids, even in the most impractical combos, and we agree that with Gang-Il the "tech" shown looks more practical.