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KOF 2002UM - Iori Yagami

Started by nilcam, December 21, 2010, 10:20:41 PM

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Alright, here are some bad things about Iori in this game. His Fwd+A isn't special

cancellable which reduces his damage and from confirming into rekkas. His Cr.B is really

short, giving him a hard time poking low. His Hyper Hop b+B whiffs on crouchers with

small heights, such as HInako, Choi, Athena, And Iori himself. It also whiffs on Billy

for some odd reason,even though he is considered at medium crouching height. His Rekkas

don't connect when whiff punishing and attacking limbs, though he can fix most of this

problem with a conversion into super, which is tough.

Besides that however, Iori is still a mixup and pressure crazy monster like he is in

all games, and can easily harass the opponent's guard gauge with his HCB+K, taking off

more than 16% everytime it's blocked.

He can do a delayed Hyperhop C safejump off his rekkas and HCB+K, and bait out fast

reversals, such as Kyo's DP.

His Cl.B to Cl.C link is very easy to do in this game and makes up for lost damage from

FWD.+A being uncancellable.

His Jump B+b is still a godly crossup, and has a lot of hit and block stun, making it

great for hitconfirming and pressure.

His QFC,HCB+P super is great for going under fireballs and has a follow up super for the

cost of 1 more bar for extra damage.

Iori's close range game is one the best in the game. His Cl.B to Cl.C is your go to

frame trap, and also any meaty into his HCB,F+P command grab. His Cl.B and Cr.A gives

him some good advantage for run in low attack pressure. His QCB+A rekka is also good for

pressure, and can throw people off you delay each rekka.

His Far D is a good hop stuffer, and is also good for basic poking, and has pretty

decent speed. Far C is also a good poke and is your main go to normal for confirming

from a far into rekkas.

His Dp is also a good reversal and anti-air, and it's A version is hard to punish on

reaction, especially from afar. His Cr.C is also good, but has bad recovery on whiff.

Cl.C and Cl.D are also good anti-airs, especially for really close hop-ins.


Cl.B--CL.C xx HCB+K - 30% (without CL.B, 27%)

Far C XX QCB+AX3 - 20%

Please give me credit for this, except the video.



What should I do after a  ;fd+ ;b hits? Should I Maxmode run Cl. ;c or Max mode ;df ;dn ;fd + ;c?