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Amiracle's Character Quick Guides (Athena, K' and Billy added!)
« on: October 02, 2016, 03:00:39 PM »
Decided to make a thread for these so they're all in 1 place and easier to find.

Originally started as helping people that were asking questions in the KoF facebook group.
These are quick guidelines to give players some general tips on how the character is played and what their tools can do.
Covers stuff like their pokes, anti-airs, reversals, some basic combos, best position for a character, and explanation of their move's properties.

These don't cover everything the character has, and they're not supposed to. They're to give you a starting point if you're learning the character, or give you tidbits of information you didn't know about your main/character you're struggling against.

If you have any notes or extra info that you think would be useful feel free to comment.

I plan on doing more of these as time goes, currently working on Kim, Leona, Tung and Kyo.

I’ve added frame data for everyone in the form of (start-up/ advantage on block).



KoF's first Narcoleptic character enters the fray with slow pillow projectiles, chun-li air lightning legs, and charge moves that get better the longer you hold them.
Meitenkun adds a unique mechanic to the game. His charge specials have 3 levels (the longer you hold it, the higher the level gets), higher level specials have more reach and can be used in more occasions when they have more levels.

His gameplan is pretty simple, control space with his projectiles and get people to respect them.
They're very good as they recover pretty quickly, move slowly so you can use them as aid in your pressure, and they also have a wide hitbox so hopping over them is not easy.

I think he's really threatening with meter for his EX explosion super. Anchor or second is ideal for him.
One of my main tactics is throwing a lot of pillows so people will jump at me and then do EX explosion. Easy money right there.

The thing is with Meiten, he doesn't have a straight up "Dp", his anti-airs are not so straight forward. Most people know that and try to jump over your projectiles as soon as they see them. you gotta learn the ranges of people's approaches to keep them out and to stop them from simply jumping over it. This however, can work in your favor if you have meter.

EX explosion is the go-to anti-air if you have the bar. Most rewarding option and will get them to stop jumping usually.
The other anti-air options are far C (13f/-6), crouch D (8f/-2), far A (5f/-1) and Geki Hou (d~u+P).
Far C and far A are useful against hops, where cr D and Geki Hou are better for full jumps.
Air to air you have j.C (10f), j.D (9f), j.CD (17f) and air lightning legs.

Far C is also a solid poke, you can cancel it into specials or f.B, it's useful to pressure people. His sweep, cr.C (7f/-6) is also cancellable and has nice range.
His CD (17f/-6) is suuper good and has crazy range. You can combo it into lvl2/3 lung punch or Climax midscreen. You can also combo it into A fireball for a restand in the corner.

Geki Hou, d~u+P, at level 1 (7f/-16) is a small beam and not invincible, it will trade or get beat out a lot so i wouldn't rely on it. Level 2 (6f/-15) is a bit bigger and it’s invincible but still inconsistent.  At level 3 (5f/-14) it has a much bigger hitbox and it's invincible so you can use that but you obviously won't have access to that most of the time. You can combo off of level 2 or 3 into EX explosion super and you can get it off of level 1 hou if it trades or if you hit them off a cross up attempt (behind you). You can also combo into lung punch or cr.A if they're hit high enough.

EX version (4f/-8) is super good. invincible, has a huge hitbox and pops them for full combo. It's also practically safe on block coz it recovers quick and has a lot of pushback so being in MAX mode is gonna make people more grounded and honest.

Another thing about Geki Hou that's not very known is that it cancels projectiles so use that in your zoning/counter zoning

His Lung punch special, b~f+P (13f/-7) is good but mainly use it after hit confirms or at max range coz it's not safe otherwise.At max range it can be 0 on block. f+P does an extra followup palm (6f/-14).
You can try to be cute and delay the followup to catch punish attempts but you leave a gap where you can be thrown.
Lvl 2 and 3 go really far and they can combo in places where lvl 1 won't (eg: after ex Geki Hou midscreen).
You can cancel lung punch followup into ex explosion, this is my main BnB ender, something like c.B c.A c.B or cl.C f.B into lungpunch>followup xx EX explosion, pretty easy and solid damage.
Lung punch follow-up also cancels projectiles.
EX Lung punch (14f/-5) has a lot of hits and pops up, can combo into EX Geki Hou or any normal for a reset.  

His pillow projectile (qcb+P) is the "essence" of his gameplan, A goes forward (18f/+1) and C goes upward (19f/+1). Both have slow travel speed, start-up and recovery. It's input (qcb) helps in that you can always have a lung punch ready once you toss a fireball if you simply hold the B at the end of the input.
Tossing A pillows and running after them is what you'll mainly try to do, bait stupid stuff like a jump or roll then punish with combo/EX explosion.
His EX fireball has quick travel speed (16f/0) and can be used to kill a lot of zoning attempts, goes forward and knocks back which you can combo off of in the corner.
He has air "lightning legs" qcb+K in the air, very similar to Chun-Li's in SFV. B is quicker (7f) and doesn't change his air momentum. D (14f) has a bit of a "pause" before he starts kicking, it also moves him a bit forward even if you do it off a backjump. You can combo into it off of j.A or a Counterhit air CD.
You can combo off of it in juggles as it pops them up.
his EX lighning legs (13f) has the D version's "pause" but goes almost fullscreen and you can combo off of it.

His "ranbu" super, qcfx2 +K, (10f/-18) is mainly used after ground confirms, or you if you want to Climax cancel in a combo. Causes a sliding knockdown.

Explosion super (9f/-107) is a small one and it can miss trying to use it in combos or as an anti-air, always go for EX (8f/-97) if you have the meter. The damage and bigger hitbox are worth it.

His Climax, hcbx2 +AC (13f/-31) is good, goes super far but it's mainly a combo ender and to punish fireballs. Keeps zoning in check if you're around 3/4s of the screen away.

Meiten has some crazy combos in the corner, but you can keep it simple and still get beefy damage. Midscreen he has nice corner carry meterless or you can burn meter for EX explosion and get good damage instead.

-cr.B cr.A cr.B Lung punch>follow-up xx EX explosion
-Cl.C f.B lung punch>followup xx EX explosion
-cr.B cr.A f.B xx Ranbu super
-Corner CD xx qcb+A Cl.C f.B MAX ...
-cr.B cr.A far B MAX ...
-Cr.B cr.A f.B MAX ...
-Cl.C f.B MAX ...
-f.B MAX ...
•Midscreen MAX follow up:
-cl.C f.B EX lung punch EX Geki-Hou lvl2 Lung punch>follow-up, cancel into EX explosion for more damage
•Corner MAX follow up:
-Cl.C f.B EX pillow EX lung punch C Geki-Hou EX Geki-Hou A Pillow (C Geki-Hou xx EX Explosion, or Lung punch xx Ranbu Super)
-Point or 2nd:
Cl.C f.B EX Lung punch C Geki-Hou EX Geki Hou C pillow Lung punch > follow-up xx Explosion

-Learn how to charge lung punch for combos that have f.B right before, it takes time to get used to but it's doable and useful to maximize damage.
-For f+B into lung punch combos, you can do the f+B input early and it'll still come out. You basically do the f+B as soon as you press Cl.C and immediately hold back, you'll have enough charge to get the move out by the end of f+B's animation. Takes some practice but it's very doable.
-another method that i use to combo into EX lung punch without f.B is doing Cl.C f.B (hold back as soon as you do the f.B input) MAX Cl.C EX lung punch. If you do it quick enough, you can combo into Cl.C after MAX cancelling and have the charge go into Lung punch. In this version the hard part is connecting the MAX cancel into Cl.C quick enough. Pick your poison with either method, both take practice but doable.
-his far B is a low and has nice range,  it can catch people off guard as it's a far standing low. Useful at the end of MAX confirms coz of it's range and it helps as you can start charging for Lung punch during it.
-You can cancel after your strings, blowback or far C into A pillow projectile to continue your offense but keep in mind that there's a gap (smaller off of CD) where people can jump over it or straight up interrupt you, but you can mix in C fireball to keep people honest. Also remember that you can whiff cancel pillows into ex explosion if you think they'll do something stupid. It's a big window, especially if you buffer the super.
-You can charge for Geki-Hou while running by doing f,df then use it by simply doing u+P. Very useful if you're in MAX mode, especially if you have a fireball covering you.
-For lvl2 Lung punch after EX Geki Hou midscreen, you need to be charging it's input while doing the EX Geki Hou. Basically the input will be : EX lung punch hits > (charge for Geki by holding db) then do the EX Geki Hou by inputting ub+AC. This way you do Geki Hou while keeping the back charge for lvl 2/3 Lung punch.
-After his explosion super, regular or EX, If you don't press a button Meiten will go to sleep till you get hit or press a button. Totally worthless but it's a funny touch.
-Meiten will also go to sleep if you stay idle for a long time.
-f.B is an overhead if it's done raw, you can MAX cancel out of it into a full combo.


Known by so many people that have never played fighting games (thanks to Doujins), The sexy Anhel makes her return and brings back the same unchained shenanigans and even rockin a new -semi- infinite!

She's a very in-your-face character, she lacks all around (anti-airs, getting in, pokes) but once she's close enough to start her unchained stuff you can do some serious damage.
She has (one of) the highest meterless damage in the game and she has a lot of high/low and even left/right mixups that she can do.

Personally I think Angel is best on point mainly coz it's in her favor for opponents to not have their meter options. Plus she also doesn't need meter to do her dirt and builds it pretty quick making her a pretty good battery.

You'll need to learn how her unchained works and what leads to what. It has a lot of odd rules but it'll become natural after some games with her.
She has lows, overheads, dash through, unblockable. and an invincible evade move.
so once you start using unchained correctly, you can go for mixups and pressure and if it's blocked you can back off safely at the end.
Quick run-down on the unchained series and how it works:
Starters: These moves start the unchained series, giving you access to lots of different tools that are only available during the unchained series
-Qcb+P (16f), knocks back
-Df+B (18f/-8), low
-Df+D (17f/-7), overhead
-BF+K mid (13f/-5), 2 hits
-Hcf+K, Command dash. Starts and resets the series. Can go through opponent if close enough. Cancellable into unchained mids at any point (even after going through the opponent)

These can only be done after a starter, you can chain them into each other but there's a few guidelines to follow:  
-You can't do P to P or K to K, you have to alternate
-You can't chain into a move with the same direction as the move before (can't do u.P into u.K)
-You can't do the same move during the same series twice, only "exception" is f+K which can be done multiple times in a juggle.
-the Hcf+K run can be done off of these Mids to "reset" the series so you can do stuff like u+K run u+K run.

Once you do a starter these are the possible follow-ups:
-u+P (11f/-3), upwards palm, pops up in juggles for extensions
-u+K (8f/-4), upwards kick, same as u+P
-f+P (20f/-10), 2 hit slow overhead
-f+K (10f/-16), mid leaping kick, useful in juggles. not safe on block
-d+P (10f/-7), quick low punch
-d+K (24f/-7), slow low kick

Special circle
-f,b or neutral AB. this is an invincible twirl. You can do any of these to escape safely after an unchained blockstring/mixup.

These will end the unchained series, they all knock down in some form:
-ff+A (9f/-12), the go-to, launches for a combo.
-ff+C (27f), slow unblockable. Wall bounces on hit but you can't follow up after it.
-ff+K (21f/-5). Slow multi-hit overhead, hard to combo into.
-Qcf+C, command throw, solid ender for damage.
-Qcf+A (21f), leaping command throw. For mixups

Extra note: You can enter unchained series on whiff and can chain mids on whiff as well.

My early mixups were mainly df.B/df.D off of blockstrings into unchained combo. Very simple but effective mixup to start you off.

As i said earlier, her anti-airs and pokes aren't the best.
For anti-air you have far B, cr.C, bf+K, far A (5f/+2, ass), far D (11f/-4, hella ass).
Far B (6f/-4) is the most consistent one but it's still not reliable and nothing to write home about it's a bit better now but it's still somewhat iffy, cr.C (10f/-25) is death on block or whiff and has a wonky hitbox where it's only good if you hit them super deep but it's too slow/risky to use, but you can go into a full combo off of it so the reward is worth if it you can land it.

Air to air she has better options in j.A (6f) and j.2D (5f) but they lack in range.
Her counter super and her EX ranbu super are good to keep people out of the air but they cost meter.

For pokes sadly far C, far B and her blowback are all she has, far C (9f/-4) and CD (18f/-5) fall short speed and range wise, but she has good aerial pokes with j.D (10f) and j.CD (16f). Use them to compensate for her subpar ground game. They are also her jump ins. A deep enough j.CD will give you enough blockstun for a free hop.
j.2D is also a solid jump in, lots of active frames so it'll beat a lot of stuff.

She has one of the few "tacos" with her j.C (12f), she can do some really nasty hitting crossups with it. Learn it's range/timing and when you can apply it. A simple mixup example with it, blocked deep j.CD into hop j.C or hop j.2D. Done right it's really ambiguous and hard to block correctly.

her hcb+K, Red sky (15f/-4) is an important special, Angel dashes forward a bit over halfscreen and if hits it leads to a hard knockdown. negative on block. Can catch some jump-out attempts.
Try to always end your combos with hcb+K as it's a hard knockdown and leads to a safe jump (hyperhop x2 j.CD).
The other common ender is her ff+C unblockable unchained ender in the corner. You can get a 4 way mixup off of it if it's done right, but you risk losing the corner if you mess up or if they block correctly.

Mad murder, Her command grab (14f) sucks, don't use it outside of the EX version. The EX (9f) pops up pretty high and it's invincible, you can even anti air with it if you time it right.
Her other EXs are ok but not worth putting her second or anchor imo.
EX hcb+K (11f/-4) is invincible and safe so it's a quick get-in move.
I still don't understand EX run, but it's faster and you can do stuff from and to it quicker, plus you can whiff cancel into it.
EX gut punch(27f) causes a crumple, which you can combo into regular gut punch into unchained combo. It also causes a guard break if blocked. Pretty decent but hard to apply in matches.

Real Rave, is her Ranbu super (7f/-21) and her meter combo ender, can Climax cancel out of it. EX (6f/-24) is invincible for a bit and goes further.

Counter super (4f but invul from frame 1) is her only real "reversal" but it's a risky one. Can't cancel out of it for more damage sadly. Switches sides so it can flip the momentum if you're cornered.

both her supers have a dumb input (B into Dp motion) but it'll become natural with practice don't worry.

Her Climax, Assention time (10f/-20) can be used as a fireball punisher and Combo extender but that's about it, it's invincible but don't use it as a reversal coz it'll most likely go over the opponent and whiff.

Quick combos to start with, her combos aren't as linear as other characters so I'll use a more anime-esque format here.
Note: for f.B and bf+B cancel before the second hit, coz otherwise they'll be out of range for the rest of the combo.

-cr.B Cr.A cr.A
-Cr.B cl.A
-Cl.D f.B
-cl.B cl.B cl.B

Mid (unchained starter)
- bf+K
-qcb+P (corner or after only 1 close normal)

End (bf+K)
-d.P ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu super)
-u.K d.P f.K qcf+C

End (qcb+P)
-f.K u.P ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu super)
-Longer combo, also switches sides:
f.K u.P run u.K ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu)
-Even longer combo from qcb+P, easiest out of cross up j.C:
J.C cl.B qcb+A f.K u.P run u.K run f.K ff.A (hcb+K or ranbu)

-u.K d.P (whiffs) f.K ff.A bf+K f.K u.P (ff+C or ranbu super)

Other combos:
-Cl.D f.B MAX cl.D f.B EX grab (small dash) bf+K f.K u.P ff+A, hcb+K or ranbu

-Cl.D f.B MAX cl.D f.B EX grab run u.P run u.K run f.K ff+A, hcb+K or ranbu

For Swag:
-Cl.D f.B MAX cr.C run f.K u.P run u.K run f.K ff.A bf.K f.K ranbu

Keep in mind that for all the combos that involve her "run" you switch sides everytime you do it so the input of the next part has to be done to the other direction. It's usually something with an up input so it'll work either way but now you know.

-off of ff+C corner enders, you can do hcf+K twice then cl.D meaty. This will go through and hit from the other side. If you delay the run a bit you'll stay same side.
Another one is backdash hcf+K cr.B (hits other side and is a low). Backdash hcb+K into cr.B hits front.
She has a lot of other setups from this ender as well.
-Her cr.D (12f/-2) has a lot of range and reaches further than any of her pokes, but it's very slow so using it is pretty risky overall but it's there.
-You can cancel into unchained enders after special circle (her dodges). Can be used to sneak in her qcf+A command throw ender.
-Mid blockstrings doing hcf+K into f.P or d.P can catch people if they're not careful as you'll be on the other side. You'll get tagged if they're mashing though.
-Mid blockstrings MAX cancelling immediately into EX gut punch can catch a lot of people off guard.
-Off of CD wallstick you can do hcb+K (whiff) bf+K f.K u.P hcb+K. this can be done anywhere on the screen.
-She has regular MAX cancel shorts just like most characters. cr.B cr.B far B. MAX cl.D f.B unchained whatever you want.
-On bigs you can connect bf+K after ff+A ender midscreen.
-You can cancel backdash into air j.2D, this makes the backdash cover more range.
-Qcb+C (16f/0) has been buffed and it's now godlike. Around -2 with no pushback at all. In the corner you can go for a high/low mixup after it with d.K or f.P into full combo. You also do EX command grab as a frametrap and it'll catch everything except jumps.
-You can link cl.B (5f/-2) into cl.D f.B for more damage and a longer confirm.
-off a high enough jump, you can do j.A j.2D for a sneaky double overhead.
-She can do meaty unblockables after landed ff+C, hcb+K or lvl1 ranbu super.
The setup is Qcb+A (cancel asap) f.K ff+C.
Off off ranbu super it's df+D f.K ff+C.
-Currently she can do a semi-infinite with EX run u.P EX run u.K EX run u.P ... It's not an infinite as they become out of range after 6 or 7 reps I think (can't do it consistently so I'm not sure lol)
-She has a nasty pressure "string" that if done right can be plus and unjumpable, which is run d.P run d.P run d.P ... Not easy to do (i do it as 4123+P 6+K).

Once you feel comfortable enough with her you can find a lot more tech for her on YT or Twitter. She's a pretty complex character so if you're a tech lover you'll have fun with her.


 Kensou, one of the OG hit-and-run style characters, lost his XIII moveset while keeping his shitty idle pose and returns to his original moveset regaining his command normals, his dp+K upkick and his 3 hit horizontal and vertical Ryuurenga.
With tools for zoning, multiple guard-point options, and decent pokes, He can play at any range well but excels from far away.

Kensou's playstyle revolves around his fireball, and his ridiculous amount of anti-air options to keep the opponent grounded.
Having vastly different fireball speeds to harass his opponents and cover his offense, as well as now having mixup options with his f+A overhead.

Kensou imo is one of the best point characters, mainly because he doesn't need meter for his gameplan to work and it helps his zoning if the opponent doesn't have meter to spend either. He gets to abuse his fireball zoning and pressure more and a lot of characters have to hold that.
There's also that his MAX combos are kinda booty outside of the corner.. But that got fixed with the 1.03 patch.

Kensou has a crazy amount of anti-airs including normals, specials and supers.
His normals are better vs hops as they're less risky. he has cr.C (6f/-1) , far B (6f/-3), far D (9f/+1), far C (10f/+1) and close D (6f/-1).
Far B and close D are the most consistent from my experience, far B is for further hops and close D is his XIII stand D which covers the area right above him pretty well.
his C normals in general are iffy as they don't have many active frames and cr C's hitbox fails at times.
He also has j.B (7f) and j.CD (14f) which are great for air to airs.
His anti-air specials and supers are better for normal jumps, but you can anti-air hops too if you're quick enough.
Anti-air specials are Rdp+K, dp+K and hcf+C.

Rdp+K is his signature upside-down DP, light (6f/-26) is invincible and 3 hits. Heavy (10f/-33) has a dash before it and it's not invincible but has more hits.
EX (8f/-37) is B's speed with D's extra hits and height.

Dp+K is a slow upkick, B version (14f/-15) is quicker and D version (20f/-15) is a bit slower but pops up higher. It moves a bit forward before he does the upkick part. Has a guard point but not from frame 1, it's active around when he lifts his legs up. Second will whiff on most crouchers.
Can be used to anti-air but needs to be done super early, otherwise you can autoguard the jump-in but they'll have enough time to land and block.
Can combo into EX dp+K.
EX (10f/-8) pops up and useful in corner juggles. Can combo A fireball after it into more stuff.

Hcf+P is his OG triple attack, Ryuurenga. A version (13f/-9) goes horizontal, his best meterless combo ender. If the first hit whiffs he won't finish the sequence but he still has some recovery.
C version (11f/-Death) is vertical, has autoguard and is mainly to cover the area above him where Rdp+B won't reach.
Both versions are not safe so don't do them unless you know for sure that they'll hit.
EX (10f/-Death) is similar to the C version, can be used in some corner combos.

He also has anti-airs with meter, EX fireball super and qcf hcb+D.
These are obviously more rewarding but generally you need to be anticipating the jump to do them and they're harder to do on pure reaction.

The other part of Kensou's gameplan is based around his fireball.
A fireball (21f/-1) is a slow fireball with long startup and fast recovery.
C fireball (21f/-1) is a fast fireball with quick startup and slow recovery.
Knowing when to use which fireball is important and takes practice.
A fireball is generally the go-to, you recover quick enough to run behind it and start your pressure with the fireball as your cover. The slow travel time is also useful to bait stupid stuff once people see you closing in and there's a fireball on the screen as well.
This way you can also be close enough to punish escape attempts from the fireball like roll or a neutral jump.
It's in Kensou's favor whether people decide to respect the fireball and block or if they try to avoid it and jump/roll.
If they respect it you run in after it and start your pressure with hops, f+A/cr.B mixup, poke them with cr.D, push them to the corner with CD/j.CD etc.
if they jump it should practically be free damage for you, punish with Rdp+B/hcf+C or with a super if you have the bar.
C version is for fullscreen zoning and to throw off their escape timing, it's also easier to combo into and works as a low risk blockstring ender.
Keep in mind that there's a small gap if you cancel into A version but you're even (or sometimes plus if you're far enough) if they block it. C fireball leaves no gap but you're negative after.
EX (15f/-6) is a super quick fireball that eats other projectiles. Knocks down. Nothing special but it can help against some zoners.

Other than fireball and anti-airs, Kensou has some decent pokes.
Far B is neat, not 98 far B but it's useful as a poke and a hop "check".
Far D is basically a slower, more damaging far B.
His CD (13f/-3) moves him forward and has a nice hitbox, you can also combo into C fireball from anywhere if it hits. EX fireball super and Climax also combo from anywhere.
Cr D (7f/-4) is his furthest reaching and imo best poke, cancellable too. Cr D xx A fireball will make it hit meaty if they tech roll.
It's only downside is that it's open to hops so don't completely rely on it.
His j.CD deserves a mention mainly coz of it's crazy hitbox, it's a tad slow but once it's out that thing is a beast. Neutral hop j.CD is a nice, low risk, annoying poke. If you're quick enough on CH you can combo EX fireball super or even Climax.

His air to airs are j.B and j.D (8f).
 j.B is horizontal and j.D is closer and somewhat vertical. Both can cross up as well but it's tight.
J.C (7f) is his main jump in alongside j.CD.

His air qcb+P (20f) is a dive that stops him in the air for a bit, can combo off of it in the corner.
Need to be spaced otherwise it's not safe.
EX (15f) is hella hits and leaves them standing, but you can't combo/link after it. It's also safer.

His main super is the fireball one, act the same way as his regular fireball but bigger. A (16f) is slower travel and safe, C (20f) is fast travel but more negative. Can be used to cover regular fireball and EX (11f) can punish a lot of projectile attempts from fullscreen on reaction.

Other super is his OG super, starts with a Ryuurenga. B goes forward and D upwards (both 7f). D version can be used as a high risk/high reward anti-air, just make sure it hits coz if it doesn't you'll pay for it. If you’re cornered D version won’t connect properly so don’t use it there.
EX (5f) is same as D but more hits/damage.
In the corner he can safejump after it (whiff stand A into neutral hop j.B)

His Climax (8f/-49) is his XIII qcf+K animation.
mainly a combo ender or to punish fireballs, it can also anti-air in some situations but you have better, less expensive options that can do that.

Kensou's combos aren't complicated, he now has legit midscreen MAX stuff as well so here goes

-Cr.B cl.B f.A hcf+A
-Cr.B cr.B f.A hcf+A
-Cl.C f.A hcf+A
-f+A MAX cl.C f.A Super
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.B dp+B EX dp+K super
-Cl.C f.A cl.C EX dp+K EX hcf+P Rdp+B xx super
-(f+A or cl.C f.A) MAX cl.D f.B qcb+C EX dp+K qcb+A Rdp+B xx super
-(f+A or cl.C f.A) MAX cl.D f.B qcb+C EX dp+K EX hcf+P Rdp+B

Hcf+A ender can be replaced with qcb+C which is cancellable into super if you want more damage for some meter.

-f.A (16f/-13) is an overhead if done raw. Has a lot of range and useful in mixups.

-f.B (16f/-6) is his other command normal, advancing hop kick. Only useful in corner combos really. Whiffs on crouchers and not cancellable raw.
-Cr.B (5f/-2) wasn't mentioned but it's really good. Has crazy range.
-Cl.B (6f/-1) is a low, he has better lows but it's good to keep in mind
-Anti-air fireball can combo into EX fireball super or Climax if you're quick enough.

-On wakeup, Rdp+B xx A fireball super can be used as a safe reversal option.
-Can't combo from throw anymore, but that's universal as no one can afaik.




Ramon, the original luchadore grappler with crazy mobility and off the wall shenanigans.
Ramon is a unique grab-oriented character that can be all over the place and can confuse opponents with his flashy moves.
His gameplan mainly involves getting close enough to be a threat with his command grabs, j.C and run fients.

Unlike traditional grapplers, Ramon's main grab imo is his running somersault grab. It's what makes people twitchy and try to jump away coz it's basically a run animation that becomes a throw if you stay put. It's essential in Ramon's offense with run fients and hop C pressure which keep the opponent guessing on when they should be blocking or trying to avoid the Somersault.
He does also have a quick traditional command grab in hcf+P which also helps him in opening people up.

As you might've seen with El Rosa, Ramon shines in the 2nd spot. Mainly because his damage becomes scary high with 2 bars stocked and the slightly extended MAX mode benefits him greatly to end combos with an upgraded El Diablo (qcb hcf+K) Super.

Ramon's jump normals are a big part of his gameplan, mainly jump C. It has a beefy hitbox, decent speed and it can cross up. Very ambigious and hard to anti-air in a lot of angles.
The other important air normal is j.CD, this one is mainly for air to air and to starting pressure.
j.B is a quick air to air and j.D is a solid jump-in for further jumps that j.C won't reach.

He has solid pokes but they're a bit slow and have somewhat awkward angles, you'll need to learn how to utilize them to be able to fight in the mid range.
His pokes are far B, far C and cr C.
Far B (6f/-5) and far C (8f/-5) are the main ones, far B is better overall as it's quicker and can be used as a "check", far C is more rewarding (especially if you quick MAX out of it) and covers more or less the same range, but it's a bit slower.
Cr C (11f/0) is his other main poke, it's good if it connects but it lacks in range and speed. Mainly a pressure tool to use with his run feints and it cancels into df.B (16f/-13).
His CD (16f/-11) can be used as a poke, and it can also anti-air hops but it's a bit slow and it's risky coz it's not cancellable on whiff. Can combo into El Diablo super from anywhere.

For anti-airs he has far A (5f/-1) , far D (14f/-4) and j.CD (9f).
Far A is pretty quick and can be used as a poke too, far D is pretty slow but once it's out it can anti-air a lot of stuff.
In the air j.CD should be able to take care of everything, j.B (5f) can be useful as a quicker option but it has a lot less range.

As said earlier, Somersault (14f) is one of his main tools, it's threat is what makes Ramon scary and why people would jump away or try to press buttons/reversal any chance they get. You can also stop with AB to feint your opponent or to stay safe if they jump.
It's best to use in spots where people would expect a button so they'll try to block, like cl.C df.B qcb+C then somersault.

Hcf+P is also important, quick grab (5f) for good ol' grappler action. Useful for punishes and in offense, it's also good if you're cornered coz it switches sides. Can combo from cl.B, cl.A or chained df.B

Tiger road (qcb+K), a signature move of his, is where Ramon starts running backwards towards the edge of the screen and jumps off of it, done raw he'll bounce off the wall and fall on his face, it does a hit if they're close enough. Hits overhead. It's to cover the closer area where both the Tiger road follow-ups will miss if the opponent is crouching.
Once he reaches the wall he has 2 possible follow-ups, qcf+P and K.
K is a flying cross chop that'll go almost fullscreen, can be used to go over fireballs. Knocks back and not safe on block.
Qcf+P is a flying body splash that goes into a grab animation if it connects, goes about halfscreen distance. Think Fuerte's fajita buster off the wall.
It also grabs airborne opponents if they're in it's path.
You can pick up with dd+A after it for big damage.
Tiger road can also be stopped with AB, can be abused from far away for meter building.
Uf will cancel the run into a backflip, pretty pointless but it's there.

Sobat kick (dp+K) is the money maker damage-wise, combos from heavies and df.B. It's a flashy rekka basically, on hit you can do dp+K for a followup splash, and you can dd+A off of it. Only do this after a confirm. B (15f/-8) is quicker and D (20f/-11) has a bit more range, always go for D Sobat imo.

Qcb+P is an odd move, mainly for cancelling normals to stay safe. Holding it will make Ramon walk back and forth till you let go, A version will do a leaping dropkick(20f) once you let go, very unsafe but can anti-air if used early enough as it hits a pretty high angle.
On Counterhit it causes a wallstick.
C version is just the walk lol, in pressure cancel into qcb+C to stay safe, otherwise df.B for example is punishable.
In pressure you can do stuff like cl.C qcb+C throw, or cr.C df.B qcb+C cr.C df.B qcb+C. You can do 3 reps before they're out of range. This has no EX and it doesn't build meter.

Lastly there's his kneedrop, dd+a~C. The input takes some practice. You can piano it or simply do dd+A then hold C. It's useful when people are expecting a df.B, can cross up crouching opponents and can be tricky on wakeup. Can be followed up with dd+A. It also OTGs, mainly after El Diablo super in the corner, leads to a safejump (normal jump j.D).

F+A (23f/-5) is a slow overhead that knocks down, it leads to good damage if you manage to land it as you can follow it with dd+A.

Quick notes about his OTG pickup dd+A. This can be done off a few moves; dd+A~C, Sobat follow-up, Tiger Road~qcf+P and his f+A overhead.
It can be cancelled into grab super, EX El Diablo or Climax during the last punch after he picks you up. This is where all his damage comes from. Without the cancel it leaves the opponent standing and you're both around even frame-wise.
Keep in mind that if you combo into f+A (Cl.C f+A) or dd+A~C after El Diablo you can't do dd+A after. But they're both hard knockdowns so you can go for mixups or safejump in the corner.

Ramon has decent EX moves overall so popping MAX mode has its benefits.
EX somersault (9f) is insanely fast, will catch people all the time from really far.
EX tiger load is the same as EX somersault but runs backwards, invincible during the whole backwards run. Sadly the followups are the same speed and range as the regular version. qcf+P followup gets a very small range boost.
EX sobat (13f/-1) crumples and boosts his combo damage massively, can combo into D sobat or f+A.
EX grab is 1f, has slightly more range and does more damage.

His grab super (1f) is invincible, can be used as a reversal but be careful as most people know this. Switches sides just like his hcf+P.
EX Does 3 flips instead of one for more damage.

El Diablo is an off-the-wall super, Ramon runs all the way to the wall during the super freeze and does a flying chop fullscreen. Invincible till he flies off the wall. Can be used to punish projectiles with slow recovery and meaties with a lot of recovery.
EX (15f) is much quicker and is the one you'll mainly use as the regular version won't combo from anything unless your back is against the wall.
This is also the only super he has that'll keep the opponent in the corner, grab super and Climax leave the opponent midscreen.

His climax (12f) is a running grab similar to Somersault. Overall not worth the extra bar compared to EX Diablo unless it'll kill. Invincible for a bit at the start.

His combos are very straight forward

-Cl.B cl.A hcf+P
-Cl.C df.B MAX cl.C df.B EX sobat D sobat>followup> dd.A xx EX el Diablo, OTG kneedrop in the corner possible.
-Cr.A cr.B MAX cl.C df.B EX sobat D sobat>followup> dd.A xx EX el Diablo
-Cl.B far B MAX cl.C df.B EX sobat D sobat>followup> dd.A xx EX el Diablo
-Cl.B cl.A far B MAX Cl.C ...

Extra notes:
-CD on hit cancelled into somersault~stop to close in can combo into Sobat from near fullscreen.
-His cr D (12f/-4) is solid but really slow, can cancel into df.B even on whiff. Cr.D whiff cancel df.B grants you a low from like 3/4 the screen. Can catch a lot of people off guard.
-Cl.B (4f/-6) is a low, can combo into close A and can combo into far B, quick MAX off of it for full combo.
-He has a wall jump which can help you escape the corner, avoid projectiles and start offense in some cases.
-Has tiger noises with his moves for extra badassery.

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Re: Character Quick Guides
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 Ralf is a walking tank, a hard hitter that excels in mid range and up-close, but unlike the heavier cast he has decent mobility.
He's equipped with some of the best normals in the game, tools to get in, fight against zoning and for pressure.
His gameplan has changed compared to XIII as he was all about getting close enough to pressure with his crazy + on block gut punch that he can link off of.
Now his strongest spot is mid range where he can bully you with his superior normals or start his hop pressure.
His main issues are his hit confirms and that his mixups are pretty straight forward now (RIP argentina backbreaker)

His best spot is point imo but can now be a good second thanks to the EX Ralf impact buff.  Put him second if you want the extra meter and longer MAX mode duration, but he hits like a fuckin truck with 1 or 2 bars so it's not a neccesity.

Your main buttons are far C, far D, crouch D, CD and his crouch C (all heavies basically).
All are fantastic pokes and cover space really well.
Far D (9f/-3) is fuckin nuts, covers so much space, you can buffer galactica phantom off of it, basically by doing the far D as a qcf+D motion, if it connects you do qcf+P for galactica.
Far C (8/-5), his infamous backfist, is also a great poke, and it doubles as an anti-air. Just keep in mind that this whiffs on crouchers.
Cr C (8f/-2)and cr D (7f/-1) are still good as well.
His CD (15f/-3) is my personal favorite after far D, it moves him forward and you can whiff cancel it to kara your specials. You can combo bareback vulcan after it anywhere on the screen, you can also do CD ralf kick then combo into cr D. In the corner you can combo it into A ralf impact for a restand into full combo.

For anti airs his main ones are far C and far A (5f/+3) for hops, and df.A (7f/-7) for higher jumps. Rapid punch and qcb+P can also be used but they're situational.
Air to airs he has j.B (6f) and j.CD (13f). His other air normals are excellent jump ins for offense, and his j.A (6f), j.C (9f) and j.CD are special cancellable into his dive for an overhead>overhead mixup (j.CD is not an overhead but people won't usually crouch jump-ins).
His j.D (8f) is generally the go-to coz of it's range and angle, you can also do hop j.D for an instant overhead.
His j.CD is one of my favorites in the entire game, use this a lot of start your pressure. It's hitbox is amazing. if it's blocked late enough you have enough blockstun for a free hop mixup.

His specials are not bad but not amazing either, he sadly has lost both his best specials through the years (the command grab and XIII gut punch), but his current specials still have their uses, and he got his awesome RALFU KIIICK back.

His slide punches are mainly for combos and juggles, A (8f/-2) is safe-ish but the second punch can whiff in random spots and leave you open. C (15f/-14) knocks back but very unsafe. They are a tad better mainly coz they are now hcf instead of charge, but their use is still only in combos really.
EX (9f/-13) is same as XIII, a lot of extra punches and knocks back but comboing off of it is tough.

Qcb+P is more or less the same as before, probably his most useful special. A (10f/-4) is a quick small explosion and C (21f/-3) is a slower one with a bigger hitbox. As i said before this can anti-air in some cases, mainly cross up attempts, it's hitbox is decent once it's out. It can combo into bareback vulcan if it hits high enough.
It recovers really quick so you can use it for meter building. It also cancels projectiles which helps Ralf against zoning immensely as it builds meter as well negating their projectile (and their meter gain).
EX (13f/+5) has A's speed and C's hitbox and pops up a bit higher.

His other "useful" special is the new Ralf impact. A (23f/+4) C (28f/+7) It's basically his old gut punch but reworked a bit, mainly it's slower so you can't just blockstring into it for beefy pressure, but it's kept all it's other features.
You can link off of it into A slide punch, or into normals into the corner, and it's plus on block. It's can also be used to frametrap in some cases (mainly from CD).
However, you can't combo into it outside of CD.
EX (19f/-2) causes a wallbounce and it combos from df.A, can spike up Ralf's damage midscreen.

Ralf kick (27f/-13) is what you'd expect of it, advancing kick that goes pretty far. It's not 98 damage, hitbox, or height but it's alright for what it is. On CH you can combo into slide punch or bareback vulcan.
D is a fient that goes into an auto hop, can be used if the opponent is sleeping for some ghetto pressure. Can be cancelled into dive.
EX (9f/-2) is his best EX move, launches for a juggle which is your go-to once you combo into MAX mode. Can combo into slide punch, either super or Climax. In the corner can go into his other specials like gatling punch or qcb+P as well.

Rapid punch (14f) is mainly for ghetto anti-airs and (risky) chip out but can be used in some corner combos. Very risky on block as you'll usually still be in animation long after they're out of blockstun.
EX (14f/-2) can be used in corner juggles after EX ralf kick.

Bareback vulcan (12f/-31) is for combos only really as it's suicide on block. Can combo from anywhere CD wallstick. EX (7f/-32) is quicker and does much more damage.

Galactica phantom (17f/-20) is just like XIII, it's a quick punch with no charge, does more damage with half a charge and becomes unblockable once fully charged.
EX (10f/-24)does 2 punches and has auto guard from release till it's active. Use this super if you want to advanced or Climax cancel as they connect properly from it.

Climax (11f/-27) is close range, combo ender only, and while it can combo from different things you can only get the full hits from specific combos. It's worth it imo coz it's the most badass Climax in the game lol, just don't cancel into it from Bareback vulcan (almost all hits whiff..)

For combos, Ralf got hit hard due to the extra universal pushback where df.A will whiff after 2 hits leaving you open. His close C is now 1 hit only as well and doesn't connect to df.A so close D and close B are your main go-to options (cl.D df.A will whiff on block as well..). Overall his combos are short and simple, but they do real man damage.

-Cr.b, cl.B or cl.D into df.A hcf+C, cancel into Galactica for damage (hold for a bit)
-Cl.D df.A MAX cl.D df.A EX ralf kick Into Hcf+C, either super or Climax
-Cl.D df.A MAX cl.D df.A EX Impact EX ralf kick into Hcf+C, either super or climax
• Corner:
-Cl.D df.A MAX Cl.D EX Ralf kick Rapid punch, either super or Climax
-Cl.D df.A MAX cl.D df.A EX impact EX Ralf kick EX rapid punch > rapid punch xx Super or Climax
-Cl.D df.A MAX CD A ralf impact s.A EX ralf kick qcb+A into either super or Climax

-EX dive has a bit of invincibility.
-Ending the match with his Climax is by far the coolest way to win.



Mian is a very new style to kof, where she takes air mobility to a whole new level.
Her "gameplan" revolves around her divekicks, to harass people with them and pressure them, atm she a character that can steamroll people if they don't know how to deal with her which is why a lot of people picking her up forget that that's not all she has.
She can be play the regular kof game really well as she has good pokes, anti-airs, jump arc and air normals.

Her main move is her float, and it's divekicks followups.
The float can be done in the air and on the ground.
Qcb+K goes back and qcf+K goes forward.
B version is quicker but goes a smaller distance, D version is a tad slower but covers more space.
She says different words with B or D version, B is "Sorai" and D is "Maru". Might be useful down the line to help in fighting her as she can do some gapless stuff with the B version.
She can do ground float into air float, or 2 air floats back to back, but it's dependent on how high she is, if she reaches the top of the screen (around the health bars) you can't do a second float where if you do it on the way down from the jump you can do 2.
The divekicks are followups off the float, what button you press decides the angle she dives in.
A is slightly backwards (60 degree angle), B is straight down, C is slightly forward (60 degree) and D is almost horizontal (30 degree).
The divekicks are active all the way through but their hitbox is not that good, throwing out a normal or a special in their way will usually beat it or trade.
You can cancel divekicks into float as long as they connect with the opponent, hit or block. There is no limit to how many you can do, you can go float~ dive > float ~ dive infinitely as long as the dives are connecting to the opponent.
The window to cancel from and to the dives is freakin huge where you can cancel the moment you touch them or wait and cancel late to leave gaps and bait stuff.
On block, Delayed D backfloat after a divekick is a good "check" to see how the opponent reacts.
The dives are safe if blocked but negative, wouldn't recommend pressing buttons after. If they're deep they can be even and if they're meaty they can be plus and can even combo into lights.
Dives don't knockdown and you can't combo off of them outside of meaty stuff.
On CH they do a knockback which can combo into another dive midscreen or normals/super in the corner, but it's not easy.
If they divekicks don't connect they have landing recovery (13f) which can be punished. It's not long but some characters can punish divekick attempts from fullscreen if they have the bar (ex haoh shokoken, Mai Climax, Ramon off the wall super etc).
Float builds meter as long as you do the divekick followup, and the divekicks do chip damage. These factors are why Mian is really good as a point character and it's why people get anxious and start pressing buttons and doing stupid stuff when they're under a divekick barrage.
There's a lot of patterns you can do to get in the opponent's head, blocked dive > B backfloat~ D dive > D float B dive for example can cross up depending on the timing, and even if it doesn't the B dives are nasty coz it's a tough angle to anti-air.

That was a lot of dive stuff which should tell you how important they are to her gameplan, but they're not her only tools.

Her pokes are far C (9f), far D (16f/-1), CD (15f/-7) and cr D (6/-6).
Her far C and cr D especially are really good.
she can max cancel far C in footsies from max range and still get a full combo.
Her cr D is cancellable so you can do her floats after it into safety or into divekick pressure. Cr D qcf+D into B divekick crosses up crouching opponents.

For anti-airs she has far B (8/-3), crouch C (14f/-8), and far D (situational), far B is mainly for hops where crouch C is for higher jumps coz it's on the slower side. Far D is situational but it's a nice normal overall, if it hits at the tip you can link into cr D.
she has j.B (6f), j.D (10f), j.CD (16f) and of course D divekick for air to airs. J.D is my preferred one but j.B is better in situations where you need a quicker button, but it can whiff on crouchers.
Keep in mind that all Mian's air normals are cancellable into floats, so she can start her divekick stuff from basic hop pressure or air to airs, she can also use backfloat off of them to escape to safety.
I've heard that j.A (6f) and j.C (8f) can cross up but they're not reliable by any means.

Her specials... ok so they're not really useful outside of combos, but they're good to know about.
Qcf+P is a multi hit dance move, it's like an auto rekka, light (12f/-2) is super cancellable all the way and heavy (18f/-21) is cancellable before the airborne hits. You can combo into it from lights, cr.B cr.A cr.B is a good hit confirm for it.
Light is safe on block, but both versions are open to guard cancel into full combo punishes so DON'T do this on block.
EX (17f/-6) is the same as heavy but pops them up higher so you can combo into dp+K or to her supers.

qcb+P is a slow floating palm, causes a wallstick. A (26f/-4) C (31f/0). Can't be combo's into outside of CD wallstick. It's also not really safe aside from max range. EX (26f/-4) is invincible and causes a wall bounce but I've yet to find a practical use for it. Anti air EX palm can combo into C palm if the height and distance from the corner is just right.

Her last special is dp+K (13f/-7) is a slide into up-kick. D is more damage and more unsafe. Her highest damage combo ender. Cancellable on 1st hit into super. EX (9f) is invincible for a bit and pops up for followups.

EX float is quicker and the divekicks knockback on normal hit, can be used to combo 2 divekicks and other stuff in the corner.

Her "reversal" is her qcfx2 K super (13f/-Death). it's generally not worth the risk as it's negative a billion on block but it's her only invincible option.
EX (10f) is the same deal but at least damage-wise it might be worth the hail mary attempt.

Punch super (11f/-20) is a super close range ranbu, her main meter combo ender. Not invul at all. EX (11f/-20) keeps them close for pressure and to do meaty divekick stuff.

Climax (9f/-60) goes fullscreen, can combo from CD wallstick anywhere on the screen.
A bit invincible but also not reliable. On block has a sway backwards animation so it'll be safe on most people the first time they see it lol.

Her combos are very straight forward, but she has some (mostly impractical) crazy divekick juggles and a gazillion palm combos in the corner which you can learn later on. These are all the combos you'd really need with her.

-cr.B cr.A cr.B qcf+A xx ranbu
-Cl.C f.B MAX cl.C f.B EX qcf+P or EX Dp+K > ranbu is your meter go-to.
-Cl.C f.B MAX CD qcb+C qcb+A EX dp+K  EX ranbu, only mid or anchor. Point will have to spend an extra bar for EX Ranbu

•Divekick combos:
These are not necessary and mainly to swag out on someone but I'll list some to give you an idea of what's possible. These are all corner only.   
- Qcb+A wallstick, Qcf+B~B EX Qcf+K~B EX Dp+K cl.C
-Anchor only: 6 dives
MAX CD Wallstick, Qcb+D~C Qcb+D~D EX Qcf+K~B Qcf+D~B EX Qcf+K~B EX Qcf+K~B Cl.C
-Anchor, raw MAX activate: 5 dives
 wallstick, Qcb+D~C EX Qcf+K~B Qcf+B~B EX Qcf+K~B EX Qcf+K~B EX Dp+K cl.C or Ranbu   

-you can link into her s.A (5f/+1) from cl.D (12f/+3).
-Raw f.B (24f/-8) crumples, realistically you won't ever land this.
-if her D dive touches the edge of the screen, it automatically changes trajectory and goes into a B dive.
-If timed right, you can link cr.A (4f/+1) or cl.C (6f/-4) after palm wallsticks and get a restand. It's pretty tight though.
-After EX Dp+K midscreen, cl.C reset into EX Qcf+K~C dive can cross up.
-If it hits meaty enough, far D can link into Cl.C for a full combo.
- EX Dp+K can launch multiple times in the same combo as long as the first hit doesn't connect.



Dubbed the "great wall of Japan" in his 98 version, Daimon is back to oppress people with his huge normals and tossing people around like a ragdoll.

Daimon one of the biggest characters in the game, with multiple command throws and big damage. His playstyle is mainly smacking you and tossing you into the corner where he can full utilize his command throw into safe hop/throw mixup which he can loop into scary damage.

He still has all his tools from XIII but they're a bit reworked, his best far button is now far C and far D is mainly an anti-air now as it hits a much higher angle. His command throws still leave him with enough time to run in and hop safely and he can do meaty K throw into the same setup again. His biggest new addition is the OTG super which can be used after Both of his command grabs for extra damage or a side switch.

Personally I think Daimon is better in the middle, but he can work as a point character.
On point, he'll play more neutral game and he can take more risks because mistakes won't cost him as much life, but he is also not as scary because he won't have meter to cancel into OTG super which is where his real damage lies.
Putting him second makes him scary because he now has some bars stocked and any throw will now turn to 400 damage thanks to EX OTG super, but the opponent has more bar here too so they'll have more options open to keep Daimon out and to hurt him more if he gets hit.
It's up to you to see which of the two sounds better for your team's composition.

Daimon has a lot of good pokes, and they're heavies or cancellable so they hurt a lot.
Far C (9f/-8), cr C (8f/-6), far B (4f/-4), and CD (16f/-5) are his pokes.
Far C is the "gawd". has mad range, can anti-air and you can MAX cancel into a combo off of it.
Far B is the same as before, but it's not a low. cancellable into B ukemi which combos into Tenchi (not at the very tip though sadly). Can also cancel into df.C for more damage and a hit-confirm.
Crouch C is solid for the range between far C and far B. cancellable. Open to hops though.
CD has a deceptive hitbox and it's now even better as it immediately slams them to the corner, if you're close enough you can combo df.C xx air grab. You can also whiff cancel it into ukemi for mindgames.

His pokes are scary coz they're in the range where he can hop and be right in your face, and it's also the range where he can use B ukemi (qcb+B) for a surprise Tenchi throw (hcb,f+P). Makes it a "stay put and get grabbed or jump and get tagged by far C" mindgame zone. Far B is also a factor as it hits far enough so they can't just try to "shimmy" their way in.

Anti-airs are one of Daimon's specialties, it's generally a bad idea to approach Daimon from the air as he can score a lot of damage if you get caught.
 he has far A (5f/0) and far D (6f/-5) for hops, and df.C (5f/-15) and air grab for higher jumps.
Df.C especially is crazy coz you can cancel it into air grab or on CH you can do df.C B ukemi df.C air grab for big damage.
Air grab, hcf+A, (7f) will snatch you in weird angles and has a nice hitbox, it's cancellable into OTG super as well.
Far A is his signature "stop sign", it's excellent for stopping hops.
Far D is a more damaging far A, but a tad slower so it's riskier on a read.

Air to air he has j.CD (14f) and j.A (5f).
J.A is for a quick air to air, j.CD is a great tool and has a crazy hitbox but it's on the slow side, mainly a jump-in but can air to air. It's one of Daimon's main tools to start offense as you can do it going up and if blocked you can start your tick-throw mindgames.

His jump ins are j.C (9f), j.D (7f), j.B (6f) and j.CD.
J.C is good for deep jumps and go-to for combos. Can cross up as well.
J.D has more range than j.C but harder to combo off of, for further jumps. Can instant overhead off of hops.
J.B is for crossups as it's more consistent than j.C
J.CD does alot of blockstun so hopping in with it is useful, do it deep enough and you have enough time for another hop attempt or a K throw tick-throw.

Daimon has 2 command grabs, learning when you use which one is important. Tenchi (hcb,f+P) is 1 frame and has more range, tosses them high in the air and does a hard knockdown.
K throw (9f) is slower but it's invincible (!) and keeps them right in front of you, also a hard knockdown.
Both can be cancelled into OTG super but off of P throw it's less damage as it does a slightly different animation. Tenchi can also be cancelled into Climax if you want more damage for more meter.
K throw's main use is as a meaty. It's slow enough that it'll catch them as they're getting up and it's invincibility can also beat a lot of wake-up options (including rolls), many Dps will also go through Daimon when he does K throw leaving them open for a punish when they land. Can combo from close or far B so on wake-up you can do "K throw or stand B xx K throw" mixup. The stand B will catch jump attempts or beat buttons on wakeup. Buffer the K throw off of stand B so it will also catch rolls here.
You can also do df.C here instead of stand B if you think they'll backdash or jump to avoid the throw. This is better in the corner so you capitalize with more damage.
Tenchi is better in combos or punishes. It's also better for corner carry.
Keep in mind that the command grabs are in CH state through the whole animation, so if you whiff or get baited you can eat big damage.
EX Tenchi is the same animation as the regular but you can combo when they're coming down, only possible in the corner however. Can combo into df.C or air grab.
EX K throw is more invincible, not super cancellable though (as are all EX moves) which hurts it's utility outside of being a reversal, but you can link OTG super after it in the corner.

ukemi (qcb+K) is a command roll, B (34f) is cancellable at any point into other specials, which is useful to kara your throws and in combos to be in range for your throws to connect.
D (41f) is invincible and goes further but it's not cancellable, mainly to get in really.
EX (37f) is invincible and cancellable, goes into a free EX move when cancelled.

Dp+P (28f/-29) is his ground pound, hits low and knocks down. Doesn't do blockstun or chip. Pretty slow so be wary of people jumping it on reaction/anticipation as it's Daimon's only far range option.
A does the ground pound and C is a feint (to punish those jumps).
This is Daimon's main tool against zoning, when he does the ground pound he goes super low to the ground which can avoid some projectiles.
EX (18f/-29) pops up and it's his main MAX combo tool.

Throw super (1f) is similar to Tenchi in it's uses. Invincible and can be used as a combo ender for standing combos. EX does more damage. Use it if you want to advanced/Climax cancel.

His other super, qcfx2 +K, is an OTG. only connects on knocked down opponents. Can be cancelled of a couple of moves. Tenchi, K throw, Throw super, air grab/slam down grab and even off j.CD if you're quick or they don't recover roll.
Off of tenchi and Throw super it does a different animation (goes straight into the jumping clutch part) and does less damage :/

His Climax (1f) is a counter. Does a mega ground pound once activated.
You can cancel into it off of Tenchi or Throw super.

His combos are very straight forward and simple
In combos off of cl.C or df.C, Tenchi can be replaced with K throw, but Tenchi is quicker and easier to land so for K throw you'll have to do B ukemi xx dp+K for it to combo

-St.B qcb+B xx Tenchi
-Cl.A cr.A far B df.C Qcb+B xx Tenchi
-Cl.A cl.B df.C Tenchi
-Cl.C df.C Tenchi
-Cl.A Cr.B Tenchi (this is a link not a cancel)
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.C df.C Tenchi xx Otg super or Climax
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.B K throw xx Otg super
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.C df.C EX dp+P df.C hcf+A xx Otg super
-Cl.C df.C MAX cl.C EX Tenchi, air grab xx OTG super
This combo and the one above do a lot of damage and will put them back in the corner

-Daimon has one of the few (or the only?) unique neutral jump normal with his nj.C (10f). it's basically his cr C but airborne.
-You can link off of close D (12f/+3), if it hits you can do stuff like Cl.D st.B df.C Tenchi. It's slow but it's great as a meaty and there are setups to land meaty cl.D in the corner.
After K throw, whiff cl.C, meaty cl.D
After Tenchi, forward roll, meaty cl.D
-For combos using B ukemi cancels into Tenchi, you can do it as hcb+B f+C. This way you buffer Tenchi's input while doing the qcb in ukemi's input. If done as fast as possible you won't even see the ukemi's animation while getting the extra range boost. Same input shortcut works for K throw, do the same input but press K.
-In cases where B ukemi into Tenchi will combo, you can do a ghetto reset by delaying the Ukemi cancel and doing K throw instead. This'll reset the damage if you'll cancel into OTG super so it's the worth the risk imo, just don't do it if your opponent is the type that mashes Dp or holds up the whole time.
-Same as the above tactic, delaying the ukemi cancel can be used in blockstrings for tick-throws. K throw's slower speed is great for this as it isn't a big delay input-wise and it'll look like it combo'd on the screen.
Plus it'll eat quick poke attempts with it's invincibility, the opponent needs to know it's coming and jump to avoid the tick.
-His climax's animation looks similar to the dp+C fient, this is on purpose. It's to punish people that'll try to hit you or jump in on you as soon as they see Daimon's hands go up. It's an expensive bait but catch someone with this once and it'll be forever in their minds and you can then do all the dp+C feints you want lol.
-EX air grab (hcf+AC) can cannect and be combo'd into if the opponent is on the ground, they don't have to be airborne.
-hcf+C is a different move than hcf+A, It picks up off the ground. Can combo from cl.C or cr C to switch sides if you're cornered. Also combos from cr.D, jump or ground CD in the corner if you're quick or they don't recover.
-Daimon can safejump off Tenchi, K throw or either of his supers in the corner.
Off of Tenchi, cr.A hop forward j.C.
Off of K throw, wait just a bit then hop forward j.C
Off of OTG super. cr.D hop forward j.C
Off of Throw super, wait just a bit then hop forward j.C.
-off of K throw, simply holding uf into j.D is a safejump anywhere. Doesn't work on super fast reversals though.


Geese Howard, the original weaboo and one of the SNK's classic bosses makes his return into a canon KoF game (Finally).

Geese is an all-rounder style character that heavily focuses on reading the opponent to capitalize on it with his counters and big damage. He's pretty decent up-close where he can start his offense and has one of the highest damage outputs for 1 bar, but his mid range game is where he shines having good normals, a new Reppuken super to kill projectiles, and having his trusted counters to stop anything predictabo!

I personally use Geese on point or as an anchor, but he's one of the characters that can work anywhere.
When he's on point he has the advantage of doing crazy damage off of only 1 bar and his zoning is more of a factor.
As an anchor he gets access to more damage for more meter, he gets more time in MAX mode which Geese can use if he needs to. He also has his Counter super on deck as well as his Raging Storm, one of the most damaging anti-airs in the game, as constant threats if they do something stupid.
Geese is one of the few characters where getting slammed to the ground doesn't mean that his combo is over as he has multiple options to knock you down and to pick you up as well.

His main pokes are far C (7f/-5), CD (16f/-3), far B (6f/-2), f.B (17f/-2), qcb+A and A Reppuken.
Far C is a good poke and can stop hops as well, his general go-to in that range but it whiffs on a lot of crouchers (it's not supposed to but that's what happens).
Far C whiffs on these characters crouching: Leona, Mian, Love, Nakoruru, Choi, Alice, Zarina, Yuri, Kula, King, Chin, Sylvie, Tung, Mui Mui
Basically a lot of females and the midgets.
CD is solid and combos into C reppuuken from anywhere wall-stick, can cancel into final Reppuuken for more damage. Can also feint with it and whiff cancel into counter if they jump.
Far B is nice but not a low sadly. very open to hops.
F.B is my personal favorite, it goes super far and it's a range where not many characters have normals to fight it. It is a bit slow tho so don't use it if they're close enough for you to use other normals.
Cr.D is a good poke as well, cancel it into f.B or Qcb+A to stay safe. If you're quick or they don't recover roll you can do cr.D f.B OTG grab.
Qcb+A is a basically a safe poke and builds meter, can also be used as a blockstring ender. Does a soft knockdown.
A reppuuken is good at this range as a poke to condition them to jump into your cr C or counter. Just don't be obvious with it as hops will punish you.

Far A (5f/+1), close C (5f/-1), far C and far D (10f/-2) are his anti-airs for hops.
Cr C (10f/-1) and far D are for higher jumps.
Far D is a great normal but it's a bit slow so you'll need to do it early to anti-air, but it can work on most jumps once it's out.
Cr C is solid but it doesn't hit that high up so long jump-ins (j.D with a lot of characters) can beat it.
High counter is an al-mighty anti-air for both hops and jumps, but keep in mind that they always have the option to empty jump to try to do it if you know they'll press a button.
His Raging Storm can anti-air just about anything but it's 3 bars. If you have the meter and you see the jump it's always an option.

Air to air he has his j.B (6f) for a quick check and j.CD (13f) which is practically made for this but it's slower.
His j.A 6f) is alright and also cancellable into Shippuuken (air qcb+P) but it's mainly for combos.
Neutral hop j.CD is great as a poke and to stop air approaches. On CH you can combo Final Reppuuken if you're quick enough.

His jump-ins are j.C (12f), j.D (7f), and j.CD.
J.C is the go-to if you're close enough, this move is nuts. Once you press it Geese will keep doing punches till he lands, do it on the way up and he'll do like 10 of them.
From a hop, you can make it hit once, twice or even 3 times (harder) depending on the timing you do the j.C in. It's a funny mixup you have as they all hit overhead. So it's a quick OH/low or OH/OH/low mixup when he hops in with it.
You can also get even nastier by doing 2 hit j.C into raw f.A when you land for a Triple overhead.
J.D is the other jump-in, quicker and has more range than j.C so use it if they're a bit further.
J.CD can also be used for offense, do it deep and you'll have enough blockstun for another hop mixup.

Reppuuken is Geese's classic ground fireball, A (15f/-4) is quicker and the one you'll mainly use as fireball or poke.
C (15f/-3) is a double Reppuuken where he does an up-close one then shoots it fullscreen. It's mainly to combat fireballs as the first wave eats projectiles and then shoots his own. It doesn't override other projectiles once he shoots it. It's also useful in corner juggles. Don't use this in neutral as it's very slow and they can punish you with a jump on reaction.
EX (13f/-10) is a double Reppuuken that eats projectiles (not supers though)

Shippuuken (11f) is a slow air fireball, can be decent for keepout but be wary as Geese bounces back for a long time after it. The higher you do it the longer Geese will stay in the air after it. Very punishable by some characters with fullscreen options.
Can be used as air to air and give you space as you'll be fullscreen away if it hits.
EX (9f) is slower and doesn't have the bounce back, can be used as a cover to start your offense and in combos.

Geese has 3 different counters and they're very important in his gameplan.
Hcb+D counters mid, hcb+B counters high, and hcf+B counters low.
Landing a few of these is great for his mindgames as it gets to opponent's head, mainly the high one.
This will let you use cr.C and far C more as anti-airs as the opponent will try to more empty jumps to avoid the counter. The opponent will respect your wakeup more as well after eating a counter or two.
Mid counter lets you combo into cr.C for a full combo, so it can shift the momentum if your favor with one solid read.
Low counter smacks them fullscreen away to give you space and start your zoning.
EX counters are more damage, you can only EX high and low counters.

Qcb+P is an advancing palm, A (9f/-4) is quick, goes a bit forward and safe with a soft knockdown.
C (16f/-14) is slower and goes further, and has 3 follow-up options. All hard knockdown.
F+P (12f/-14) is a mid double palm.
F+D (22f/-8) is an overhead stomp.
D+D (21f/-5) is a low sweep.
F+P is the only gapless option and it's negative on block. The other 2 have a gap before they connect.
You can do pick-up grab after all 3 options, but f+P needs a run before and doesn't work midscreen, but you can do Final Reppuuken for worthless damage instead (don't).
EX (12f/-18) has a guard-point so it can be used in neutral and to beat Guard cancel blowback.
EX f+P followup wallbounces.

Dp+P is a pick-up grab, only works if they're on the ground. Can be combo'd off multiple things.
Cr.D f.B, raw f.A, qcb+C followups, final Reppuuken and even Raging Storm in the corner.
It does a lot of damage so use it whenever possible.
keep in mind that it switches sides so you'll have the choice of more damage or keep them in the corner.

His final Reppuuken (12f) is a basically big Reppuuken, useful for fireball battles and combo ender. Can OTG but it doesn't get all hits that way and does pathetic damage. Use it in combos but not as an OTG.
Hard knockdown so you can use pick-up grab after it (might need to run to get close).

Die Foreva counter is a counter super, counters everything aside from grabs and projectiles. Does solid damage and can cancel into Raging Storm for insane damage. EX counter super into Raging Storm is like 800 damage which is insane for a counter but it's 5 bars.
Switches sides just like his pick-up grab.

His Climax, Raging Storm (8f/-56) is a big almighty tornado. Fully invincible, can anti-air and it OTGs. Can cancel from both his supers.
Can OTG in all the places pick-up grab works. Hard knockdown, can do pick-up grab after if they're in the corner.

Geese has combos that are hard but basic stuff is good enough to bring the pain.
You can replace f.A for MAX cancelling with f.B

-F.A, OTG grab or Climax
-Cr.B cr.B cr.A qcb+A
-Cl.C f.A qcb+C~f+P, OTG grab or climax if close. Can also cancel into EX final Reppuuken for good damage.
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX qcb+P~f+P qcb+C~f+D, OTG grab or Climax
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX qcb+P~f+P C reppuuken xx Final Reppuuken
-Cr.B cr.A far B MAX cl.C ...
-Cr.C f.B MAX cl.C ... this is if you're not sure you're close enough for Close C.
Harder but more damage:
-Cl.C f.A MAX j.A EX Shippuuken cl.C f.A EX qcb+P~f+P qcb+C~f+D, otg grab or Climax
-Cl.C f.A MAX Cl.C f.A EX qcb+P~f+P jump forward EX Shippuuken qcb+C~f+P xx Final Reppuuken

-f.A (22f/-7) is an overhead and knocks down if done raw, cancelled into it becomes a mid that's cancellable.
-in the corner the EX qcb+P wallbounce is harder to combo off of and Geese loses damage, you can do C Reppuuken into Final Reppuuken but you lose the corner. Here you can do a reset with cl.A (5f/+3) f.B, depending on the timing you can land front or behind the opponent for a left/right mixup.
-A possible conversion in the corner is MAX cancel neutral hop j.A into EX Shippuuken Cl.C into combo.
-You can super cancel Reppuukens reeally late in the animation into Counter super. This can catch a lot of punish attempts and it's nasty coz the Reppuuken waves hide the animation of his hands going up. You can also do this on reaction to a lot of things to punish the punish.
-f+B can crush lows at the right ranges, basically if the low doesn't reach his leg that's on the ground you can beat it with f+B.
-Cr D can be whiff cancelled into f+B for even more range, MAX cancel for a combo.
-Cr D into Climax combos, you can also cr D final Reppuuken xx Climax.
-j.B can cross-up but it's hard as shit and not very consistent, doesn't work on crouchers from my experience.
-j.D can cross-up both standing and crouchers but it's also hard to land.
-You can combo Final Reppuuken after Final Reppuuken, but again, worthless damage as an OTG. Only worth it if it'll kill.
-Geese's backdash is godlike, use it when you want space instead of backroll.
-Geese vs Terry plays the best theme in the game
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Re: Character Quick Guides
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The newest ninja addition to the series comes in hot with flying knees, substitution logs, charge command throws and Naruto hand signs.
Bandeiras is a very agile character, with a fast run, command dash and an advancing knee launcher. He's very aggressive and has multiple tools to catch people off guard.
Very unexplored imo and has a lot of potential.
His main "weakness" is how his damage isn't that great unless he spends 2 bars, and how his moveset doesn't make much sense, input-wise so I always do the wrong move unconsciously.. This goes away after a certain amount of matches but it's still annoying.

He's mainly rushdown oriented with a lot of interesting neutral tools and a command dash, as well as multiple confirms into his D flying knee for juggles. He's mainly a threat once he gets a hit in as he has a lot of reset shenanigans after flying Knee juggles or big damage if he chooses to spend the bars.

Bandeiras is a lot more threatening with meter where he can convert any hit into quick burst damage with EX smokebomb super juggles. I think he's best as a middle character simply for having meter to burn. Without meter he'll have to rely on resets or mixups off of qcf+C, where if he has some bars stocked he has damage, knockdown or resets as options.

He has some really solid buttons and play the poke game really well.
Far B (6f/-2), CD (14f/-1), cr C (8f/-2), cr D (8f/-4), far D (9f/-7) and df+D (12f/-9) are all pokes.
Far B is a quick kick, similar to Mai's. Good for stopping hops too.
CD is similar to far B but a bit slower, off of wallstick you can combo if you cancel into D command dash.
Cr C doesn't have a lot of range but it's cancellable, used mainly as a frametrap or if you want a whiff punish normal that you can cancel. Open to hops.
Far D is my favorite button with him, rotating kick that has nice horizontal reach and covers the area above him. MAX cancel for more damage.
Cr D is Yashiro's cr D, capoeira handstand sweep. 2 hits, both cancellable. Can cancel on whiff too.
Df+D is a slide, goes pretty far and can avoid fireballs. Safe as long as you don't do it point blank so you can use it as a far range poke. Knocks down.

His anti-airs are far A (6f/+1) and far D, alongside his kawarimi counter and Smokebomb super
Far A is a quick palm, nice check to stop hops.

Air to air he has j.A (6f) and j.CD (11f). J.A is quick but lacks range, j.CD is a bit odd as it's an upside down kick but it's hitbox is solid if you learn where it hits.

Rest of his air buttons are jump ins.
J.C (8f) is the go-to to start offense and start combos, needs to be super deep to hit crouchers.
J.D (10f) is a poor man's Iori j.D, covers a similar arc but not as good. Useful to stop jump out attempts and as a far jump in.
J.B (7f) is his cross up.

His kawarimi counter is interesting, he does a ninja pose and if it activates he teleports and divekicks from above. The dive knocks down, and is VERY unsafe on whiff or block so it's not always a good idea to counter even if it is possible.
It works against all jumps, and anything except lows and throws.
Keep in mind that against lower jumps it will sometimes whiff (they'll land before the dive hits) so it's better if the opponent is higher in the air.
Not active from frame 1 so meaties will beat it.
Works on projectiles as well but not ground ones like Iori's (counts as a low I guess). This is useful against characters that love running behind their slow fireballs or to avoid chip.
EX counter is active from frame 1 and it tracks, it leaves the opponent standing and you can combo off of it into cl.C or anything else.

Qcf+P is a double-palm attack, mainly combo filler or ender and blockstring ender. A (9f/-1) does only the palm, super cancellable for extra damage in juggles. Safe on block and has nice pushback so you can use it to safely end blockstrings.
Qcf+C (13f/-9) is unsafe on block, only used as combo ender. It does an extra downwards slam afterwards for a hard knockdown. Can't super cancel but you can do a mixup off the knockdown.
EX (10f/0) is similar to C version with an extra slide attack in the middle, but in juggles you need to time it properly otherwise the extra hits won't connect.

Dp+K is a command dash, similar to K's blackout but recovers a lot quicker. Can go through opponents and in the D version he disappears from the screen for a bit.
B (29f overall) is quick and doesn't cover a lot of space.
D (41f overall) goes almost fullscreen but starts a bit slower.
B is mainly used in blockstrings for risky side-switch mixups or in juggle resets. Can also be done as a "dash" to close distance.
After resets this will put Bandeiras behind the opponent.
D is a longer (and riskier) closing in tool and can be used to mask his other specials. Bandeiras recovers before the end of the animation so if you buffer a special in the end of it he'll still be invisible and will show up halfway through the buffered special's animation, can be used to sneak in his command grab or surprise knee attacks.
EX (20f overall) is super quick and invincible, can be used  in blockstrings like B version but it's a lot more legit as it's much harder to react to.

A tool that's very essential to play Bandeiras is his hcf+K flying knee (not calling it "Shining ninja arts"). It can be used for resets, gimmicks, going over ground fireballs, and in combos.
B version (12f/-2) is quick, has a low arc and does a very small launch (can't do anything after it if it's done raw).
D (18f/-5) is a bit slower and goes a higher angle, has a bigger hitbox, goes further and launches higher. Can followup with B knee or just about anything.
B version doesn't connect on crouching opponents, and if you're close enough it'll go over them. This is punishable but if the opponent doesn't know about it you can use it a once only gimmick and hit them from the other side.
D knee connects on crouchers on both hit or block, it has some pushback and it's negative, but it's only punishable if you do it when you're really close, with a bit of spacing it's safe.
EX knee (11f/+1) is 2 hits and launches higher than D version. It's also invincible but it's not safe unless it's blocked at the very tip as the second hit can whiff a lot of crouchers.
His knees can combo each other and juggle for days, but they follow a certain order if you want to get maximum damage.
D > EX > B works, EX > D > B works as well. You can combo off of the B version if you hit it high enough in a juggle, easier in the corner.
You can add more knees to the juggles with his Smokebomb super as it allows follow-ups, useful in MAX combos as you can keep juggling and start building bar back this way.

D~u+P is his command grab, charge special. it's a good grab. 1f, invincible and has solid range. It's main downfall is it's command really as you don't have access to it at all times.
There are ways to sneak it in while charging or mask the motion so they won't see that you're charging like starting the charge mid-jump (basically a reverse superjump and hold down), or using D command dash's motion and animation (do f,df and hold the df input), you can cancel the command dash into the grab as well.
EX is invincible and does more damage.

Kamaitachi super (14f/-29) is his damage ender and causes hard knockdown. EX (12f/-16) is Great for ending juggles but if it's done too low the last hit doesn't connect so you lose a bit of damage unless you time it right.

Smokebomb super is what makes Bandeiras a fun character, this super pops up for a combo follow-up, is safe and it's invincible. Pretty crazy.
A version (9f/-3) does more damage but C (12f/0) seems to be easier to combo out of. EX (9f/-2) does a lot of damage and launches higher. Your meter should be going into this super or MAX confirms, seeing as you can get a hard knockdown from Qcf+C after a juggle so slashes super isn't the only option. combos into D knee and all it's possible follow-ups.

His Climax, Kage Bunshin (6f/-10) is a dashing attack after doing hella Naruto signs. goes around halfscreen distance but it's not invincible so it's a combo ender only. Does a super long hard knockdown for a meaty setup.

Bandeiras has a lot of options during his combos so i'll use a starter/possible enders format seeing as he has the options of reset/damage/corner carry/hard knockdown

Note that hcf+D at the end of combos can be replaced with:
-MAX cancel cl.C f.A Hcf+D
-Qcf+A xx EX Smokebomb super

-Cr.B cr.A f.A hcf+D
-Cr.B cl.B f.A Hcf+D
-Cl.C (2 hits) hcf+D
-Cl.C (1) f.A hcf+D
-Cr.C hcf+D
-Cr.B cr.B far B MAX cl.C f.A
-F.A MAX cl.C f.A

•After Hcf+D launch:
-Hcf+D Qcf+C (hard knockdown)
-Hcf+D hcf+B far B (corner carry)
-Hcf+D cr.C xx Dp+B or Hcf+B (left/right reset)
-Hcf+D EX hcf+K (delay) hcf+B cr.C xx Dp+B or Hcf+B (left/right reset)
-Hcf+D EX hcf+K j.CD (side switch corner carry)
-Hcf+D qcf+A xx Slashes super or Climax (damage cash out)
In the corner going for damage is the go-to coz you can't go behind them in resets.
-Hcf+D EX hcf+K (delay) hcf+B EX slashes super
-Hcf+D EX hcf+K (delay) hcf+B qcf+C

•EX smokebomb combos:
replacing Hcf+D after starters with Qcf+A xx EX Smokebomb super allows these combos for big damage, after it launches you can do any of the following:
-EX Slashes super
-Qcf+A EX slashes super
-Hcf+D hcf+B cr.C xx Dp+B or Hcf+B (left/right reset)
-Hcf+D qcf+C (hard knockdown)
-Hcf+D qcf+A xx Slashes super or Climax

•Juggles with Smokebomb:
-cl.C f.A Hcf+D Smokebomb EX Smokebomb Hcf+B qcf+A
-Starter MAX Cl.C f.A EX Hcf+K Hcf+D Hcf+B EX Smokebomb Hcf+D qcf+A
-After EX smokebomb you can do Hcf+D Smokebomb Hcf+B cl.A

•Stun combo (as point)
(Cr.B cr.A f.A MAX CD EX dp+K twice) x3
Cr.B cr.A f.A Hcf+D EX Hcf+K Hcf+B qcf+C
After CD wallstick, you can do 2 EX command dashes which allows you to land cr.B and catch them standing to loop the same combo. This is only possible as point character so the 2 EX dashes will use up MAX mode and you can repeat the same wallstick combo.

-His left/right reset can also be done with D knee instead of B knee for a side switch but it needs to be done super early.
-His command grab can be charged while running when you do f,df (hold). This also gives the grab a different animation.
-CD into B command dash midscreen can combo into close C restand. Can also be done from fullscreen with 2 EX command dashes.
-he can OS his command grab off of cr.B blockstring as cr.B u.A+B f.A. This gets you close B (6f/-1. which is a low) if they block or command grab if they try to roll, this catches both rolls coz it's a d~u motion which works on either side.
-f.A (20f/-2) is a really good overhead so make sure to add that to the left/right mixups to always keep them guessing, with high/low added as well as the command grab guessing right against Bandeiras shouldn't be easy.
-far D has a point at the end where he's airborne and can go over lows and ground fireballs, not very useful but it's there.

Mui Mui

Mui Mui

SNK gives us hope in maybe getting an actual dragon spirit arc by adding the dragon gal, Mui Mui. Only for her to not do anything in the story..

If you can get past the most irritating voice in the game, Mui Mui is a very solid foostie oriented character with lots of far reaching buttons, rekkas that can be made safe, a command grab, Summoning Shenron and can even do a freakin Kamehameha!

Mui Mui is one of the "Other world" trio, which apparently is the world of crazy buttons. Her gameplan is rushdown with footsies that she can play very well as she rocks some the best buttons for neutral and whiff punishing, as well as rekkas with mindgames added with their backtwirl follow-up.

Mui Mui's range is around the tip of her far C, a super fast snappy punch that's safe and very good to harass opponents and to whiff punish. In this range also has her cr.D, cr.C, her rekkas and her blowback which has a mad hitbox and propels her forward. She adds to this with her far D and dash up command grab as threats making this the range you always want to be in. 

Mui Mui is best as a point character, she doesn't benefit too much from extra bar or MAX mode duration and she can play her gameplan without meter. Her rekkas are also a bigger threat if the opponent doesn't have meter (or doesn't want to spend it).

Most of Mui Mui's buttons are pokes, and good pokes at that.
She has far C, far B, far A cr C, cr D and CD as pokes.
Far C (8f/-6) is the god. Really quick for it's range and a very good button overall. A lot of characters can't reach her with their normals  if you use it's full range.
Far B (6f/-3) is a standard far B, decent range for use if they're close enough for it instead of far C as it's quicker. Cancellable into specials.
Cr C (6f/-5) is a nice normal for frametraps and meaties, cancellable and can combo into rekkas.
Cr.D (9f/-3) covers the same range as cr.C but hits low.
Far A (5f/0) is nice as a far check, hits between far B and far C.
CD (12f/-1) is a "don't press buttons" check. Goes forward and whiff cancellable, big hitbox can anti-air hops as well. Can be used to get closer in poke distance. Combos into kamehameha or Climax from anywhere.

You should spend most of the match in this zone as this is where Mui Mui is good, she can punish jumps, button attempts and whiff punish almost anything.

For hops she can anti-air with far D, CD and Qcf+K
Far D (8f/+1) is very good to stop far goes over lows, plus it can be used as a ghetto mixup tool into a surprise throw.
CD can also stop hops but needs to be done really early, it's more of an extra feature and you should be using far D instead.
Qcf+K can used to beat hops but you need to know when to use which one.
Qcf+A is a good anti-air but it's better against higher jumps as it's riskier.

Air to air she has j.A (6f) and j.B (6f). They're quick and cover the space above her well.

Her jump-ins are j.C (8f), j.D (10f) and j.CD (13f)
J.C is her upclose jump-in, and j.D is for further jumps as it has more range. Generally j.D can cover both aspects and it's the go-to.
J.CD is just as nuts as the ground CD, only aimed downwards, use it to start your offense as it'll beat a lot of anti-air attempts. If blocked deep enough you can get a free hop mixup.

Her main special is her qcb+P rekkas, A (16f/-10) C (18f/-6). They're on the slow side and only combo from heavies or f+A. They go forward and have a big delay window to bait buttons, won't recommend it though against characters with reversals. After 1st or 2nd rekka she has an optional followup with qcb+K, this does a backtwirl instead of the next rekka giving space and safety against a lot of punishes. B does a quicker twirl and D does a longer one but goes back further distance (~-3 and -10 depending on spacing). Can cancel rekkas into it on whiff as well. It is still punishable by stuff like quick EX ranbus or guardcancel roll if they know the backtwirl is coming so use it with caution as it's mainly for mindgames and to bait stuff as it's not totally safe.
All rekkas are super cancellable so you can do 1 or all 3 cancalled into beam super.
EX rekka (14f/-11) does 3 rekkas and wallbounces. Unlike regular Rekkas you can combo EX from lights. 

Qcf+K is a rising doublekick, useful as an anti-air for hops and far jumps. It's her combo ender off of lights as you can't combo lights into rekkas.
B (9f/-21) goes pretty low to the ground and D (11f/-31) goes higher and covers more distance.
EX (7f/-33) goes a bit further than D version.

Qcf+P is an a rising double-punch uppercut, combo ender and anti-air.
 A (9f/-Death) does the uppercut right away, useful as an anti-air for high jumps and the area right above Mui's head.
C (17f/-Death) does a roll before the uppercut, can be used as an anti-zoning tool to go under fireballs and punish.
On wake-up the roll will go under everything that's not a low even if it's a meaty. Can combo from close C or cr C.
Doesn't go through ground fireballs like Iori's, but against those you can far D to go over them.
EX (4f/-36) does C's roll but it has 3 hits in the roll itself before the uppercut. Not invincible but goes under stuff just like C uppercut.

Hcb+K is a command throw, B (5f) D (9f), somewhat slow and not invincible so it's mainly to open people up after you get them to respect your buttons. Throws them pretty far and does a hard knockdown.
EX version (1f) is invincible and does a wallstick, useful in MAX combos if you're close enough to combo EX rekkas after it.

Qcfx2 +P super (17f) is her Kamehameha beam. Very good super. Invincible so can be used a reversal. Can combo from stand CD and rekkas among other things.
Can be used to punish projectiles if done early enough.
EX (11f) is faster and does more damage. Worth adding to combos for a lot of damage.

Her K super (9f) is odd, she'll go into the air and does multihit punch and circle around the stage then come back.
Personally i don't see the point in using it over Beam super at almost any scenario.
Can cancel into Beam or Climax after she lands for more damage.
EX (7f) does an extra circle.

Climax (12f/-23) is a dashing shoulder strike, summons Shenron for it's animation. Hard knockdown but you recover around the same time as the opponent.
 Goes almost fullscreen and can combo from CD, rekkas or EX rekkas, and EX command throw. Imo only use this if it'll kill, otherwise EX beam is always better.

Her combos are very straight forward but they hurt. You can tack on Beam or EX beam at the end of most combos for more damage.

-Cr.B cr.A cr.B Qcf+D
-Cr.B cr.A cr.A far B Qcf+D
-Cr.C f.A xx Rekkas, Beam super for damage
-Cl.C f.A xx Rekkas
-f.A MAX ...
-Cr.B cr.A cr.B far B MAX cl.C f.A EX rekkas EX beam
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX throw EX rekkas Qcf+D
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX throw Rekkas xx EX beam
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX Throw EX Rekkas Rekka (1 or 2) xx Beam

-f.A (20f/-9) is an overhead raw, somewhat slow but has a lot range, can connect after 4 cr.Bs.
-cl.D (7f/-4) is a bit slow but it can be used as an anti-air for cross up attempts.
-you can link off of spaced far D into cr.A, can combo as cr.A far B qcf+K or even MAX cancel for more damage.
-CD into rekkas can combo from almost fullscreen, but only the 3rd rekka will connect.
-CD whiff cancel into command grab can be used as a kara to boost up the grab's range.
-off of Qcf+B, hop into j.D is a safejump. Use this to keep your offense going.



KoF's newest Vixen comin in hot with crazy normals, Yazamaki's snake strikes and some of the highest damage outputs in the game.

Luong is another TKD character but has a very different style from Kim, with normals mostly aimed at a high angle and super fast run her neutral game is one of the best in the game right now.

Her gameplan revolves around her Geki, which is similar to Yamzaki's snake strikes but with even more reach. She can control a lot of space with the B Geki and the air space with A Geki, combined with her CD and other normals being in the mid range is almost always in Luong's favor.
Add the factor of Luong having some of the highest meterless damage in the game once she puts in the corner, and it spikes even higher with meter. she's a very solid contender for top tier, especially if the current S tier get toned down a bit.

Luong is one of the characters that can be played in any position, but I think she's at full potential when she has meter stocked. I play her either second or anchor.
It makes her stray hits scarier, as well as her low confirms and her overhead as she doesn't get much from them without MAX cancel.

Luong's pokes go really far and are really good.
Far C (11f/-1), far B (6f/-2), cr D (12f/-19), CD (13f/-11) and B Geki are her pokes.
Far B is quick and has a nice angle, can stop hops as well as being a poke.
Cr D is one of the better sweeps in the game, has nice range and goes really low which can low profile a lot of jumps. whiff cancellable into Geki feint for mindgames and safety. Compliments the range between far B and CD.
Far C has a good hitbox and active frames but it's a bit slow, so use it carefully.
Her CD imo, is the best in the game. A leaping high kick that goes over lows and can't be thrown. Goes super far with solid range, can be whiff cancelled to kara her other specials as well. Can be used for corner carry in combos, and can anti-air hops as well. On block cancelling into Geki hold adds a mindgame where you can do delayed B Geki to frametrap or instant B Geki will blockstring and push them back into the corner. You can also do Geki feint to stay safe and build meter. Can combo into EX ranbu from fullscreen even after Geki feint, in the corner you can go into big combos after it as well.

Her far A (5f/-1), far B, crouch C (8f/-6), and Rin (hcb+K) can all anti-air hops.
Far A and far B hit similar angles, but A is quicker and B has more range, so use them accordingly.
Cr C is nice but it lacks in range, it has the benefit of a crouching hurtbox however and it's a heavy so it's more damage.
Rin can catch airborne opponents but it's more of a pre-emptive anti-air and not a reaction one.

She also has far D (12f/-6) and A Geki for higher jumps.
Far D is a great anti-air once you learn it's range, but it's slow so it takes some practice to use it properly.
A Geki catches a lot of jumps in it's path and you can combo off of it as well, generally people will only jump at you from up close or only use hops because of this move.

Her air to airs are j.C (10f) and j.CD (13f). Both are on the slow side but have great hitboxes once they're out, especially j.CD which can be used as a poke and as a jump-in as well. Very important tool.

Her jump ins are j.A (6f), j.D (6f) and j.B (5).
J.D is a long range kick jump-in, go-to for further jumps.
J.B is a cross up can hit pretty deep. Can also air to air if you want a quicker option but has short range.
J.A is similar to Kim's, hits right under her and can hit either side. very ambiguous, cancellable into Ren (air qcb+K) for nasty crossup mixups and in combos.
J.CD can also be used a jump-in, but it whiffs on crouchers. If blocked deep enough you can get another hop mixup.

Her main special is Geki, the Yamazaki Snake Strikes. Can be done high with A, mid with B or low with C (all 13f). All leave the opponent standing
Mid and High have crazy range, low doesn't go as far. All super cancellable and safe if blocked with a lot of pushback. (high and low are -2, Mid is -8 with pushback).
You can hold the Geki if you hold the button, can be held for a really long time, and you can feint/cancel by pressing D at any point.
It builds meter even if you feint so it's a good meter building move and it helps in mindgames from fullscreen away as people will come to you if they see you feinting to build meter.
Mid is the main one as it's a poke to control a lot of space, but it whiffs on some crouching characters so be careful. It whiffs on some characters at max range, but will connect upclose. Against those characters use Low Geki or Geki feint instead.
High is an anti-air and combo filler to juggle after it. Whiffs on crouchers at all ranges.
Low is short ranged but hits low and can be combo’d from lights, learn combos with low Geki instead of Mid so they'll connect on everyone, or adjust according to character if you want.
EX (9f/-12) does a low>mid>high sequence and switches sides with a hard knockdown. combo ender if you wish to save the bar.

Rin (hcb+k) is another important move for Luong. Genocide cutter-esque move. Light (14f/-10) is quicker and heavy (18f/-8) has a slight delay but goes higher.
This move can anti-air and it launches. Not safe (it was pre-patch, RIP).
Midscreen you can combo into A Geki for juggles and you can get insane damage in the corner.
EX (10f) does a double kick and launches higher, essential in MAX combos. The extra kick has a crazy hitbox so it can work as an anti-air. Whiffs on crouchers though and very punishable on block.

Her last special is Ren, air qcb+K. B (13f) D (18f). Spinning air kick that's plus on block if it hits late enough and alters her air momentum. Cancellable from j.A. Can easily cross up and pops up for a juggle.
Can be tigerknee'd (qcb, u+K) for an instant version, useful in maximizing damage in the corner.
EX version (10f) is faster and pops up higher. can be used multiple times in the same juggle to do beast combos.
Note that Ren isn't an overhead, but the EX Ren is.

Tou, Qcfx2 +K (17f/-17), is a big 1 hit super. Goes around halfscreen and can be used at the end of combos for a damage boost and corner carry. It's also the better super to advanced/Climax cancel out of.
EX (7f/-26) does an extra hit at the end for more damage, if you'll advanced/Climax cancel however you can only cancel after the first hit. regular version is better in this case as it does all it's damage in the first hit.

Her other super, Tei, qcf hcb+K (12f/-11) is a ranbu. Goes almost fullscreen but it's not active all the way through.
EX (5f/-17) is much faster and is a lot more active, goes fullscreen and can anti-air (low profile the jumps, not invincible).
Does a lot of damage and her go-to combo ender. Hard knockdown.

Her Climax,Ben (11f/-30) is similar to the Tou super, goes super far and can whiff punish a lot of things. Invincible and it's her only real reversal option (an expensive one but it's there).
Does a big kick and once it connects it goes into the best animation in the game. Not worth it unless it'll kill imo as EX ranbu does similar damage.

Her combos aren't complex but learning to Tk (tigerknee) Ren takes some practice and it boosts her damage greatly.

-Cr.B cr.B cr.B xx B or C Geki
-Cr.B cr.B cr.A Hcb+B B Geki xx EX Ranbu
-Cr.B cr.B cr.A Hcb+B CD (corner carry)
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D CD (corner carry)
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D A Geki into Ranbu or EX Ranbu (damage)
-Cl.D f.B MAX Cl.D...
-Cr.B cr.B cr.B MAX cl.D ...
-F.B MAX cl.D ...
•MAX enders:
-MAX cl.D f.B Hcb+B EX Hcb+K A Geki B Geki xx EX Ranbu
-MAX cl.D f.B EX Hcb+K Hcb+B EX Geki (side switch)
-MAX cl.D f.B Hcb+B EX Hcb+K Tk EX Ren Ranbu or EX Ranbu
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D A Geki Hcb+B A Geki (cl.D for reset or B Geki xx EX Ranbu for damage)
-Cl.D f.B Hcb+D A Geki hcb+B B Geki xx EX Ranbu
-Cl.D f.B MAX cl.D f.B Hcb+B EX Hcb+K A Geki Tk EX Ren B Geki xx EX Ranbu

Luong has a lot more possible combo options with more EX Rens, but these are good enough to compete. Expand on them once you get these down.

-Luong has one of fastest run in the game, so once people respect your buttons and Geki pokes, run up throw (run then b+C when close enough) is very legit and useful with her.
-f.B (22f/-3) is an overhead if done raw. Use it for mixups, MAX cancel from it for more damage.
-After forward throw, hyper hop j.B is a safejump.
-cl.B (5f/-2) is a low, can combo into hcb+B.
-on block you can MAX cancel pokes or blockstrings into a high/low mixup. MAX j.A EX Ren for an overhead, or MAX cl.B Hcb+B for a low. Super cheap and both go into full combo.
-same as above you can also MAX cancel immediately into tk EX Ren and it'll cross up. Also super cheap.
-j.A into D Ren can cross up depending on spacing, very ambiguous so experiment to see what you can do with it. D Ren in general can cross up in a lot of odd places and catches people off guard. Once it hits you can reset with cl.A into a hop D Ren for another cross-up. 
-Cl.C (6f/-5) is 2 hits and both are cancellable, it's another option instead of cl.D f.B but does less damage, it's still an option to keep in mind.
-CD can go over ground fireballs but it's a tight window.



Verse, a growling character and easily the laziest KOF boss design but one of the more interesting ones gameplay-wise. With a halfscreen command grab that goes into a combo, Sagat style fireballs, teleports, and fullscreen Bison slides among some huge normals he has a playstyle that’s very interesting and very unique overall.

Verse is a very "backwards" character, his style is very odd and can be very confusing if played correctly.
He's only been played as point but i think he can be used second or even anchor as well.

Verse's pokes aren't the best, but he has quick get in tools and zoning options so he doesn't have to rely on them.
Far D (21f/-2) and CD (15f/-9) and cr D (12f/-4) are his main options.
Far D is slow but goes really far and it has autoguard, his main and only real poke.
CD is the one of the furthest reaching CDs, it's a bellybash that goes halfscreen. Can combo into his fireballs or fireball super from anywhere Wallstick. Has a big hitbox and can anti-air in some spots, worth learning it’s range.
Cr.D is a super quick slide and has 3 versions depending on the input (db.D is close, d.D is mid range, and df.D is around 3/4s of the screen), not safe but it's MAX cancellable.
Rdp+P can also be used as a "poke" but generally it has other purposes.

His anti-airs are far C (14f/-12), far A (7f/-2) and Rdp+P
Far C is a rising uppercut that moves him forward, slow but has a big hitbox and cancellable into f.B.
Far A is pretty good and cancellable as well. Whiffs on crouchers.
Rdp+P is a downwards punch with his flying hands, covers a lot of space and can anti-air hops and jumps.

His air normals aren't the best but they're useful in their own way.
J.C (11f) is a double punch, hits both sides. Very good cross up tool but whiffs on a lot of crouchers.
J.B (9f) is the other cross up to hit crouchers.
J.CD (12f) doesn't have a lot of range and it's slow but it's hitbox is solid. Can be used to start offense.
J.D (11f) and j.A (5f) are his jump ins, they have a lot of range as well.

His gameplay revolves around his stray hands command grab (21f), this move goes almost halfscreen, it's a grab so it cannot be blocked and catches rolls as well. It puts the opponent in a bubble and you can combo after it for big damage. Far C f.B whatever is the go-to.
It's range makes being in mid range a bad idea against Verse and you're always at risk of getting snatched.
This opens up that whole range for Verse to go ham and to punish bad attempts in jumping or trying to create space from him.
EX stray hands (15f) is quicker and the bubble moves closer to Verse once it catches you. It also combos from cr.C and cl.D where you can't combo the regular version. You can also tick into it from a MAX cancel, super tricky.

Rdp+P is his other important special, this move is nuts. A (10f/-5) C (28f/-9). It's quick, hits overhead, can anti-air and it does a hard knockdown. It's also safe-ish (very hard to punish).
Can cancel into Rain of hands super to OTG.
EX version (13f/-8) does a low stomp into the punch, so it's a low into overhead but with a big gap so it'll only hit people that have never seen the move before.
It also does a ground bounce so you can combo after it.

Qcf+P are his projectiles, slow on startup and recovery but they go fullscreen. They're like Sagat's fireballs. A (16f/-13) is high and duckable, and C (19f/-2) is low. EX (17f/-22) does 2 back to back ones.
Cancellable really late into his fireball super to catch jump attempts and fireballs from the opponent.

Qcb+P is a badass walk with a flurry of punches. A (19f/-15) C (31f/+1). If spaced this move is pretty safe and does mad chip, mainly his C version. It has a long animation however so it's very open to guardcancel roll for a full punish.
Does a sliding knockdown. The punches cancel projectiles.
EX (25f/+1) is quicker and does even more punches.

D+AB is a teleport, once he disappears you can choose to move forward by pressing F, back with B, or stay in the same spot if you don't press a direction.
It's invincible when he disappears and has little recovery, but it's not invincible from frame 1 so meaties will beat it.
Useful to avoid zoning and in some shenanigans.

F+B (24f/-5) deserves a mention coz it's pretty solid, goes pretty far and hits low (which is stupid coz it looks like it should overhead but whatever..). Can also anti-air far jumps if they're in it's path (not consistent by any means but it's there)
If cancelled into you can combo off of it into Qcb+p, qcf+P or Rdp+P.

Fireball super (qcfx2 +P) is a big projectile super (6f). Can be used a combo ender, to punish jumps over your fireballs, or to punish zoning.
It's also invincible and Verse's go-to reversal.
EX (6f) travels quicker and does more damage.

Rain of hands (qcfx2 +K) is an OTG super, sends hands from the sky. B (24f) hits close and D version (23f) hits far.
EX (12f) somewhat tracks and hits all over the place but not fullscreen.

His Climax (hcb+2 +P ) is a dashing attack (13f/-30). Mainly a combo ender really but it's invincible for a bit so you can use it as a reversal.

His combos are straight forward, nothing too complicated

-Cr.B cr.A cr.A Rdp+A
-Cr.B cr.A cr.A cr.A far A Rdp+A (1 hit crumple) dash far C f.B delay Rdp+A
-Far C f.B Rdp+A, qcb+A in the corner or delay the Rdp+A
-Cr.C MAX cr.C EX Hcb+K far C f.B Qcf+C xx Fireball super
-Cl.D MaX cr.C EX Rdp+P far C f.B Rdp+A xx OTG super

-cl.D (7f/0) is 2 hits and both are cancellable, cr.C (9f/-5) can be replaced with this in the above combos.
-during his blockstrings, cr.A (5f/+3) can be cancelled into stray hands for a ghetto reset. It's better on hit as it leaves less time for jump or reversal attempts.
-If it connects at max range, Rdp+P will only hit once and cause a crumple, if you’re quick enough this can be combo’d off of into far C f.B. The best combo to get the spacing right is mentioned above, the main point is delay the cancel off of the far A to get the maximum spacing possible.
-After Rdp+P, doing a roll or ff+roll can be a left/right mixup, depending on the timing and space you can end up on either side and it's pretty ambiguous.
-f.B on grounded opponents knocks down, in blockstrings you can do it and it'll go over crouching and some standing opponents and cross up. you can cancel into back teleport then hyperhop j.C for a crossup after. Really ticky as you switch sides a lot during this whole thing.
-f.B cancelled into stray hands will tick on block. Mixing it up with Rdp+P makes it tricky where staying still means stray hands will catch them, but if they try to jump Rdp+P will catch them instead.
-cl.C (20f/-10) is a slow overhead that knocks down, can combo into OTG super.
-It is possible to be a total asshole and combo EX Rain super into another EX Rain super. Does stupid damage and will definitely piss the opponent off.

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Re: Character Quick Guides
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Kim's sleazy master joins KoF at last, with moves collected from all of Kim's different versions through the years and even some tidbits from Kim's sons (or is it the other way around? :P)

Gang is pretty short and has some stubby normals but he has some nice mobility options to mix things up. He's designed as a character that'll somewhat struggle in the neutral but once he gets in he has crazy pressure and mixups. He has highs, lows, and a "taco". He can also make a lot of stuff safe or even plus with air Hangetsuzan.

Gang-il's damage isn't on the high end even with some bar spent so he's generally played on point, he can also cheese some meter build with backdash xx Hangetsuzan all day as he moves backwards.
He can work in 2nd spot as well if you'll blow your stacked meter to add on EX heinzan supers.

Gang il has a few decent pokes, but you gotta keep in mind that his limbs are short so eventhough he extends as much as can they're still shorter than a lot of character's range.
Far D (9f/-3), far B (6f/-2), CD (14f/-1), and cr B (5f/+3) are his main pokes.
Far D is quick, covers the hop area and hits crouchers, very nice normal.
Far B is quicker than far D and is cancellable.
CD is a bit slow but has a lot of active frames, can be combo into C Shakashuu or Climax from almost anywhere CD
Cr B is Ryu's 3s low MK, goes really far and can combo into cr.A or cl.B for a full combo. Can low profile a lot of stuff including projectiles. Open to hops however.

His anti airs are cr C (8f/-11), far B, far D and Heinzan super.
Cr C is very iffy and doesn't have a lot of range so it's hard to use. Depending on the angle it can hit In odd spots like behind Gang but would whiff right above him. Whiff cancellable into f.B or specials.
Far A (6f/+1), far B and far D are good for hops, you need to learn their range though.
Heinzan is the same as Kim's where it'll work against everything, but with Gang it's a super so it costs a bar. Having meter on deck is good for Gang so he'll have a reliable anti-air and reversal.

Almost all his air normals can Air to air. he has j.D (6f), j.C (11f), j.B (7) and j.CD (12).
J.B is quick but it has no range at all.
J.C is nice, not exactly quick but has more range than j.B.
J.D has an amazing hitbox and is go-to and goes the furthest , it's also a good jump in.
J.CD is like Kim's, has a great hitbox but it's aimed a bit upwards, Learn when to utilize this as it's useful in "hop footsies".

His jump ins are j.A (6f) and j.D.
J.D is his go-to, it covers air to airs as well.
J.A has a nice angle and you can combo it into B hangetsuzan for a full combo after. It can also instant overhead so it's pretty cheap.
Air hangetsuzan can also be used as an air to air or jump in once you learn how to utilize it.

Hakikyaku (dd+K) is Gang's main special (10f/+1), stomp that hits low and can OTG after knockdowns or D Hangetsuzan.
It has 3 followups you can do.
Dp+P (8f/-35) is a rising doublekick, only one that'll combo from dd+K.
Qcb+K (23f/-4) will do an overhead kick, qcf+K (21f/-6) will do another low stomp.
You can do a f+K ender (12f/-9) after either followup which does a kick that pops them backwards, you can cancel it into super or juggle after it in the corner. This is negative but has good pushback so you'll be fine after it's blocked.
There's a gap between Hakikyaku and it's followups where the opponent can roll or reversal so be careful if they're waiting for it.
EX stomp (22f/-27) is a fullscreen low, great for punishing fireball attempts and helps Gang close in.

Hangetsuzan (air qcb+K) is Kim's air flip kick. Gang doesn't have a ground version, and his is a bit different from Kim's.
B (12f) doesn't change his air trejectory at all, safe and leaves the opponent standing. If it connects deep enough you can combo cl.B for a full combo. It's also plus if it's blocked deep.
D (15f) moves him a bit forward, is more negative and it knocks down on hit, you can followup with OTG stomp after it.
You can cancel into Hangetsuzan from j.A or backdash.
EX hangetsuzan (15f) is a 3 hit version. pops up for a followup, harder if it hits a grounded opponent but still possible. On grounded opponents you’ll generally get 1 or 2 hits, after jump cancelled specials you can get 2 hits if you delay the EX hangetsuzan, or you can get the full 3 hits if you do it as soon as Gang-il jumps. 
It's also invincible and Safe, can be plus if it's blocked deep. Very good tool.

Ressen Kyaku (dp+K) is a leaping triple kick. Can go over lows after the first kick. Can juggle Heinzan super after it. Mainly a combo ending special after a confirm or during juggles. Light (13f/-16) is a bit quicker and can combo from lights. Heavy (17f/-15) is Jump cancellable on hit for extra stuff after, can only combo from heavies however.
After light you can reset with cr.A in the corner.
EX (8f/-10) can combo from lights and pops up, like heavy it's also jump cancellable to combo into Hangetsuzan.

Shakkashu (qcf+P) is another triple kick attack, a bit different though.
Light (17f/-19) is a quick version that you can combo into from heavies. Goes around halfscreen.
Heavy (27f/-8) is a very advancing version that goes almost fullscreen, slower than the light version. Gang has autoguard through the move till he starts kicking.
This version can be delayed if you hold the button (full charge is 62f/-8), during this Gang-il will have his leg up and also has autoguard. This version is mainly to get in on zoning but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
This is also not safe, the punish window is somewhat tight but it is there. Sadly the charge has no feint/cancel so once you charge you’re committing to the move. 
Cancellable into Hienzan super for more damage.
EX (17f/-19) is similar to C version with more kicks and launches on the last hit, it's jump cancellable to combo into Hangetsuzan. Comboable from heavies.

Hienzan (qcfx2 +K) is Kim's signature flash kick move (6f/-Death), Gang's is the same idea only with him it's a super so it's not free.
Gang's main anti-air, reversal and combo ender. Can even anti-air cross up attempts. big ass hitbox.
EX (4f/-EX death) does more hits and slams them down for a hard knockdown.

Gekishin Kyaku (qcbx2 +K) is a big stomp (18f/-26). Mainly to advanced or Climax cancel out of. Hits low.
EX (8f/-28) is bigger with more damage. Can be used to punish projectile attempts around halfscreen or so.

his Climax, Houou Kyaku (6f/-20) is a ranbu super. Same as Kim's regular super. Invincible and goes pretty far.
Generally not worth the bar unless it will kill, otherwise go for EX Hienzan super instead.

His combos generally lack in damage but not in style, to get real damage you'll need to add on a Hienzan super at the end.
In the endings where you jump cancel and Hangetsuzan is possible you have 2 options:
Do D version then otg with dd+B for hard knockdown.
Delay B version then juggle EX Hienzan super or Dp+D in the corner for damage.

-Cr.B cl.B dd+B~dp+P
-Cr.B cr.A dd+B~dp+P
-Cl.D dp+D (uf) delayed qcb+B EX Hienzan super
-F.B cr.B or cl.B MAX ...
-Cr.B cr.B cr.B MAX ...
-J.A qcb+B cl.B MAX cl.D EX Dp+K (uf) delayed Qcb+B EX Hienzan
-Cr.B cr.A cr.B MAX Cl.D EX Dp+K (uf) EX Qcb+K Qcf+P xx Hienzan super
-Cr.C MAX cl.C EX Qcf+P (uf) EX Qcb+K Dp+D (uf) Qcb+D, dd+K for OTG
-MAX cl.D Dp+D (uf) EX Qcb+K Dp+D EX Dp+K Dp+B, Hienzan for damage

-for backdash Hangetsuzan, best way to input it is Qcb,b+B. This will basically make his backdash have a hitbox on it and build meter while creating space. Practice this as one extra input will give you his qcbx2 super and you'll waste meter instead of building it.
You can do this as qcb, ub+B. Personally i find this easier to do, especially for back to back backdash hangetsuzans.
-Both cl.B (4f/-3) and cl.D (6f/-1) are 2 hit normals and both hits are cancellable, very useful for hit-confirming, you can link close B from cr.B or B hangetsuzan. Close B is also a low with a bigger delay between the hits, but close D allows heavy specials to combo.
-j.4C (8f) is a "taco" cross up, super good for adding mixups into Gang's game, but keep in mind that it's blockable crouching. Combo it into cl.B.
-off of MAX mode cancel you have a 50/50 mixup with MAX into cr.B cr.A/cl.B or MAX j.A qcb+B. Both lead into a full combo after.
-Both cr.B and cr.D can low profile under fireballs. Cr.D is not cancellable unlike most cr.Ds.
-In juggles where you can jump cancel, you have the option of a reset instead of comboing air hangetsuzan with j.D. If you do it late enough you have time to either run under and hit behind them or stay in front for a left/right mixup.
-f.B (21f/+4) is an overhead if done raw, and it goes over lows and even some other normals. You can link off of it into cr.B if they're far, or cl.B if you're close enough. It’s also plus so you can use far B or other normals to continue your offense on block.
-CD dash CD whiff cancel into dd+B can combo from almost anywhere.
-Some places where dd+B can OTG; air qcb+D,j.CD if you're quick or they don't recover, off of Stomp super, D throw if you throw them into the corner.

-Off of OTG dd+B, simply holding uf into j.D is a super easy safejump. Makes the OTGs much more of a threat. 




Everyone's favorite sadistic grappler is back to bring more pain with anywhere juggle Sleeve, command throws and her beasty normals (which are even better after the patch).

Vice's gameplan is mainly centered around forcing people to respect her normals and then going into her Gorefest grab mixups, Gorefest leads into an easy safejump (normal jump forward, hyperhop j.C) for setplay, she can become oppressive once she gets her gameplan going.

Vice has really solid pokes, used correctly she can stop any approach and keep people in check.
Far C (7f/-1), far D (8f/-4), CD (17f/-2), cr D (9f/-13) and far B (6f/-2) are her pokes.
Far C is quick and has ok range, mainly to check the area right in front of you as well as stopping hops. Whiffs on crouchers.
Far D is a high angle kick, can anti-air a lot of stuff and has decent horizontal range as well, but a bit slow on the recovery so don't throw this out recklessly. Off a high enough jump you can MAX cancel into EX sleeve for a full conversion. Also whiffs on crouchers.
Far B is a straight kick and her best poke if you don't want to take risks. It's range is good as it's the range where you can do run up command grab or hops.
CD is a bit slow but has a big hitbox, goes far and moves her quite a bit forward. CD into CD whiff cancel B sleeve combos from anywhere wallstick.
Cr D is solid and has decent range but it's kinda slow and open to hops, but it covers the range between far B and CD. Combos into EX sleeve if you're in MAX mode.
Her Sleeve (hcf+K) can also be used as a poke as it's her longest reaching move, but keep in mind that it's very open to jumps or hops, and it counts as a limb so it can trade with the opponent's moves. This is important because sleeve allows followups like Gorefest or Grab super but it doesn't do any damage on it's own so trades are always not in Vice's favor.

For hops she has far A (5f/+2) and far C. Both are quick and cover the hop area well, you can also MAX cancel into EX sleeve for a full combo if you're godlike. If you happen to be in MAX mode you can also use it after you anti-air or even off of trades as long as you're still standing. Far A is cancellable so it's easier off of it.
Crouch C (5f/-11) and far D are for higher jumps, crouch C is crazy good after the patch and can even hit behind Vice so learn when to use this.

Vice's air to airs are some of the best, she has j.CD (8f), j.B (6f) and j.D (6f).
J.CD has a crazy hitbox and once it's out it'll beat out most air approaches.
J.B is a quicker option with a bit more range than j.CD
J.D hits a higher angle so it's better against floatier jumps like Beni or Loveheart.

Her jump-ins are j.C (6f), j.A (5f) and j.CD
J.C is the main one, similar to Iori's and hits deep with a good hitbox.
J.A is a similar angle to j.C, personally i only use it to tickthrow off the shorter blockstun or to stop jump out attempts.
J.CD is for further jumps than the previous 2, but it whiffs on crouchers so be careful in abusing it. If it's blocked deep enough you can do a free hop mixup or empty jump Low/Gorefest. On CH you can combo into Sleeve, if you're in MAX mode it's an easy pickup chance with EX sleeve into full combo on regular or counter hit.

Mentioned a few times already, EX sleeve is important in Vice's gameplan. It allows full combo conversions after it and it has anywhere juggle properties. What this means is that it connects off basically anything, even stuff that flips people out like anti air normals or cr D.
Once you're in MAX mode there's a constant threat of a simple far A anti-air or a jump CD into EX sleeve for big damage so jumping against Vice is super risky.
This gives you a chance to start your offense or close the distance as the opponent will stick to the ground and throw out less limbs at you.
For this reason she's generally used as 2nd or 3rd character, she's a lot better and a bigger threat with meter stocked.

Her regular sleeve is decent as well, it's her longest range tool and once it connects you can combo into Gorefest or Grab super.
This move is blockable (not a grab) but doesn't do any damage on it's own, and it doesn't do any chip damage.
B (16f/-10) is quicker and has less range, D (22f/-8) goes almost halfscreen but slower. Does more hitstun so it combos into C mayhem.
EX sleeve (21f/-6) is similar to D version in speed and range, and you can combo cl.D after it for a full combo.

Gorefest (hcb,f+P) is a 1f command grab. Can't combo off of but it does a hard knockdown which leads to an easy safejump with forward jump hyperhop j.C. This is what starts Vice's gameplan as any combo can end with Gorefest to loop the same safejump scenario.
EX Gorefest has a bit more range and does more damage, plus it tosses them higher, you can connect Overkill (air super) or Obscura (Climax) off of it.

Mayhem (qcb+P) is a charging shoulder, this is Vice's only move that does chip. Very unsafe so it's mainly a combo ender. A (9f/-13) is quick and has less range, C (16f/-7) is slower but does more damage and goes further.
Once it hits you can do qcf+P for a followup slash. The followup is cancellable into Overkill super for damage.
You can also cancel the shoulder charge into Climax if you want more damage for more meter.
EX (14f/-8) is quick (combos from lights) and launches for a combo followup, you can do whatever into EX sleeve or C shoulder after.

Vice's last move is Splash (dp+P), this looks similar to Mayhem's followup. It's a leaping dunk grab that connects if the opponent is grounded. Cancellable into Overkill super.
Very punishable on whiff as Vice does her animal growl animation on the ground.
A (23f) goes into a similar arc to a regular hop, and C (30f) goes really high and around 3/4 of the screen.
It's in counterhit state the whole way through.
It's mainly a gimmick tool to mix it up in blockstrings. Eventhough A version does have a good arc and is somewhat quick, it has a very obvious animation and Vice yells stuff letting the opponent know "here i come so do a neutral jump and combo me". It'll work every once in a while but it's super risky so only go for it if you have meter to go into Overkill super after.
EX (21f) is quick and it tracks the opponent till around halfscreen or so. Great for ending matches as it's hard to react to.

Negative Gain (hcb x2 +K) is a 1f grab super. Does a lot of damage and switches sides.
EX version does more damage and has a crazy range boost.
Cancellable into Climax before the last hit (once she flips them over and about to pounce on them).

Overkill (hcb, ub, u, d+P) is an air super. Also 1f. The input is dumb but you get used to it with time, if you do a 360 it'll still come out but i think learning the input is better, rotate from F backwards to U then hit D and P.
Combo ender and can be used as an air to air.
EX is more damage.
This super also has anywhere juggle properties like EX sleeve, but it's harder to use outside of the corner. Off of anti airs in the corner you can do it for more damage if you're not in MAX mode.

Her Climax, Obscura (hcfx2 +P), (7f) is an anti-air leaping grab. Goes fullscreen. It's invincible for a bit but not worth the risk.
Can anti air jumps but will generally whiff on hops or lower jumps.
Mainly use it as combo ender, but generally EX Overkill is similar damage and less expensive so it's only worth it if it'll kill.

Her combos aren't complicated but she has a few routes she can use depending on how much MAX guage she wants to keep.

-Cr.B cr.B cr.A Qcb+A~qcf+P
-Cl.D f.A Qcb+C~Qcf+P
-Cl.D f.A Hcf+B Gorefest
-F.A MAX ...
-Cl.D f.A MAX cl.D f.A EX Qcb+P cr.D EX Hcf+K cl.D f.A (Qcb+C~Qcf+P Overkill for damage, or Hcf+B Gorefest for setplay)
-Anti-air normal MAX EX Hcf+K cl.D f.A EX Qcb+P Qcb+C~qcf+P

-f.A (20f/-6) is overhead if done raw, it's cancellable into Negative Gain super or MAX cancel for more damage.
-cr.B (6f/+2) into cr.C is a great frametrap to catch poke out attempts in pressure.
-for run up Gorefest, there's a trick in the input you can do. If you do the input quick enough (hcb,f) you are already hitting F twice so you'll get a run, so you do it quick then delay the P input you'll get a small run into Gorefest.
-cr.B cl.A A splash (corner) or cr.B cr.B cr.A A splash (midscreen) are good blockstrings into a splash "mixup", but this is still a "gimmick" and very risky.
-Off of EX shoulder, if you're out of MAX mode you can do cl.D MAX cancel roll for a mix up, depending on when you do the roll you can end up on either side. Really tricky if done correctly.


Hein, Geese's new henchman comes in with classy butler attire, stationary projectiles, chess themed specials and a power that sadly isn't used enough in his moveset.

Hein is a very straight forward fundamental KoF kind of character, but with some crazy pressure options upclose and in the corner.
Hein doesn't really need meter, but he's better in the 2nd spot as his damage kinda sucks without Queen supers after his confirms, and to get access to his only reversal, King super.

Hein has a few decent pokes.
Far C (6f/-2) has a nice hitbox although it lacks in range.
Cr C (9f/+1) is also a good and it's cancellable.
Cr D (8f/-5) goes really far and it's cancellable, but very open to hops.
Far B (6f/-2) has nice range and covers the range outside cr C well.
CD (17f/-7) is slow-ish but has a lot of range. Can combo into Queen super or qcf+C  from anywhere wallstick.
A pawn is also a nice poke and covers space in front of him.

King super, far A (5f/-3), and far D (11f/-6) are his anti-airs.
They're ok but against the better jump-ins they can be inconsistent.
Far D is the best meterless option against high jumps.
far A is good against hops.
His best anti-air is King super as it's invincible and covers the area around him, so it's good to have some meter on deck.

Air to airs he has j.CD (12f) and j.B (7f)
J.B is quicker, j.CD is on the slow side but it has a big horizontal hitbox, can also be used as an air "poke" with hops.

His jumps in are j.D (7f), j.A (5f) and j.C (9f)
J.D is the go-to, hits downwards and has nice range.
The other 2 are for deeper jumps.
He also has Bishop (divekick) but it's not safe unless perfectly spaced. It is his only cross up so learn it's spacing and when to use it.

Hein's main special is Rook (qcb+P), this is a stationary fireball. It has slow startup but if its blocked you are at a massive frame advantage. Very essential in his pressure. A version (25f/+13) is close, C version (31f/+15) is a bit further with enough space that the opponent can chill between Hein and the Rook projectile.
You can cancel the projectile into a dash followup, possible on whiff, block or hit. It cancels the recovery and moves you away so it can help in avoiding jumps. If the opponent is blocking it can be a mixup as the dashes go different distances, B version stays in front, D version will cross up and go behind them. You sacrifice some frame advantage when doing the dash followup however.
It has slow startup so the opponent can avoid it or hit you if you do it in blockstrings, it's a frametrap off of CD.
You'll need the opponent to respect your other moves first if you want to get them to stay put and block the Rook.
In the corner you can combo off of it into cr.C or CD (harder but possible). Midscreen you can combo into cr.B if it hits meaty/late enough.
EX (39f/+28) is even slower but it does a lot of hits and has even more hitstun and blockstun.
In the corner you can set it up after a lvl1 Queen super.

Pawn (qcf+P) is an advancing double splash. Light (15f/-3) has shorter reach but it's safe, heavy (15f/-13) goes further with 2 hits but more negative.
Light is the go-to, has better scaling in combos and is safe, it also allows resets in the corner with cr.A or cr.B, or you can juggle EX Queen super.
Heavy is mainly to chase people rolling out of the corner as it goes far enough to punish.
EX (10f/+1) is super fast and launches higher so you can reset with heavies in the corner.

Bishop (qcb+K) is his divekick (16f), he pauses in the air for a bit before the dive so it's useful in baiting Dps and to avoid fireballs. Not safe unless it's perfectly spaced and even then it's negative. 
Leaves the opponent standing, if it's deep enough you can combo off of it, in the corner you can do f.B Bishop then combo into cr.C.
EX (11f) is faster and pops up for follow ups. It can also combo from j.A.

Knight (Dp+K) is a leaping command grab (21f), it only grabs the set range where Hein lands. Can be used similar to Vice's splash in application to catch opponents that'll stay still during your blockstrings. B is close and D goes around 3/4s of the screen.
EX (26f) travels quicker and tracks fullscreen, can be used to punish fireball attempts.

Queen super (qcf hcb+P) is a ranbu super (7f/-13). Basically your damage ender, without this Hein's combos arent very damaging.
Can be advanced or Climax cancelled on the last hit for more damage. Lvl1 has a lot of down time after to set up meaty Rook projectiles or mixups.
EX (6f/-17) is invincible, goes further and does more damage.

King super (qcbx2+P) is an explosion super, Hein's reversal and best anti air.
Both regular (10f/-24) and EX (6f/-22) are invincible. EX is quicker and has a bigger explosion radius.

Domination, his Climax (8f/-41) hits grounded only. Covers a big range but mainly combo ender and fireball punisher from a bit over halfscreen.

Hein doesn't get much from MAX mode, and he only has some real combos in the corner

-cr.B cr.B f.A qcf+A xx Queen for damage
-Cr.B cl.A f.A qcf+A xx Queen
-cl.C f.A qcf+A xx Queen
-Cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX qcf+P EX Queen 
-f.B xx Bishop cr.C Qcf+A xx Queen
-cl.C f.A MAX CD Qcb+A cl.C f.A EX qcf+P EX Queen
-CD f.B xx Bishop cr.C qcf+C xx Queen

-His f.B (22f/-1) raw is an overhead, it goes over lows and it's super quick. Doesn't go into anything midscreen but in the corner it leads to big damage.
-after qcf+A in the corner, you can reset with cr.A into A Rook for a super plus meaty.
-After EX qcf+P you can do the same setup with cr.C for more damage.
This is super good because they're in a high/low mixup, cr.B for low, f.B for overhead. This is also a good place to use Knight as they'll be more focused on trying to block correctly or waiting for a guardcancel chance.
This setup is beefy coz you can basically loop this if you connect cr.B or f.B off the meaty Rook projectile, combo into qcf+A then cr.A xx A Rook and they're back in the blender.
-far B can be used to whiff punish like K's far B, MAX cancel for a full combo
-cr.B cl.B xx B knight can be used to catch sleeping opponents.
-you can combo A Rook into CD, if spaced right from the corner you can do another A Rook off the CD then combo again for crazy damage.
-in the corner, CD cancelled early into EX King will pop them up where you can combo King super after, advanced cancel into EX Queen for classy butler damage.
-in the corner, you can do starter MAX j.A EX Bishop qcf+C and it'll combo, but it whiffs on crouchers.



Sylvie, the character that everyone flipped out about when she was revealed. Inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, she has the craziest outfit, noises and personality, gameplay-wise she has a very traditional style alongside electric moves.

Sylvie is mainly designed to be a pesky Battery kind of character to be put on point and build meter, but sadly her best tools are meter based being her EX supers so I think she can be played on point to learn her then move her to second spot to utilize her supers.

Sylvie's gameplan is based on her Denji Kaijin (qcf+P), this move is essentially a poke that goes pretty far and builds meter. You can do this all day building meter and annoying the opponent, mix it up between A and C versions, throw in some pokes and if they do a bad jump you have a good Dp to keep them honest.
Her main weakness is that her limbs are all pretty stubby, but she has her Denki Kaijin to make up for the range as it reaches further than most pokes.

Sylvie has a couple of nice pokes, but with her small limbs they need proper spacing to be efficient as they all lack in range and many characters can bully you with their buttons if you don't know your range.
Far C (8f/-3), far D (13f/-1), far B (6f/0), CD (14f/-1) and Denki (qcf+P) are her main pokes.
Far C is the most outstanding one, has a beefy hitbox, moves a bit forward and hits crouchers as well. It also can anti air hops so it's a multi-purpose button.
Far B and far D are horizontal kicks, their speed kinda sucks for the range the buttons have. Far B is quicker and a safer check, and it's cancellable so it's worth using.
CD is a levitating dropkick like Shermie's, airborne and unthrowable once both her feet are off the ground so it'll go over lows. Nice hitbox once it's out. Can combo into kick super but not fullscreen.
Denki is a very important poke as it reaches further than all the above, and it builds meter. It's hitbox is not active through the whole animation so it's open to well timed hops but it's generally very good if you space it to hit around the tip.

Anti airs she has f.A (14f/-7), cr C (8f/-4), Rdp+K and Punch super.
F.A is pretty good and it pops up allowing followups, but it's somewhat slow and only covers the area right above Sylvie's head.
Cr C is similar animation-wise to f.A but it's crouching, double up-punch but has no movement at all. It's good against hops but only if you do it early.
Rdp+K is a good anti-air, learn to use this coz Sylvie's other anti-airs aren't so hot.
Punch super (20f) can be used to anti-air coz it covers a lot of space and invincible all the way through, but this is only useful against high jumps coz it's not fast enough to catch hops (unless you do it super early).

Air to air she has j.A, j.C and j.CD
J.A (6f) and j.C (8f) have basically the same range and speed so just use j.C
J.CD (13f) is the same animation as ground CD, slower than the jump punches but goes further than all of them. Off of it in the corner you can combo EX Pola Experiment super, or you can do EX tracpo super midscreen and it'll combo.

Her jump ins are j.D (9f) and j.B (6f)
J.D is the go-to and has a nice angle to start offense, j.B has a more vertical angle and can cross up.
J.CD can also be used as a jump-in, if blocked deep enough and you can get a free a hop mixup after.

Her main special is Denki Kaijin (qcf+P), essential meter building move. Cancels projectiles. Safe. Can be used as a poke. Very annoying move to characters with stubby moves.
 A (14f/-4) is quicker and less active, C (18f/+1) is a tad slower with more active frames and is plus on block. A can combo combo from far B or cancelled f.B.
Can also be used in juggles as well.
EX (18f/+3) combos from heavies or cancelled f.B, causes a crumple.

Qcb+P is an upwards electric swipe, it's an odd move overall, pops backwards on hit.
It's plus on block but whiffs on crouchers so i wouldn't recommend using it if it's not after a confirm. Very useful in juggles however.
A (19f/-1) is quick with slow recovery, C (26f/+4) is slow but quick recovery and pops up higher.
EX (26f/+5) has autoguard (but really slow, hard to utilize it matches) and launches them high enough to combo C version into more stuff.

Bootie bootie (Qcf+K) is a flying multikick move. Very useful move. Sylvie flies upwards while kicking through the whole duration.
B version (10f/0) goes in a similar arc as a hop, this version is safe on block and it leaves the opponent standing on hit with a bit of advantage to keep your offense going.
 D (7f) goes a bit over halfscreen. Not safe, last hit causes a hard knockdown so it's a good juggle ender. This can go into her safejump (hop j.B) or combo into EX Paula experiment super as an OTG.
Can also be used as air to air or to go over fireballs but it's not worth the risk imo.
EX (6f/+2) goes almost fullscreen and very high in the air, also does a hard knockdown but it needs to be properly timed to get the last hit to connect or it'll miss.

(Rdp+K) is her Dp, covers a really nice angle and very useful as anti-air or reversal.
B version (7f/-26) goes lower and is invincible, D (13f/-40) goes higher with more hits and damage but not invincible.
EX (13f/-54) does a lot more hits with extra flips in the air. Invincible and an Ok damage ender in juggles if you don't want to spend a bar.
All versions are death on block.

Pola experiment (qcf+2 +P) is a decent super but kinda slow (20f/-59). Hits all directions around 3 character's length. Invincible till she lands but is punishable by almost anything really. Can be used as a very early anti-air but i won't recommend it unless it's against a super jump.
EX (15f/-59) is quicker and she moves forward while doing the super. Invincible but again super risky.
It also OTGs which can combo from a few things like D bootie bootie, j.CD, or if you cancel it from her other super.

Her other super, magnai tracpo (qcfx2 +K) is a lightning "snatch" that goes about halfscreen (18f/-22). Can be used to punish fireballs if done early enough, or as a combo ender. Can also be used as an early anti-air for far jumps as it's pretty active. Causes a hard knockdown.
EX (14f/-44) is quicker and does more damage, causes a wallstick instead of the knockdown, but it doesn't combo to anything outside of a Climax Cancel.
The EX is very useful however coz it has anywhere juggle properties, this means it can combo in places where the opponent generally can't be combo'd, like after an anti-air far C or a CD in juggles.
Having meter on deck makes her anti-airs scarier as they can combo into EX Tracpo for big damage.

Her Climax, Mechahaya Reboot (9f/+11), is one of the more interesting ones. It's a big fireball that moves slowly while moving in a wavy motion. This move is a moving threat once it's out as it's hard to jump over and it can't be cancelled with other projectiles as it's the only projectile Climax in the game. Does a lot of damage and you can it pops up so you can combo after it.

Sylvie's combos aren't hard but you need to learn what to do after a launch to maximize your damage.

-cr.B cr.B far B xx Qcf+A
-cl.C f.B Rdp+D
-anti air far A or far C EX tracpo
-cr.B cr.B far B MAX ...
-f.B MAX ...
-Cl.C f.B MAX cl.C EX Qcf+P EX qcb+P Qcb+C, tracpo super for more damage.
-Cl.C Xx Qcf+C Rdp+B
-cr.B cl.B f.A qcb+C Qcf+C Qcf+D leads to safejump
-Cl.C f.B MAX cl.C EX Qcf+P EX qcb+P Qcb+C (Qcf+D for setplay or Qcf+C CD EX Tracpo for damage)

-her f.B (21f/-4) is super quick, and it hits overhead if done raw. MAX cancel out of for a full conversion.
-Her Climax has a super long animation at startup, which can be used against you as the opponent can buffer their moves during it, if you're close enough they can use a super to punish you so keep that in mind.
-D bootie can cross up crouching opponents if you're close enough, but it's generally not worth the risk.
-for her safejump, after D bootie, hop forward into j.B is a safejump. You can do empty jump cr.B instead for a low. Once you land a hit combo into f.A qcb+C Qcf+D to loop the setup.

-her safejump after D bootie is very good and essential to make her offense scary. You can go for a low after it or her f.B and loop the same scenario.

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Re: Character Quick Guides
« Reply #4 on: October 04, 2016, 08:30:19 PM »
Kukri, apparently hailing from Morocco so I can only assume his name is a typo for "Shukri". Having a really foul mouth and easily the best win quotes in the game, Kukri fills the hole of the "mysterious dark character" that Duo Lon (and Lin before him) left behind really well, with a shady look, flashy moves and sand attacks.
Kukri has an orthodox style, lots of odd tools and normals and an interesting zoning and runaway style. He also has some unique mobility options with his air flipkick and his teleports giving him the ability to move around in confusing ways.
Kukri has some of the longest combos in the game, but even then his damage output isn't great unless he spends the bar for sand crusher super.
For that reason I think he's better second as I prefer doing as much damage as I can when I land a hit, but generally the popular opinion is that he's better as on point to be a battery.
He builds a lot of meter easily with his teleports and other specials and he doesn't need to spend it unless he wants to do real damage. If your aim is to use him as a battery that won't matter.
Kukri's gameplan revolves around his fireball and his sand clones aka teleport. You use these 2 moves to zone and to move around making you a hard target to catch as well as leaving obstecles in the way for the opponent to navigate through. A lot of characters struggle against his zoning mainly coz of his clones.
Kukri's buttons aren't bad, but they aren't the best either.
His pokes are far C (8f/-9, ass), cr C (7f/-9), CD (14f/-7),cr D (9f/-2) and Qcf+P
Cr C is his main one, decent range and it's cancellable so it can start offense and combos.
Cr D is a very long sweep, cancellable into qcf+P to stay safe, and it goes under some fireballs as well so it's really good. Very open to hops however so don't completely rely on it.
CD is a leaping "dab" smack that moves forward. His further reaching normal. Goes pretty far and it's really solid, not whiff cancellable however. Combos into qcf+C or sand rain super from anywhere wallstick.
Qcf+A (13f/-1) is important as a poke as well, goes around halfscreen and is safe on block. Some moves can go over it though and it's very open to jumps but it's still very useful.
His Anti-airs are far B (6f/0), far A (5f/-2) and qcb+K
Far A is mainly for hops, and far B can work for higher jumps.
Qcb+K can work as an anti-air but it's somewhat hard to utilize and needs to be done early, but it's more rewarding than the other 2.
Air to airs he has j.B (5f), it covers the space in front and a bit above and it's pretty quick, has good range as well.
He has a lot of Jump-ins, j.A (6f), j.C (9f), j.D (7f) and CD (13f).
J.A has a downwards angle and is pretty good, this one is important coz it's his only air cancellable normal, cancelling this into qcb+B will give you an overhead>overhead mixup.
J.C is a downwards aimed punch, solid jump in and can cross up as well.
J.D is nuts, his whole leg basically has a hitbox, and it can cross up in really wonky angles. Use it in ranges where j.C won't reach.
J.CD is mainly to start up your offense, kukri hits you with his back and it's a pretty slow move, if it's blocked deep enough you have enough blockstun to go for a hop mixup or set up some clone shenanigans.
Kukri's most important tool is his teleport/clones genei Sajin (dd+any button).
Kukri teleports while leaving a sand clone behind in his previous location (47f total). The button pressed when doing the move determines where Kukri will show up.
A goes slightly forward.
B stays in the same spot.
C goes a bit forward, around 2 characters' spots.
D goes the same distance as C but backwards. This is the main one to use in resets.
The clone that's left behind crumples once Kukri shows up in his new location, and it does a hit when crumpling. This is very useful in stopping run attempts and there are setups to make it hit meaty in the corner.
The clone crumpling also cancels projectiles so when used right they can be very useful against zoning.
EX does 3 clones and it's quicker. Also invincible from the start so it can be used as a reversal.
This has 2 versions depending on the buttons used.
AC makes 3 clones right in front of you. You can combo into this from close B or close C.
BD moves backwards and leaves 1 clone where your old position is and put 2 right on the opponent.
On wakeup these are extra nasty and can cross up or give you mad frame advantage.
His other important special is nessa jin (qcf+P). This is a ground projectile. A (13f/-1) is a bit over halfscreen and is plus on block. C (13f/-1) is a tad slower startup and goes a bit short of fullscreen.
This move is great in blockstrings and in combos, if the spacing is right in the corner you can link off of the A version.
EX version (13f/0) is quicker and goes fullscreen, and it knocks back. You can combo off of it in the corner.
Boss shougeki (Qcb+K) is a leaping flipkick that hits overhead. B (26f/-9) is a around hop height and quicker, D (42f/-3) is a bit over jump height and goes a bit forward.
This can be done in the air as well, B is a quick version, and D is slower and leaps forward.
D versions are safe on block, the rest aren't. B air version can be even if it's blocked deep enough.
All versions cause a hard knockdown.
EX (42f/-1) goes around halfscreen and causes a ground bounce for followups, but you can only combo it off of wallsticks like CD or EX qcf+K. Safe on block.
Nessa senpuu (qcf+K) is a tatsu-esque move, mainly for combo ending. B (14f/0) does 1 spin and keeps the opponents standing, even on block.
D (20f/-10) does 2 spins and knocks back. Very negative on block.
EX (14f/-5) does 3 spins and causes a wallstick.
Nessa goku fujin (Qcfx2 +P) is a sand rain super (27f/+19). A version hits close and C version is almost fullscreen.
Hits OTG. You can combo C version off of CD wallstick. Very plus on block.
EX (51f/+29) tracks somewhat and does more hits.
You can advanced or climax cancel it for more damage.
Nessa goku totsuha (Qcfx2 +K) is an advancing sand psycho crusher super (10f/-35). This is the go-to combo ender. This eats projectiles so it can be used to punish fireballs if you're close enough.
EX (10f/-33) is more damage and has a bit of invincibility but it'll lose to some moves that are very active.
Cancellable into Climax for more damage.
Goku nessa housairyu (Hcbx2 +P), his Climax, is a big sand wave (15f/-29). This is very invincible and can punish a lot of stuff, it does more damage if you're close or if they're in the corner. Can OTG as well.
His combos are simplistic midscreen but get super stylish in the corner.
-cr.B cr.B f.A Qcf+D, crusher super for damage.
-cl.C f.A Qcf+D
-cl.C f.A MAX cl.C f.A EX qcf+K (EX qcf+P or qcf+C xx crusher super)
-far D MAX ...
-cr.B f.A qcf+A cr.C qcf+D
-CD qcf+A cl.B f.A qcf+A cr.C qcf+D
-cr.B cr.B f.A qcf+A cr.C MAX cl.C EX Qcf+K qcf+B xx crusher super
-cl.C f.A MAX Cr.C EX qcf+K qcf+B cr.C xx dd+D
- cr.B f.A MAX CD EX qcb+K qcf+A qcf+B cr.C xx dd+D
-F.A (13f/-11) is a leaping chop, mainly a hit confirm extender. Can go over lows and ground fireballs.
-after juggles you can do cr.C xx dd+D for a reset into a meaty clone.
You can also do it after qcb+K or midscreen wallstick.
-for linking after qcf+A, you need to space it right and it needs to hit late enough for you to recover and link after it.
-Cl.C is 2 slow hits and they're both cancellable, you can also combo into f.A for a long hit confirm.
-cr.D xx qcf+A is gapless and it's even on block. Very good for pressure.
-Qcb+K has a sand pillar lifting Kukri, once the pillar is out it doesn't have a hurtbox so it can help Kukri avoid a lot of stuff.
-Cr.A (5f/+1) and close A (5f/+1) are plus on block and useful in pressure.
Shun'ei (with the help of AndreTM)
Shun’ei is the new protagonist of KoF 14. As the new poster child he straight up looks like he came out of Persona, and even sort of plays like an anime character from an “air-dasher” fighter.
Shun has some very unique tools in KoF, which are his air dashes, called “Thruster Vision”, from which he can use any attack on the way down. They're very similar to any other airdash really, but Unlike regular airdashes his are specials (done with qcf and qcb motions). They give him a way around many projectiles and have some uses in pressure and offense, but they also make his approach slightly predictable if you use them too much.
Shun outside of the airdashes is a very traditional KoF character, pretty straight forward stuff overall. Imo he benefits too much from meter for him to be put on point, so he's better as second or even as an anchor.
Shun is one of the characters that profit a lot from  MAX-mode, in which you get access to his EX qcb+P, EX dp+P and his EX airdashes. They're very good moves that make him a really pain to fight in neutral and they're great combo extenders as well.
Shun’ei lacks a bit in the normal department. This is especially apparent in his pokes.
The most notable ones are his far D (8f/-3), st.B (6f/-3) and CD (14f/-8).
far D is a roundhouse kick, like many characters have. Unlike others it doesn’t cover a lot of ground though, but it does double as an anti-air.
st.B is quite good. It covers quite a bit of space, chains from cr.B, is a good height to stop hops and at the same time goes far enough to poke your opponents out.
His CD is a leaping kick that goes crazy far and it's his furthest reaching normal. Can go over lows and throws once he's airborne. CD qcb+C (whiff) qcb+A combos from anywhere wallstick. Not whiff cancellable.
His scarlet phantom special, qcb+P can be used as a poke, it advances forward and it's safe so it's useful in neutral.
Shuns jump-ins are j.B (6f), j.C (6f), j.D (7f) and j.CD (11f).
j.B is a downward angled light kick, works as a jump-in to combo from, or for tick-throw setups.
J.D. is where it’s really at for Shun. It's angled downward and forward at about a 45° angle and can hit very deep. It can even cross-up, but is quite inconsistent on crouchers in that regard.
J.C is for deeper jumps and for cancelling into and out of airdashes.
Shun also has a good j.CD. It is slow to activate, but has a fairly large hitbox also angled downwards 45°, but also still hitting quite a bit in front of him.
Shuns best air-to-airs are most likely j.A (5f) and j.CD (11f).
j.CDs forward hitbox makes it good as a pre-emptive air-to-air, while j.A is very quick and has a forward angled hitbox.
Anti-airs are also relatively good with Shun. He has cr.C (7f/-5), an upwards elbow, that is good for high angled jump-ins and st.A (6f/-2) and st.B for checking hops.
His main specials are of course his thruster vision "air dashes", qcf or qcb+K in the air. They make one of the ethereal hands, which Shun uses to fight appear and push him forward or backwards through the air.
The air dashes go a fair distance of about 60% of the screen and have a minimum height restriction. They are however useable at any point of his jump arc (and also cancellable from j.C or j.CD on hit or block).
From the air dashes, Shun can use any of his air normals. This is very useful for getting over fireballs from a distance where your opponent might not expect it, but also setting up your oki game after a knockdown (though it is very hard to land a cross-up from it). Also the backwards air dash can get you out of some sticky situations, but since it’s such a long air dash, it’s also easy to corner yourself with it.
EX airdashes don't have a height restriction so you can Tigerknee them, and they are quicker.
Another thing you can do with EX airdashes is that you can cancel air normals in them more than once, with the regular airdash if you do j.C qcf+D j.C you can't do anything else. With EXs however you can do stuff like j.C EX qcf+K j.C EX qcf+K till you run out of EX bar. This has gaps in it but it's useful to get a guard crush.
You can also use it to back away after a jump in, something like j.C qcf+K j.C EX qcb+K.
Scarlet phantom (Qcb+P) has Shun dash forward a bit and quickly activate a punch with an ethereal red fist as soon as he’s within a certain distance from the opponent. If there’s no opponent close enough, Shun stops and recovers for a bit, open to potential punishes.
The A version (12f/-5) is close and C (16f/-6) is slower but goes further. If there's nothing to hit Shun doesn't do the attack and has some recovery. Both are safe on block thanks to the pushback.
On hit they cause a sliding knockdown from which Shun has several ways to set up safe jumps and cross ups. They’re good pokes from a close to medium distance as they activate immediately when in front of an opponent and because they have the hitbox slightly in front of Shuns hurtbox, making it possible to stuff a lot of other pokes. The hitbox of the fist is relatively big, so you can catch the start-up of hops. The move is however very punishable by neutral jumps, so you shouldn’t get to predictable with it.
The EX version (10f/-6) is extremely fast and wall-bounces, it makes for an extremely valuable neutral tool, it's also safe. leads into EX DP, Rising and his rush super Specter extension, which does very high damage.
his dp+P special, Rising Efreet, shoots a red hand straight up into the air in front of him. Neither version is fully invincible, but the A version (10f/-13) is fast and can be used as a reactionary anti-air for regular jumps, because of its good hitbox.
The C version (18f/-16) moves Shun forward and has some upper body invincibility, but is relatively slow, so only really works as a predictive anti-air. You can combo qcb+A after it.
The EX DP (15f/-20) is invincible and also moves Shun forward. Has an extra hit that pops up pretty high. it also works as a reactionary anti-air since it is very quick.
The EX dp isn’t safe, but at least safer than the other versions, due to pushback. The second hit whiffs on crouchers however so be careful.
Together with EX qcb+P this move transforms Shun into a monster in neutral that gets huge damage from easy confirms.
Aqua Spear (qcf+P) is a stationary blue hand put out in front of Shun. It doesn’t have a hurtbox at the hand part of the attack, but its very slow to start up in either version except for EX. A (16f/-10) C (21f/-10). Its not very well useable for poking, but finds some use in combos at least.
EX (14f/-5) is a tad quicker and can be used in some juggles.
Blau Wing (air Qcf+P) is an air ethereal hand slap.
it's the only move that combos from Shuns command normal, forward B. The A version (11f) keeps Shuns movement trajectory, but is unsafe on block. The C version (14f) bounces you back and is mostly safe outside of a few punishes. Comboable into qcb+A and dp+A in the corner, also combos into the EX versions of both in MAX-mode.
EX version (14f) does 3 hits and pops back. Can combo into the same things as the regular version.
Shun's first super is Specter Extension, qcfx2+K (9f/-22), a rush super, easily comboable after qcb+P. The regular version has no invulnerability whatsoever, so no fireball punishes with that version.
The EX version (7f/-47) does have invincibility, so it can be used as a wakeup attack and for punishing fireballs. It is also extremely good in combos, since the additional elbow strike Shun does at the end of the EX version, does a set amount of damage, never mind proration.
The second super, Gaianic Burst, qcfx2+P (10f) is a projectile, where Shun clasps his ethereal hands together to fire off a huge bullet. Slow to start up, but goes through other projectiles.
 The EX version (9f) shoots twice and has higher damage, but is generally worse for combos than the first super and relatively useless outside of combos. Feel free to not use this one.
Climax, Demolish Dimension (8f/-79). The attack goes straight up, has invincibility and works well as an anti-air, outside of combos. Otherwise it is really only used in combos. If the first hit connects, anime follows with a flurry of attacks with his ethereal hands. Good damage, but Shun normally spends his meter on raw MAX mode activation or confirming qcb+P into EX qcfx2+K.
Shun's combos follow simple paths, once you learn them it should be smooth sailing from there
 -cr.B cr.A cr.A qcb+A, cancel into qcfx2+K super for damage
- cl.C f.B (delay)qcf+A qcb+A, dp+A possible in the corner instead of qcb+A
- cr.B cr.B st.B MAX ...
-Cl.C MAX ...
-far C MAX ...
-Cl.D MAX ...
•MAX followups:
-MAX cl.C f.B qcf+A dp+AC qcb+AC (short dash) dp+C qcb+A
-MAX cl.C dp+AC dp+C qcb+AC qcb+A
-MAX cl.C f.B qcf+A dp+AC qcb+A qcfx2+BD
-Forward B (15f/-11) is Shun’s only command normal. It completely whiffs on crouchers and only cancels into air qcf+P. It has been used by some pros to set up throws and catch standing pokes from the opponent, it is very hard to utilize well though.
-for comboing air qcf+A after f.B, you need to delay the cancel a bit so you'll have time to land and follow up with Qcb+A or EX moves.
-Cl.D (6f/-4) is a 2 hit normal, gives you some time to confirm but it's not special cancellable. MAX cancel to get damage out of it.
-far C (11f/-4) is a decent range quick punch, you can do a second punch if you press C again, you can delay the second punch as well. Decent to hit confirm but far normals range.
-if you jump over the opponent and do qcf+K, Shun will do an air backdash and go back to the other side of the opponent. Very tricky but hard to capitalize off of it. You can do Plau wing (air qcf+A) after for a pop up into rush super.
-During juggles, if you're out of MAX mode you can do cl.C MAX into a jump forward for a reset, here you can land j.D as cross up or front depending on the height, and you can do air dash shenanigans as well.

Nelson (With the help of AndreTM)
Nelson is another one of the newcomers to KOF 14. He’s supposed to be a boxer from Argentina but ended up being Brazilian.
 Apparently he lost an arm in an accident, so now his left arm (or right, if you change positions on screen) is robotic. Also he has tire marks on his gloves, which is kinda cool.

Nelson is a chain character like Angel, but unlike her he has a better neutral game at the cost of not having a lot of specials.

He doesn’t benefit too much from meter, except for tacking on some extra damage with his qcfx2 +P super, mighty punch. He doesn’t benefit too much from MAX mode either, since his two specials only become slightly faster/stronger, but at least he can cancel is pokes into MAX mode for a combo and extend regular combos for more damage and reset situations.
He fits best on first position, since he can deal with opponents without meter better, the less resources for invincible reversals against Nelson the better.
 Plus his damage meterless is good enough  (and it doesn’t go up that much with meter).

For pokes Nelson has a good selection for each situation.
Far C (9f/-3) is his go to poke. It reaches far, starts up relatively fast and it’s safe. He can also max mode cancel it for a combo.
Cr.D (7f/-10), his sweep, cancellable into his specials. mostly safe at max distance when it isn’t canceled. his furthest reaching normal.
CD (15/-4). Advancing shoulder bash and good hitbox. Cancel into D command dash for a followup after wallstick.
His jump CD can also be used as a poke.

 Nelsons anti-airs are far C, far A and cr.C.
Far C and far A (6f/-1) are mostly to deal with hops, while cr.C (6f/-10) is excellent to anti-air regular jumps. Cancelable, so you can go into a command dash, to cross the opponent up.
His best air-to-airs are j.CD (12f), j,A (4f) and j.D (8f).
J.CD has a very good hitbox, j.A as well, the hitbox directly angled forward.
J.D is kind of an upwards punch in the air. Good against opponents above, you but won’t win against most j.CDs.

Jump-ins are j.C (9f) and j.B (5f).
J.C has a very good angle to hit deep on jump-in
j.B has less hit stun, but is a two-hit move, which can be easily confirmed and timed in such a way, that only one hit connects to lead to further mixups.

Nelson’s main trait is his Combination series, which is in a way similar to Angel’s unchained series.
His Combination chain series works a bit differently than hers and has it’s own guidelines to follow. Here’s a quick rundown of his “combination” series and how it works:
 -The series is divided into 4 stages, Combination A, B, C and D. Generally named after the buttons but we’ll expand on it.
Guidelines for the Combinations:
-A: Starter B: Mid/Filler C: Ender D: Movement
-Generally it’s a series that goes up as in A>B>C or A>B>D.
-You can do 2 B (mids) maximum in the same series, so ABBC is possible.
-D is a special transition series that can be done after B combinations. Can go into another B (if you haven’t reached the 2 mids limit), or into C enders.
-D can be done after B and still continue the series, so ABDBDC is possible.
-A has to go into B, after that you are free to do another B, D or C.  
- The combination normals can be cancelled into, even on whiff. So you can do ABD for example on whiff.

•Combination A:
 Starters, let you enter the series and use the rest of the combination tools.
-F+A (15f/-8), advancing hook. Decent as a poke and whiff punisher.
-B+A (9f/-2), Quick gut punch. Can combo from lights.
-F+B (21f/+1), slow-ish Overhead

•Combination B:
Mids or Fillers, after the starter you have access to the mids. These serve different purposes but mainly combo extenders and mixup tools.
-F+B (9f/-14), an advancing overhead
-B+B (13f/-8), launcher uppercut. The main filler used in combos. Can combo into lots of stuff.
-U+B (21f/-9), another overhead but slower and more obvious.
-D+B (13f/-9), a low. Pretty quick and leaves them standing.

•Combination C:
Enders, these moves can be done after Combination B or D and they end the combination series.
-F+C (17f/-11), a two hit attack that knocks back. In some situations you can link a super after it. Also, it sets up mixups on the opponent’s wake up.
-B+C (25f/+11), a slow chargable guard break move, you can combo after this midscreen or in the corner.
-U+C (27f/-6), leaping overhead that knocks down.
 -D+C (24f/-8), a spinning low that knocks down.

•Combination D:
This is a special movement phase, Both options are dashes.
-F+D (26f total), forward dash. Can pass through the opponent.
-B+D (21f total), backstep. A step back for safety after the combinations.  

His combinations are generally how Nelson starts his offense or combos. His game plan mostly revolves around getting close, mixing people up and going into resets from his combos.

Aside from his combination series, he has two specials.
“I will hit ya until you go down!”, a command throw (5f). Knocks down and can go into a safejump. Combined with his combination mixups it makes Nelson a hard character to defend against.

EX (5f) is invincible and can be combo’d off of in the corner.

“A step into victory” (hcf+K) is a command dash. B (28f total) goes around halfscreen, and D (37f total) goes around ¾ of the screen.
B dash has upper body invincible from frame 6-20, and D dash from frame 1 to 26.
Generally used to close in on zoning and avoiding fireballs.
Both are cancellable at the end frames into command normals or his command grab.
EX (22f total) is quicker and totally invincible for almost the whole dash.

Nelsons two supers are: “Mighty punch” (qcfx2+P) a super with good damage (12f/-1), invincibility on startup (useable as a reversal) and a decent sized hitbox in front of Nelson. It’s very useful to complete Nelson’s arsenal with a proper reversal and also works very well to add damage to Nelsons BnB combos. It’s also safe which is nice to have on a reversal option.  

“Invisible punch” (qcfx2+K) (16f/-19) crumbles on hit and has longer range than mighty punch. Damage is slightly lower than mighty punch though.
EX (7f/-6) is quicker and adds more damage.

Climax: (qcf,hcb+PP) “Victory Punch” (6f/-41) is a dashing attack. is invincible and useable as a reversal and deals a lot of damage. Nelson dashes forwards and as soon as he connects with a not blocking opponent the animation sets in.

-cl.C(2 hits) f.A f.B f.C
-cl.C f.A f.B b.B f.D (b.B f.D) f.C or qcfx2+P for more damage
-f.B d.B b.B f.D f.C or qcfx2+P
-cr.B st.A b.A b.B f.D f.C or qcfx2+P
-starter into MAX cl.C f.A f.B b.B f.D (b.B f.D) f.C or qcfx2+P
-Climax cancel after super is possible, after qcfx2+AC only in the corner
-After Combination juggles with b.B f.D (launcher into dash under), instead of ending with f.C you can do cl.B or cl.C into hcf+K for a reset into cr.B or f.B. If timed right it can be hard to see which side Nelson is on, can also be timed to hit the cr.B/f.B meaty.
-Nelson has a fair share of safejumps. The two most common ones are after qcf (x2)+AC, immediately whiff cl. B, immediate regular forward jump j.C.
The other is after command grab, hcf+B, forward short hop j.C



The comic relief Muay Thai master that everyone loves is back, but with a more serious tone that the character never had in KoF. With FF creators involved in XIV, Joe's persona returns to it's FF origins as a more serious character.

Joe is a jack of all trades character, he has a bit of everything but isn't exactly amazing in anything; at least tool-wise. He has fireballs, invincible Dp, long confirms, solid pokes, great damage among other things.

A lot of players ignored Joe at first because he had a few major issues, mainly his confirms whiffing on crouchers and his DPs not having invincibility. Thankfully, SNK noticed and fixed both of those in the 1.04 patch.

Gameplay-wise he's more of a zoning character and has some of the best corner carry combos.
Joe has his fullscreen Hurricane uppers from XIII. With their big hitbox and 2 different speeds they are the main tool in Joe's frustration zoning style.
Joe's toolset is basically a bag of punishes for any attempt the opponent can do to avoid Joe's hurricane uppers, but the trick is knowing when to use each tool.

His best position is second or anchor, as his zoning becomes much scarier if he has his Climax avaliable, and his combos become much more damage.
He also can use raw MAX mode well so he's worth having the extra MAX duration.

His best pokes are far D, cr D, CD and cr C.
Far D (8f/-2) is the go to, decent speed and goes pretty far. Has a lot of recovery on whiff though so don't just mash this.
Cr.D (10f/-9) is shorter than far D but hits low and cancellable. Can also whiff cancel into df+D.
CD (13f/-3) is a straight kick with a lot of active frames, range is similar to far D and can anti-air hops with the right spacing. Can combo into Climax, C or EX uppers from anywhere wallstick, or A upper if you're close to the corner.
Cr C (7f/-4) is his furthest reaching punch, and it's cancellable. Useful as a frametrap to go into big damage

His anti-airs are back B, far C, Dp+D, Qcb+D and Climax.
Dp+D (6f) is his best and most consistent one, and will cover all his anti-air needs in most cases.
Back+B (16f/-4) covers the area right above Joe and can stop a lot of air approaches, but it's pretty slow so it's usually better to just go with Dp+D instead.
Far C (7f/-1) and far A (6f/+1) are mainly for hops.
Qcb+D (26f/-1) is an anticipation anti air, you use it when you think they'll try to jump and catch them on the way up.

Air to airs he has j.A, j.B and j.CD
J.A and j.B are short on range but are quick (6f) where j.CD (10f) is slower but has big horizontal range

His jump-ins are j.C (7f) and j.D (8f), j.D has more range and is the go-to, j.C is better as a deep jump in.
J.CD is also a jump-in to start pressure, if blocked deep enough you can get a free hop mixup, whiffs on crouchers though.

As mentioned earlier, his gameplay is focused around his hurricane upper zoning.
This move is a fullscreen tornado projectile about as high as Joe's shoulders. You can hop over them but it needs proper timing.
A version (16f/-1) has slow startup and travel speed but quick recovery.
C version (15f/-9) has quicker startup and travel speed but slow recovery.
You can tell them apart from which hand Joe uses, back hand is A upper, front hand is C upper.
C upper is mainly for fullscreen harassment and to battle other projectiles. It's also good as an option to throw off jump attempts over A uppers.
A upper is the MVP, this move is what starts Joe's pace. It's recovery is quick enough that you can throw it out and then react to what your opponent does and punish accordingly. It becomes even scarier if you have your Climax on deck.
As long as you're aware of your spacing this move can frustrate your opponent while pushing them into the corner and force mistakes out of them.
 It also travels slow enough that you can do it and run after it as a cover to close distance or start your offense.
EX is a very important tool and it makes popping raw MAX mode worth it in many scenarios.
EX upper (15/-5) does 3 hurricanes at C upper's speed. The hurricanes have enough space between them that avoiding all 3 is basically impossible. They also eat other projectiles including EXs, only supers will beat them.
They are basically safe, but Joe is punishable if you block and Guardcancel roll the 2nd tornado, if the spacing is right you'll have time to run in and punish.

Slash kick (hcf+K) is an advancing kick. This move is great for mobility, anti-airing far hops, and as a combo ender.
The move has a bit of a wind up (13f for B, 15f for D) at the start but once it's out it travels very fast.
At point blank it is not safe (-14) but if it's spaced it can be safe.
B goes around halfscreen, D goes almost fullscreen.
You can also use it to anti-air hop attempts over your slow A uppers.
EX is the same speed as B slash (13f) and goes fullscreen. Does multiple hits and pops up a bit.

Golden heel (Qcb+K) is a leaping advancing anti-air arc kick.
It's hitbox starts when Joe's leg is pointing upwards and goes all the way till the end of the move.
It's mainly an anticipation anti-air where you do it when you think the opponent is about to jump or if they do a far high jump.
It's decent but if the opponent has a button out you'll mostly get beat or trade at best (which is why you use it to catch the jumps on the way up, before any limbs are out).
Can also be used to cover jump attempts over A uppers.
B version (23f/0) is quicker but barely moves forward.
D version (26f/-1) is a bit slower but goes around halfscreen.
D is the mainly used one but the B version is less risky.
It's also a combo filler in a lot of juggles.
EX heel (23f/+5) is similar to D heel but has multiple hits with better frames on hit and on block. On hit you can link far A or cr C in the corner.

Bakuretsuken (mash P) is a stationary multi-punch move, the more you mash P the longer he'll keep punching.
During this move he has a qcb+P follow-up which pops up. You can do it before any punches are out or after multiple ones.
It's an essential move in Joe's optimized combos.
Baku with no mashed punches is + which can start pressure in the corner. It's also pretty quick (7f).
EX is auto into the followup and pops up higher than the regular version.

Screw Upper (19f) is his main super, it's a big tornado super. Not invincible and mainly a combo ender or to catch really bad jumps.
EX is quicker (13f) and moves a bit forward.

Baku (9f) is his ranbu-ish super, great for ending ground combos and can be used in combos as a corner carry.
EX is more hits and damage. Has some invincibility.

His Climax (12f/-10) is one of the best ones in the game.
It has a crazy amount of hits and duration so avoiding it is impossible. Works as an anti-air, anti-zoning, combo ender and for chipping out opponents.
Just having this available will make the opponnet think twice about jumping over your projectiles as you can do the Climax at any point and it'll hit. It'll also combo off of hurricane uppers (as a link on the ground or as an anti-air if the opponent jumps on them).

Joe's combos aren't hard but you need to be aware of your positioning in the stage to get the best combo possible.
Baku refers to mash P, FU is the Baku followup qcb+P

-Cr.B far A b.B hcf+B
-Cl.D b.B f.B dp+D
-Cr.B cr.B far B MAX
-Cl.D b.B f.B MAX

-MAX CD Hcf+D (whiff) EX Baku EX Qcb+K Hcf+D xx delay cancel Super
-MAX cl.D b.B f.B EX Baku EX hcf+K
-MAX CD EX hcf+P EX hcf+K baku (3 hits) FU dp+D
-MAX CD EX hcf+P EX hcf+K EX Baku hcf+A hcf+B xx Screw
-MAX cl.D b.B f.B EX Baku hcf+B xx EX Screw

(1st)-MAX Cl.D b.B f.B baku (few hits) FU EX Baku hcf+A into (hcf+A baku (3 hits) cl.D or hcf+A xx Screw Upper)
(2nd)- MAX cl.D b.B f.B baku (few hits) FU EX Baku hcf+B xx Screw
(2nd)- MAX CD EX qcb+K cr.C b.B f.B hcf+K xx Screw
(2nd) MAX cl.D b.B f.B baku (few hits) FU EX Baku EX qcb+K hcf+B xx Screw

-Joe's slide (df+D) is a very useful tool, can go under some projectiles and it knocks down. It can also anti-air some jumps by low profiling them.
-far A (6f/+1) hits crouchers, cancellable and combos into b+B which enhances his combos and damage a lot. You can link it after corner CD into A upper.
-both hurricane uppers are super cancellable (only in early frames). Meaning that if you happen to throw an upper that the opppnent read and tried to punish you, you can still punish their jump/roll by cancelling into Screw upper super or Climax. This is done as a read however and not possible on pure reaction.
-his command normals, b+B and f+B can be used in either order. They boost Joe's damage greatly. B+B can combo from far A and connect on crouchers.
-Cr.A (6f) is +2 on block! Use it upclose to start pressure.

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Re: Character Quick Guides (Daimon and Geese added)
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The cool anti-hero than SNK can't seem to balance right the first time and always has to be fixed. He overpopulated the game through the first few months and has declined quite a bit after getting nerfed or "normalized".

K' is a somewhat traditional character but with quirks and small things that make him not as accessible as other traditional characters.
He has tools to fight in every range, can play neutral and rushdown really well and can somewhat zone but his tools are better as anti-zoning.
After the Ain trigger adjustments K' lost his usefulness as a point character as his meterless combos and meter building got toned down, but he is still one of the best characters as 2nd or anchor.

K's playstyle is a straight forward one on paper but a lot of his tools are designed to reward the player for proper reads. A lot of his better tools are high risk/high reward and he's strong points show if you know how to predict your opponent or condition them to do what you want them to do.

K's pokes are very useful and learning when and where to use them is important.
Far B, CD, crouch B and Ein Trigger are his pokes.
Far B (8f/-4) is one of the best in the whole game, and probably the longest reaching one. Super good whiff punisher and poke for footsies, and can combo after 4 cr.B's for a long MAX confirm.
CD (14f/-6) is slow and doesn't have that much range, but it has a nutty hitbox and can anti-air some hops at the right angle. Off of wallstick you can combo into Second shoot (Qcf+P~f.B) or heat drive super.
Cr.B (5f/+1) has solid range for a chainable low and his one of his best buttons. Combos into Ein trigger, cl. A or far B after a few cr.B's.
Ein trigger (9f/-4) has a decent hitbox and can be used in neutral to challenge pokes and force a mindgame with it's followup options.

His anti-airs are far A, far D, crouch C, Crow Bite (Dp+P) and Second Shell (Qcf+P~ f.D)
Far A (4f/+2) is the best one for hops, and second shell can be used as well on a read for higher reward.
Crow bite (4f/-26), far D (7f/-4) and Second shell are for higher jumps, cr.C (6f/-10) is an option but it's not reliable compared to the other 2.

Air to air he has j.B and air Minute Spike (qcb+K)
J.B (4f) is the best option but lacks range. Minute spike is good if the opponent is really far.

J.C (10f) and j.D (10f) are his jump ins, j.C is for close range and j.D has mad range and covers a nice area. It can also crossup in the right angles but not reliable.
J.A (8f) is a similar angle to j.C but it can cross up.
J.CD (10f) is a downwards kick with a big hitbox, it can work as either jump in or air to air if you're higher than the opponent.

Ein Trigger, Qcf+P (9f/-4) is K's main special. He creates a fire circle in front of him that has a lot of different possible followups. The circle itself has a nice hitbox so it can be used as a poke and even to anti-air. It can also cancel projectiles. Doesn't build meter on it's own but it does if you do any followup.
A version knocks back where C version keeps them standing.
After Ein trigger you have these options as followups:
-Second Shoot, f.B (-7): Forward kick which shoots a fullscreen projectile.
-Second Shell, f.D (-7): Upwards kick with a big flame hitbox, excellent anti-air and can be followed with Minute spike. Misses Crouchers.
-Second Whip, f.A (-1): Downwards flame whip, very active and can be done as a meaty on wakeup for pressure. Causes a hard knockdown.
-Second knuckle, f.C (-7): Advancing straight punch, mainly a poke and juggle filler in the corner.
-Blackout, b.K: a forward moving teleport. This is a special move that can be done solo as well. The followup version can be used to mixup on wakeup.
EX (7f/+3) is quicker and plus. It also has better juggle properties and allows better combos.
EX Second Shoot (+1) does multiple hits and travels slowly then accelerates along the way.
The rest of the followups are the same but with different block advantage. F.D (+3) F.A (-3) F.C (-1)

Blackout, qcf+K is a fading teleport, B goes a bit under halfscreen distance and D goes around 3/4s the screen. It has invincible frames when he fades out but it's reliable by any means. As mentioned above can be done after Ein trigger by pressing b.K.
EX is quicker and invincible from the start.

Crow bite, Dp+P is an Invincible rising fire attack.
A version (4f/-26) is quick, stationary and does 3 hits. Cancellable on the first 2 hits.
C version (7f/-53) is slower, does 5 hits and leaps almost fullscreen. It's harder to punish than regular Dps coz you need to run after it but it is doable. F.D at the end does an kick for a hard knockdown.
Both versions are invincible so they're good reversals. They're also useful for combos.
EX (4f/-46) is invincible and does a lot more damage. It's basically A version into C's animation.

Lastly there's qcb+K, Minute Spike (15f/-19). K' flies forward with a badass kick. Knocks back.
B is a bit lower angle and D goes further and a bit higher. Both miss on crouchers.
Doing another qcb+K during Minute Spike will execute a sliding kick, Narrow Spike (12f/-6). The slide hits low and pops up, it's not safe unless it's spaced or connects as a meaty. If you do it quick enough K' will go into the slide immediately skipping minute spike, this can combo from cl.D.
This move is very risky to throw out and mainly used during combos. It can also be used in the air (13f)
EX has better juggle properties allowing for bigger combos, EX narrow spike (9f/-1) is safe and combos into EX Ein trigger.

K's main super is qcf x2 +P, Heat drive (10f). K' does a fullscreen quick fire punch. It's K's main combo ender for damage. It's also quite hard to punish as K' goes to the other side of the screen.
You can charge the super by holding the button. Once it's fully charged it becomes unblockable. This switches sides on hit or on block as it goes through the opponent.
EX does more damage.

The other super, qcf hcb +P, Chain Drive (13f). When done K' tosses his sunglasses around 3/4s of the screen, if it hits K' teleports with an elbow attack into a rush attack. On block K' stays where he is and simply puts on another pair of glasses. This is very open on block but it depends on the distance between you and the opponent.
EX version (12f) is invincible and a liiiittle bit faster.
This super is outclassed by heat drive in every way really, you can use it for style or as a fireball punish if you're around midscreen distance.

His Climax, hcb x2 +P is Hyper Heat drive (9f/-159!). It's a stationary fire pillar that does a lot of hits and invincible. Super unsafe.
Not worth the bar unless it'll kill. Can be Climax cancelled from either super and can be used as an anti-air.

K's combos aren't hard but they can be confusing, mainly because K' switches sides often which means you have to know when that'll happen and do the inputs to the other side. I'll refer to the side switches with < and > indicating which side the next input should be done.
Second Shell means doing Qcf+A~ f.D, EX Second Shell is the same but with the EX version
M.Spike~N.Spike means hitting with Minute Spike first then doing the slide to land and continue the combo.
N.Spike means doing 2 Qcb+K quickly so the slide will come out immediately.
For Dp+A enders you cancel into Heat drive for more damage. Keep in mind that you need to hold the super for a bit and time it when they're about to hit the ground.

-cr.B cl.A Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike
-cr.B cr.B cr.B Second Shoot xx Chain drive
-Cl.C f.A N.Spike Dp+C
-Cr.B cr.B cr.B cr.B far B MAX ...
-Cl.C f.A MAX ...
•MAX followups:
-(Point) Cl.D EX Second Shell EX M.Spike~N.Spike < Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A
-(2nd or Anchor) cl.D EX M.Spike~N.Spike EX Second Shell EX M.Spike~N.Spike < Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A
-(Corner) Cl.D Second Shell EX Second Knuckle EX Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A

Note that the midscreen combos can also be done in the corner, and they're easier as there's no side switches there.

-F.B (22f/-11) is a slow overhead knee, it's cancellable into air minute Spike for more damage. In MAX mode you can combo into EX minute spike and combo into EX Second shell after it for more juggles.
-f.A (22f/-15) is his other command normal. Raw it's a slow mid and causes a crumple. Can combo from cl.C.
-you can do CD into ein trigger, if it hits and wallsticks you can do Heat drive after and it'll still combo.
-narrow Spike on Counterhit can combo into Second Shell, after that you can combo M.Spike~N.Spike < Second Shell M.Spike~N.Spike Dp+A
-backdash and all air normals can be cancelled into air Minute Spike, but it'll only combo from counterhit j.CD.
-you can combo off of Second Shell anti-air even if it trades.
-Dp+A xx Heat drive can be used as a safe-ish reversal, especially useful if you're in the corner to escape. Just be aware of characters that'll have options to punish you.




The singing idol that makes the whole room echo PHSYCO BALLLLLL and with a new look every game is back again and she might be better than ever before.

Athena is an all-rounder that has tools for every range, but she excells from far away.
She has a lot of different tools. Fireball, dragon punch, reflect, teleport, command grab, dive attack, an overhead, and even some solid normals.

While she can work anywhere I believe she's best second or anchor, having meter greatly enhances Athena's zoning and her options.
She's also one of the best at utilizing MAX mode in neutral, she can also use it well in combos and in mixups and pressure.

Athena's gameplan is simplistic but hard to apply. She uses her zoning and relies on captalizing on the opponent's mistakes to get her big damage.
She is considered one of the top characters in XIV but she one of the harder ones to utilize. While she has a lot of strengths she also has a few cons, mainly her lack of hit confirms, her floaty jump and lack of a strong mixup game and that a mistake can cost her a lot of life, if not the round.

While close combat isn't her best area she has a couple of decent normals and pokes so she can hold her own pretty well.
Crouch C, far D, CD, and far C are her main pokes.
Crouch C (6f/-4) is the go-to usually, goes pretty far and is cancellable as well. It is her main normal to convert to MAX mode from.
Far D (10f/-5) is similar Kyo's, a spinning kick that goes over lows. Goes further than cr C by a bit.
CD (12f/-1) is an advancing shoulder attack, on the slow side and doesn't go forward that much, but it has a big hitbox and can combo into C phsyco ball from anywhere (can also follow with fireball super after)
Far C (6f/-5) has less range than all the above, but it's the quickest option. It can also stop hops.

Athena's anti-airs are mainly far B, her Physco Sword and her supers.
Far B (5f/-1) is mainly for hops, it's angle is perfect for those. Far A (4f/+1) and far C can also be used to check hops.
For higher jumps Phsyco Sword is the best anti-air as her normals don't cover that hieght. She has close D but it's not worth the risk when you have a better option.
All her supers can anti-air as well.

Her air to airs are j.A (5f) and j.C (8f), not a lot of range on them though.
Her main jump-in in j.D (6f), and she also has j.B for a cross-up.
J.CD (10f) covers a similar angle to j.D, can work as both air to air and a jump-in.

Athena's core is her specials, she has all sorts of different specials that can be used in a lot of ways, she's a character that can shine depending on how creative her user is.

Her main special is the Phsyco Ballllllll. A projectile that goes fullscreen and Athena's main zoning tool.
A version (16f/-1) has slower startup and travel speed, but recovers quick.
C version (13f/-8) has faster startup and travel speed, but has slower recovery.
This is your bread and butter. Using C ball to zone fullscreen and A ball's slower speed to make avoiding them harder on the opponent. 
A ball is slow enough that you can run behind it for cover and bait mistakes.
Generally the idea is to bait a roll or jump from the opponent when the fireball is close to them. If they block it that's fine too.
If they roll and you're close you can punish with cr.C, from far away it's harder but you can use fireball super to catch their recovery.
As for jumps there are a few things you can do especially if you ran after an A ball. You can meet them air to air with f.B, you can Dp+C or use Crystal bit super if they jump forward.
From far away her fireball super is the best option as you can delay it and time it when they're about to land. You also have the upwards version if they go for a full jump.
EX version (33f/+19) has slow startup but it's much bigger, does 4 hits and travels slow. This move can cover your offense and basically force your opponent to react. This move alone is generally worth popping raw MAX mode but most Athena's EX moves are good so it's almost always worth it.

Phsyco Sword is her dragon punch, a rising attack for ending combos, anti-airing and her reversal.
A version (4f/-43) is quicker with 3 hits but not invincible.
C version (8f/-60) is a bit slower and has 4 hits, goes higher in the air and invincible.
Both versions are cancellable into her Crystal bit super for damage but C is the better one for cancelling.
This special is essential in covering the air space when people try to jump over Athena's fireballs.
EX version (6f/-44) does more hits and damage, generally not worth it unless you don't want to spend any meter at the end of a combo.

Reflect, qcb+K is a sheild that can reflect projectiles (10f/0).
It has few active frames so it needs to be timed. On block or hit it recovers quicker, but it has a lot of recovery on whiff.
It can reflect any moving projectiles (so stuff like Beni's fireball or Sylvie's can't be reflected), including EX versions and even supers.
EX version (10f/+4) is quicker and can be used in corner juggles. Can reflect Climax projectiles as well.

Hcf+P is her command grab (8f). Eventhough she is a zoner she has imo the best grab in the game, as she can combo off of it into big damage or get a hard knockdown for setups.
It is not the quickest grab but it's a bit invincible. It launches the opponent upwards and Athena can combo into whatever she wants. If Athena doesn't hit them they slam onto the ground for damage (the launching part does almost no damage) and causes a hard knockdown.
EX grab (3f) is the money maker, invincible and much quicker. it also has more range so it can combo off close C or crouch C. Her main EX move in MAX combos.

Hcf+K is a teleport, Athena spins in places before teleporting and she is vulnerable during that time. The teleport itself is a bit invincible but not reliable.
B version goes around 3 character's length.
D version is a bit longer duration and goes a bit over halfscreen.
Both have a bit of recovery at the end so don't just throw it out.
This gives Athena a rare mobility option to move around and to confuse the opponent. It can be used in some mixups
EX version is invincible and goes almost fullscreen. EX can also be cancelled during the teleport itself into specials and normals so you can do stuff like EX teleport into EX command grab or cr.B to catch the opponent off guard. Very useful especially with an EX Phsyco ball on the screen.

Pheonix arrow, air qcb+K is an aerial dive attack.
B version (8f/-3) is quicker and safer. Leaves the opponent standing.
D version (10f/-23) is slower and very unsafe, Athena does an ending kick once she lands which knocks back and cancellable into her supers.
This move is for aerial mobility, ending blockstrings after f+B, and as a combo ender.
EX version (9f/+1) is plus on block, and it knocks back which allows for followups in the corner.

Athena's supers are unique in that she do both of them on the ground and in the air.

Crystal bit, hcb x2 +P (6f), is an energy field super, Athena floats and has 2 orbs rotating around her the whole time. Fully Invincible and active the whole time. It's main use is for damage at the end of combos, but it's also a great anti-air. Cancelling phsyco ball into Crytal bit shuts down early jump attempts over her fireball.
It stays active till Athena presses A+B to land, she can do it immediately or wait.
EX (4f) is a bit bigger and does way more damage.

Her other super, qcf x2 +P is a fireball super (14f/-21). Athena shoots a fast projectile across the screen.
A version is horizontal and C version is an upwards angle.
In the air A version is a 45 degree angle and C version is angled but very close to Athena's spot.
Can be delayed by holding the button.
Mainly for covering fireball zoning from far away, and to punish opponent's projectiles. Can also end some combos.
EX (11f/-14) is a bigger and bit faster version.

Her Climax, qcf x2 +K (6f/-57) starts similar to her Phsyco Sword. Can be used to end combos, reversal or anti-air.

Athena's combos are simplistic and limited midscreen, she can do varied stuff in the corner though.
In all Dp+C enders, you can cancel into Crystal bit for more damage. You can also replace Dp+C with Climax

-cr.B cr.B Dp+A
-hcf+P run Dp+C
-cl.C/cr.C f.B Qcb+D
-cr.B cr.A cl.C MAX ...
-cr.B cr.B MAX ...
-cr.C MAX ...
•MAX followups
-cr.C EX Hcf+P qcb+A EX qcf+K Crystal Bit
-Cr.C f.B EX qcb+K Dp+C
-Hcf+P qcb+A qcb+C Dp+C
•Corner MAX followups
-Cr.C EX Hcf+P EX Qcb+K Qcb+A Dp+C
-Cr.C f.B EX Qcb+K EX Qcb+K Dp+C
-Cr.C EX Hcf+P EX qcb+K EX Qcb+K Dp+C
-Cr.C EX Hcf+P EX Qcb+P EX Qcb+P Dp+C

-f.B (20f/-25) is a slow butt smack that bounces Athena backwards if it connects. It's an overhead if done raw, you can cancel it any point during the bounce back into Qcb+B. Needs to be immediately to combo for low risk/low damage.
It can also be done in the air, has a lot of active frames so it can work as an air to air.
-You can also cancel backdash into f.B, this makes her cover more distance and back away better.
-You can cancel backdash into qcb+B as well for meter building and to bait someone that might try to chase your backdash.
-Athena's crystal bit generally can only hit with 1 of the orbs, but there is a method to make both orbs connect for big damage by doing it off of CD wallstick. This way both orbs connect for big damage, which you can also climax cancel for almost death.
-Off of EX hcf+P you can immediately do EX Qcb+P and it'll be meaty. You can do EX teleport right before the fireball connects to make it hit cross-up.
-Athena has an air throw with f.P in the air.
-You can reset after EX phoenix arrow on hit, cr.C into teleport where light will stay front and heavy with go behind. You can also do cr.C f.B to end up front.
-j.C can crossup on crouchers, but j.B is overall a more consistent crossup.
-Athena can do fireball xx fireball super, if done right the fireball will juggle after the super hits, you can followup with another fireball super for lots of damage from fullscreen.
-neutral hop j.D is an instant overhead. Useful for ending rounds.
-Athena's cl.A (4f/+2), far A (4f/+1) and cr.A (5f/+3) are all plus on block, use them in your press and frametraps. Cl.B (5f/+1) is also plus and it hits low. Can chain into lights.




Geese's #1 henchman returns with his mighty pokes and returned to a look closer to his 97 counterpart. He has an awesome three section staff but sadly that part is barely implemented into his moveset as it's basically a regular stuff with fire.

Billy is a poke master and excels in the neutral game. He has no fullscreen options and his offense is basic but his quick hop and nasty air d.C crossup can lead to nasty mixups if used properly.

Billy's best position is on point, but he can also be used 2nd. It adds a reversal to his arsenal and gives him a bit more damage at the end of his combos.

Billy's playstyle is a rare one in KoF, he's technically a zoner but he doesn't have any fullscreen tools so his "zoning" is all mid range, which is all normals and pokes. He sits around midscreen range and bullies you with his superior range, this area is where his far C, Qcb+P and Hcf+P specials are at their best. He gets to play a footsies style game where not many characters can reach him.
Billy also sports really nice air normals and a fast hop so once he gets the opponent to respect his mid game and stay put he can start his offense and mixups. Billy also has surprisingly high damage for 2 bars.

As mentioned above, Billy's strength is his normals and his pokes. This range where these are usable is where you want to stay as much as possible.
Far C, far A, CD, far B, crouch A, f+A, crouch D, j.C and Hcf+P are all pokes.
Far C (9f/-16) is his most notable one, the longest reaching normal in the game. It is negative but with it's reach and pushback very few moves can actually punish it. Can be MAX cancelled but comboing off of max range is tight. It can also stuff jump attempts and fireball startups if used early enough.
Far A (8f/-3) is a hop check normal with mad range. It can used as a double for hop checking and a poke thanks to it's reach.
CD (19f/-17) a homerun bat swing. It's a bit slow but it's hitbox is bananas. Can combo into Hcf+C or D Elevator from wallstick in most ranges.
far B (6f/-2) is a low angle poke. Very good at making the oppnent stay put coz of it's speed. Open to hops however so be careful with this.
Cr A (6f/-2) is a long-ish range poke, it's reach is similar to far B which is between far A and far C. It's faster than both of them but it's height makes it open to hops. A nice check for footsies.
F+A (8f/-1) is a double kick command normal. Has the most range after far C. This move is a scrub killer, it goes forward a good amount and goes over lows and throws, plus it's safe. It can also stop jump attempts.
Crouch D (8f/-2) is a double hit sweep. First hit is a kick sweep and the second (23f) is with his staff. You can cancel into specials or a command normal before the second hit, even on whiff. The second hit goes a bit further than far A and crouch A. Has a lot of pushback and safe on block but there is a small gap between the 2 hits.
J.C is a downwards staff attack. It has a lot of range and is very useful as a far air to air or as a poke from the air. Knowing how to use this can greatly benefit Billy and give him mobility while playing his neutral game.
Hcf+A (13f/-12) is a forward thrust special. It's range is just a bit more than far C. It's useful as a check if the opponent thinks they're outside of your normals' range, and can be used to stuff some moves during startup.

If played correctly, the opponent will realize that playing the ground game against Billy is not in their favor so they will take the fight to the air. Billy's options for that are good as well.
Far A that we mentioned earlier is good for hops. Far D (9f/-6) has a good angle for hops but it's slower. It moves his hurtbox backwards so it's harder to stuff.
Cr.C (4f/-8) is his best option for close jumps, it's stupid fast and cancellable into specials and command normals even on whiff. It's hitbox is fully upwards however and has basically 0 horizontal range so don't throw this out against a grounded opponent.
Qcb+P (9f) is his other anti-air, this covers the diagonal area above him. This can stop hops and jumps from ridiculously far.
His Kick super, Guren Sakkon (6f) is also a good anti-air and covers a huge range.

J.A (5f), j.C (8f) and j.CD (12f) are his air to air options.
J.A is the quickest and goes straight forward.
J.C has the most range and is aimed a bit downwards.
J.CD is a spinning swat downwards, it can work as an air to air (not if they're above you though) or as a jump in as it connects on crouchers.

J.D (9f) is his main jump in, can crossup and can be ambigious if the opponent's crouching. J.B (5f) is good as well but it's basically a poor man's j.D as it covers the same angle.
His other jump-in is jumping down C. This is an air command normal that hits straight downwards. This can hit either side depending on the timing and can be hard to tell where to block it.

Quick note before going into his specials, Billy's staff in all of his moves is considered as part of his body and has a hurtbox. This is important to note as you are extending your limb when you use his moves so the opponent can stuff or trade with your moves.

His main special is Hcf+P. This is a horizontal thrust. This is Billy's furthest reaching move.
A version (13f/-12) is quicker, and C version (18f/-16) is slower but reaches a bit further. C version has a possible followup with qcf+C (3f/-24). This makes the staff burst in flames for an extra hit and it knocks down. Possible to do on whiff as well. You can super cancel either hit.
EX (13f/-10) has A's speed with C's range. It does multiple hits while keeping the opponent standing. Qcf+P will do an extra hit that launches and pulls in the opponent. You can combo after it but not if it's done on a grounded opponent.

Qcb+P is a similar move to Hcf+P but aimed upwards. Great anti-air, pops up and can be followed after with kick super if it hits them in the air or in a juggle.
A version (9f/-24) is much quicker and C version (15f/-23) is slower but with more active frames.
EX version (6f/-11) is really quick and pops up a lot higher. His main combo tool and can connect in lots of places that no other move will.

Dp+K is his infamous elevator move. Billy flips on his staff and flies upwards out of the screen and comes down swinging. He can hit the opponent on the way up and down.
B (11f) is quicker and lands around halfscreen. This is basically a feint for the D version.
D (18f) is a bit slower but tracks the opponent and lands directly on them.
This move is not invincible and not a reversal. It can be used as a pre-emptive anti-air or to move around the stage if you have a solid read.
You can combo off of D version with EX qcb+P which is where you'll mainly use this move.
When he's coming down if you block it Billy's safe. It is possible to punish him by running under him then hitting him when he lands. If timed right simply doing ff will give you a run that'll go right under.
EX (11f) is B's speed and D's properties. It's useful in corner combos and as a reversal as it's invincible.

His last special is a mash P input (11f/-1). Billy twirls his stick in a circle. A version is less duration and C version stays for a while. As a meaty C version can do up to 300 damage. Can be done in the end of corner combos after Elevator.
EX (11f) has a vacuum effect and knocks down. Vacuum starts at frame 5 and can suck in from around far B's range.

His most important super is his qcf x2 +K, Guren Sakkon. (6f/-53) Billy does an upwards flame swipe into a leaping fire spin. It has a lot of range both forward and upwards.
Excellent anti-air and even whiff punisher if you're feeling yourself. Super unsafe however so be careful.
It's Advanced and Climax cancellable during the first hit (before he jumps in the air).
EX does a LOT of damage. Billy does an extra swipe before jumping and can make his combos easily reach the 500 mark. EX is invincible and can be used as a reversal.

His other super, qcf hcb +P (13f/-14) is a stationary super. Billy spins his staff while it's on fire then throws the ring of fire forward. Regular goes a bit under halfscreen and EX version (8f/-44) goes almost fullscreen and invincible on startup.
On block it has a lot of pushback but a veteran knows when to roll and avoid the ring for a full punish.
Generally not worth it unless you plan on cancelling to Climax as you can cancel on the last hit.

His Climax is qcf x2 +P (12f/-25). Billy shoots a big fire pillar in front of him. Can be used as an early anti-air but it's mainly used as a combo ender. Not invincible so don't use it as a reversal.
Generally EX Guren Sakkon will give you similar damage so it's not worth the extra bar but you can combo off of it in the corner if it connects high enough in a juggle or hits an airborne opponent. You can land cl.D, Kick super or even D Elevator if they're high enough.

Billy's combos are straight forward and simple.
Guren is his qcfx2 +K super, Guren Sakkon

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Re: Character Quick Guides (Bandeiras, Luong and Mui Mui added)
« Reply #6 on: October 10, 2016, 08:26:31 PM »
Bandeiras, Mui Mui and Luong added!

Didnt realize posts have a small character limit here. If i knew i would've made more reserve posts lol. 1 more guide and i'll be out of space apparently..
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Re: Character Quick Guides (Bandeiras, Luong and Mui Mui added)
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Bandeiras, Mui Mui and Luong added!

Didnt realize posts have a small character limit here. If i knew i would've made more reserve posts lol. 1 more guide and i'll be out of space apparently..

Great Mui Mui and Luoug guide!

If you run out of space, just make couple more reserve posts. Remember, this thread is stickied & posts are instantly shared on our twitter and facebook page, which means they will be read.

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Re: Character Quick Guides (Bandeiras, Luong and Mui Mui added)
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Can they be moved to be under the top posts though? If they can that'd be better. I'd rather have a clean format with all the guides back to back.
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Re: Character Quick Guides (Bandeiras, Luong and Mui Mui added)
« Reply #9 on: October 10, 2016, 09:47:19 PM »
Can they be moved to be under the top posts though? If they can that'd be better. I'd rather have a clean format with all the guides back to back.

Can't move posts, only delete them. You can always edit your first post with links to all the posts that have the guides in them for easy access.

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Re: Character Quick Guides (Bandeiras, Luong and Mui Mui added)
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Well, every post that isn't by Truly can be deleted if need be TBH.


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Re: Character Quick Guides (Bandeiras, Luong and Mui Mui added)
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Well, every post that isn't by Truly can be deleted if need be TBH.


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Re: Character Quick Guides (Bandeiras, Luong and Mui Mui added)
« Reply #12 on: October 20, 2016, 08:03:28 PM »
Vice and Verse guides added!

Hein (and maybe Billy if i have the time) coming later today.

Also edited all previous guides with 1.03 patch info, some stuff added, some adjusted and some removed.
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Re: Character Quick Guides (Vice and Verse added)
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Hein and Gang-IL guides added!
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Re: Amiracle's Character Quick Guides (Kukri, Shun'ei and Sylvie added)
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Kukri, Shun'ei, and Sylvie guides added!
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