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« on: October 11, 2016, 07:27:00 AM »
I have spoken somewhat about this in another thread, but i honestly seem to remember this game being called King of Fighters 2005. Does anyone else remember this? I was confused when i just recently looked this game up and got results for King of Fighters XI. I had remembered KoF XII, but never an XI. XI sounded like some bizarre cross between Maximum Impact and XII. So i looked it up and saw that not only did this come out in 2005, but also that it is the game i was thinking was KoF2005.

I also spoke about Momoko Izuka being introduced in 2003. I also noticed, looking at XI Momoko, that her drinking sprites got replaced with her eating magically appearing food. Anyone else remember her being in that game and chugging down water in one gulp and throwing the bottle away? I didn't play this game when Momoko was in 2003, so i can't say if she was there then, nor if they added the magical food intro, but if anyone remembers this reality, was she?

I never looked at the time to see if this was true, but i remember hearing back in the day that Takuma's attack from 2003 got resolved in this game, and i think the attacker was really trying to protect Takuma from something worse. I never cared too much for that storyline, so i never looked, but i look it up and see no such thing happen. That might have just been a rumor, though.