Author Topic: Training partner requests part 2 - KOF14 edition  (Read 2050 times)

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Training partner requests part 2 - KOF14 edition
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:11:29 PM »
(Posting a new thread because I read in the rules that bumping is forbidden. If a mod thinks it's better to merge my two topics, I'm fine with it)

So, my situation is the same as my previous topic: living in Italy, stuck with a shitty 25ms ADSL with currently no perspective of being able to switch to a VDSL2 connection -which is the greatest kind of service available in most Italian cities right now and typically grants you 5ms measured from you to sites close to you in my country-, little to no fighting game experience against human players -I win casual SFV matches on a 1:2 ratio, but it's just because that game's matchmaking system is a miracle, no true skill on my part-, in need to meet fellow European KOF fans who don't mind wasting their time by playing against a vastly inferior player. The only change is that KOFXIV is out, so I'm not limited to the abysmal PS3 XIII netplay anymore.

I'm not asking for a tutorship, scheduled sessions or anything like that, I just would like to exchange PSN IDs with players who don't get bored when they play with weak players, so that we can set up a 2 people room and have a set if we both happen to be online playing XIV at a given time.

After checking that ranked mode is a no-no because it connects me with Japanese players even when I set my search on lv.4 only -Europe on ADSL vs. Japan = underwater match-, I tried having some training in form of level 5 matches against the CPU -but the only thing a lv5 AI manages to do is urging me to play ultra-cheap and ultra-campy-, then I gave up joining random European rooms and playing with total strangers, which I'm doing everyday since last Friday.

So, it's not like I'm sitting in a corner and whining without making any effort, because I love KOF and I wanna learn it, but getting severely defeated by a total stranger is just disheartening to me, and makes me feel I haven't learnt anything, whereas getting severely defeated by someone who knows and understands that I'm a total noob needing to learn how to compete wouldn't bother me at all, and I'm sure it will help me learning the game.
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