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Post on Guard Crush Frame Advantage

Started by EXWildWolf, February 19, 2017, 07:16:33 AM

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When Guard Crushing an opponent, there is a certain period of time where if they are hit, they are put into a big amount of hitstun.


Now you maybe asking, "Why does this happen?"

Well here is my theory. When you see a character get guard crushed, do you ever notice that there's a small little shaking in the character getting crushed when their hands are up in the air? You don't really pay attention to it, you just hit them and be on your way to comboing them. But what I found and this is my theory is that if you hit them before that little shaking animation, they will replicate the length of that whole animation in a hitstun state if they are hit before the shaking animation comes out. This leads to combos and links that shouldn't really happen but do anyway. Here are a few video examples of what Wauhti and I gathered when rediscovering this tech.








As you can see the possibilities for punishment could expand more depending on the character, so try and experiment with your main and see what can work. It's an interesting "Bug," If I could describe it.


Guard crush may cause the next hit (normal, command, special or whatever) to hit meaty, making it less negative, making it positive, or making it have more frame advantage, and that´s why you can link "unusual" things after it. I don´t think there´more secret to it than that.
You can see examples of this in some of our vids like hitting meaty with Mature´s qcb+B or the last hit of Alice´s qcb+PP. In this way you can combo a sC after qcb+B with Mature or juggle with f+B after qcb+PP with Alice.


that is in my theory, but I don't think it's intentional. The hit stop that happens during guard crush shaking has some sort of effect on hitstun that allows for certain links to happen with a strict timing.