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Choosing a Character(s) as a Newbie


Hello everyone! This game has a lot of characters that really interest me. My favorite character so far is Tung. There are other characters that I would love to learn (Athena being one of them), but I've been told that I should just stick with the easy characters at first. What do you guys think? Thank you all for everything.


KOFXIV is generally much easier than older KOFs. The amount of time a seasoned fighting game player needs to be competent with one character is small. New to fighting games in general, might be a little while.

Characters like Kyo and Iori are pretty simple, but have enough depth to tug them. Nelson, Angel, Mian, and Choi have a lot of depth, but it takes a longer time to get to a competent level.

A month of consistent 1 hour play per day with any of these characters is enough to get really good with them. Just keep at it and be consistent.

I picked up Tung and I can kinda/sorta play him after a week. I am not new to KOF, but I'm a character specialist (I only play 3-4 characters REALLY good). Tung Fu Rue has some deep mechanical stuff that's really good. Only weird part is his normals and his helicopter attack. He's really not bad.

Tl;dr - Play who you want. You'll get better with everyone given time and effort.

This is what I was thinking as well, just wanted confirmation for KOF players. Thank you for responding! Now it's time to learn Athena.


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