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Personal Top 15
« on: April 18, 2017, 12:42:42 AM »
Iori, Kyo, Beni, Yamazaki, Rock, Vice, Mature, Nakoruru, Luong, Kukri, Shunei, Robert, Mai, Andy, Verse. In no order

Iori- Mixups, stong far ranged neutral that can lead to big damage, and a very good pressure game as well as a strong defensive toolset.
Kyo - Same as Iori, but with more variance in pressure and resets that keep opponents on their toes.
Beni - Great neutral tools and very strong close range game, as well as good pokes.
Yamazaki - Strong Mid Range Pressure and deadly close up game
Rock - Very strong mixups and dirty close range game, as well as some decent counterpokes that can lead into big damage and great pressure options
Vice - Strong normals, the possibility to convert almost any stray AA hit into big damage is insane
Mature - Very good neutral tools, frametraps some of the best in the business, and can do great damage
Nakoruru - Very manipulative and strong neutral with Bird cling and Anna Mutsube, does a lot of damage off her basic confirms
Luong - Crazy Far Range Game, Strong mid range game, very mobile, and deadly mixups that are safe and can lead to big damage
Kukri - AA clone trades make for some really nasty setups, overall tricky maneuverability and sand clone setups that are hard to get out of.
Shunei - Airdash helps him get around some grounded fireballs, gets ludicrous rewards off stray hits that can also be safe, and EX moves are great for neutral and juggles that can lead into Massive Damage(edited)
Robert- Strong Fireball game, great normals, safe special that allows for annoyance, and good pressure with very strong defensive options.(edited)
Mai - Undoubtedly the queen of some of the greatest pokes in the game, great crossup J.B, very good zoning, and decent damage that leads to strong setups
Andy - Still very capabale to zone out, has very good counterpokes long range tools that lead to big damage, and good  mixups with EX Fireball
Verse - Command Grab is still a threat in neutral and leads to big damage, Teleport mixups are tricky to block/deal with safe, still has very safe and long range meterless confirms, great long range buttons, and overall has very high reset potential with his movelist