Author Topic: LF a Training partner (XIV) / A hello  (Read 1263 times)


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LF a Training partner (XIV) / A hello
« on: May 04, 2017, 10:56:09 PM »
Finally got a PS4 so I can play some KOF.

I'm new and I'm bad, and I'd love to find a training partner of any skill level to play against. I want to learn and I want to become a functional player ASAP. I love the game. I have extremely minimal experience with KOFXIII and some moderate FG experience in general (mostly SFIV and some SFV). I learn fast. Located in the US. If it matters, Central/East coast-ish area (kentucky) but if the netcode is good, I can connect to Cali, Canada, etc without much trouble.

Currently my team looks roughly like Rock (point) Leona (mid) Shun (Anchor) with Yamazaki swapping out for Rock or Leona occasionally when I want to play him (he's dope as hell) and there's a small chance I'll drop Leona for Yama. Opinions on this are welcome, i don't know shiznit about tiers in XIV and haven't done any research on who all works together.. i just went with 4 characters I liked a lot.

Ill keep it short.. Hit me up if you're interested in either helping me learn, or learning alongside me! Or, hell, if you have any advice.
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