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Dream Cancel Artwork Contests & Casual Fan Podcast Ideas

Started by desmond_kof, February 17, 2015, 06:05:27 PM

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Hey guys, I've been thinking of ways to reach out to more fans of KOF and players who don't care about the tournament scene; mainly those who are more into SNK/KOF art, story, characters and less about game-play.

Since I will be busy helping the upcoming tournament circuit for Dream Cancel, I would like to know if anyone has any ideas for art contests we can hold here. They can be for artwork for the site itself (like banners etc.), artwork for fight sticks, or any other art people may enjoy.

I was also thinking of electing someone who would be interested in doing a Dream Cancel Podcast show which will be separate from the Dream Cancel Live podcast which is mainly about the FGC/tournament scene/gameplay player improvement, and just talk about anything besides that, sharing their favorite KOF/SNK artwork, music, story elements (discussion, or even fanfics), win quotes, memes, future predictions on upcoming SNK/KOF titles, and just general fun discussion on other SNK/KOF fan elements.

Let me know what you guys think of this. Feel free to brainstorm about this, and if anyone has any ideas, please post them here.

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I'm all for helping that side of the fandom - gameplay systems and tournament activity come and go, but character designs and stories tend to stick around.

Regarding the idea for artwork, people who want to make their work more visible can already resort to DeviantArt, Tumblr or Twitter, and those seem more likely to provide exposure than DreamCancel, but it's hard to be sure.
On the other hand, there's very little filtering for quality in those places, so some occasional highlight at DC might be nice to separate the great ones from the rest - and upon doing so, informing the artist in question, maybe extending an invitation to adapt the chosen illustration for a banner or stick art?

I'd be willing to help with the podcast thing, although depending on whom else might be up to it, the days or time zones could be an issue, as I'm currently in the Netherlands, and DC seems more US-centric - on the other hand, it might make it easier to have Gunsmith as a guest on occasion if he's up to it :P
It might be handy to come up with a list of possible topics to see how many possible podcasts could come from that. Then again, I've seen some last about about 3 hours or more, and I rarely listed to something that last that long in a row - it's not a medium I'm that involved or experienced with.

The idea of videos about the history of certain characters or series has crossed my mind no occasion, but I know very little about video editing and might not do the topic justice - but then again, that probably wouldn't need DC's involvement, although DC might help to promote such efforts when they come up in its news page.

Another possibility is to have occasional blog posts in the DC front page about SNK history, games, lore, etc...

There's some latent love for SNK's work out there and I try to do my part to keep it alive as I can. That's something I would gladly extend to anything DC is up for.
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