Author Topic: KOF 2002UM - Yashiro Nanakase  (Read 3451 times)


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KOF 2002UM - Yashiro Nanakase
« on: December 21, 2010, 11:43:01 PM »
Liver Blow - close ;bk / ;fd + ;c
Hatchet Throw - close ;bk / ;fd + ;d

Command Moves:
Regret Bash - ;fd + ;a
Step Side Kick - ;fd + ;b

Special Moves
Dual Upper - ;dp + ;a / ;c
Jet Counter - ;hcf + ;a / ;c
  Steel Jet Counter - Jet Counter, ;qcf + ;a / ;c
Sledgehammer - ;qcb + ;b / ;d
Mighty Missile Bash - ;hcb + ;a / ;c

Desperation Moves:
Final Impact: ;qcf x 2 + ;a / ;c

Super Desperation Moves:
Final Impact: ;qcf x 2 + ;a + ;c
Million Bash Stream: ;qcb ;hcf + ;a + ;c (mash ;a / ;c)

ERROR... "code**2002**: ;qcb ;hcf + ;b + ;d
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Re: KOF 2002UM - Yashiro Nanakase
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2015, 01:46:46 PM »
Some combos:
cl.C/D > f+A > hcf+AC > qcf+C > qcfx2+C
cl.C/D > f+A > BC > run cl.C/D > f+A > (hcb+C (3 hits) > hcf+A)x2 > qcf+A > qcb,hcf+AC


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Re: KOF 2002UM - Yashiro Nanakase
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2015, 03:41:30 AM »
St. ;a - Your standard anti hop. Has a lower hitbox than other St.  ;a 's, so it can be used a good ground poke for crouchers too!

Cl.  ;a - can be used as anti-air to cover the area between Yashiro's head and shoulders really well, and comes out reasonably fast.

St.  ;b - the poke that keeps people from even trying to get in! It has great range, keeps people from hopping in at you or away from, really fast, and is a bit of a pain to punish/deal with. You're going to be using this move a lot in the neutral.

 ;fd  ;b - Pretty useless in high damaging combos, barely used in neutral to get a far screen hit confirm into super, which requires  a hard read. It's mostly gonna be used for basic close range combos to rack up a bit more damage
than  ;fd  ;a . Otherwise, not something you should be using a lot since it has bad recovery on block and whiff.

 ;fd ;a - One of Yashiro's best tools!. Very damaging single hit overhead when not cancelled, can be converted from really far some of the time when you get a Cr. ;c counterpoke, and can go into some easy Max Mode combos! You can use it in some matchups to keep yourself safe in a blockstring and his  ;dn ;df ;fd X2 + ;a/ ;c super easily! A move you definitely should be using in pressure situations.

St.  ;c - This move really harasses the guard gauge, a good counterpoke, and does a lot of damage for just one normal. it swallows about 14.2% of the guard gauge, making the opponent scared of getting guard crushed when their gauge is low. You should use this move, since it grants good rewards for what it does.

 ;dn  ;a - Another great ground poke added to his assortment! Has a great range, can go straight into super with good execution, is neutral on block, and can put some pressure on the opponent. definitely a very good poke in any situation.

 ;dn  ;c - probably the main reason why Yashiro is played. This button has good priority, horizontal and vertical, comes out fast, can be used for counter poking, and converts into super real easy with the help of  ;fd  ;a. Only downside is its recovery, so don't go whiffing it either on a bad read, or experienced players

 ;dn ;d - probably one of the best sweeps in the game, if not, the best. It has good startup, long range, and is whiff cancellable, making you safe even if it doesn't connect. What's interesting is that if you whiff cancel  ;fd ;a from  ;dn ;d , it'll still retain its overhead properties, which creates a confusing mixup trips up opponents in a fake high low situation. It is also special cancellable, making it safer than some other sweeps.


 ;a - His primary jump-in. It hits real deep, so many ;dn ;b ant-airs can get stuffed by it.

;b - good air to air - good air to air. Has a surprisingly big hitbox underneath Yashiro's foot, so it can be good and air air to ground poke jumping.

c; - stay away from this normal as an air to ground or jump-in option. it has a bad hit box whiffs a lot on even standing opponents sometimes,whiffs on crouchers a lot,  and is only really used for air to air close range situations.

d; a lot utility similar to Iori's J. ;d . A good jump-in, great air to air, a good air to ground tool, and good hopping poke.

Maxmode combo:

 62% - Cl. ;c ,  ;fd ;a [MaxMode Bypass] Cl. ;c ,  ;fd ;a , ( ;fd ;df ;dn ;db ;bk + ;a ,  ;db ;db ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a)X2  ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a ;c ,  ;dn ;df ;fd X2 +  ;a/ ;c

With EX super, does 80%