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Team Position
« on: May 17, 2018, 11:36:54 PM »
Best Spot: Mid
He gets access to reversals, is able to dish out more consistent and damage than on point, has great confirms from  ;dn ;c and  ;dn ;d in mid range. His frametraps from farther away with ;st ;c or ;d also get more reward with meter on deck. Can also spare an extra bar for more card set-ups.

Ok Spot: Point

Not bad, just not as rewarding as Mid. He doesn't build the most amount of meter and gets less reward with faraway standing buttons. More reliant on crouching heavies in pressure to get damage as well as  ;st  ;a & ;b for AAs without meter for Royal Flush super. Still a decent position.

Worst Spot: Anchor

Don't. Way better anchors to put than him. Oswald does enough damage to be put 2nd and 5 bars with more maxmode time is either underwhelming or overkill. He also doesn't utilize it much outside of EX Card set-ups, which only then require at most 3 bars for potential damage.