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Sup DC and socal snk scene

Started by chasiubao, October 03, 2010, 08:33:07 PM

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Sup everyone my name is Richard but i preferred being called fatboi lol.  You can say w/e you want it doesn't really bother me.  I am not completely new to the kof scene but i think im ok at it.  some of the people might know who i am at AI.  im the short fat asian guy that plays blue terry, 02 color kyo and yellow K'.

Hopefully ill learn a lot in DC and maybe sometimes soon the character boards will have a lot more discussions then just character combo's.  I was hoping i would find like some match up threads but guess not but hopefully there will be one soon so i can provide some information i have troubles on and hopefully i can help others too base on my experience.  ill be asking a lot of questions on the character section hoping to improve my mains.  i wanna make my Terry BEAST!! since i dont see a lot of terry players out there :)

Hopefully i can get solid in kof like how i am in ssf4.
I also play SC2 sometimes but not as much i suck at it lol so far im in gold division only and dayum i thought i was bad but a lot of people in gold suck a lot more then i do lol. 
I just also recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV in the server Besaid.

Im going to try to be a regular at AI and improve on my KOF and SF skills.  Im going to try to participate as much as i can in the sf and kof scene at ai to show my support.  I need to get out of the house anyways staying home to play MMO's = no good hopefully ill become good friends with the regulars at the arcade scene.


Welcome Richard, my name is Yuhang and enjoy your stay at DC.  The only way to get better is to play more and ask as many questions as you can.