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Hey guys. What kind of fight sticks or pads does everyone use? Any pics? I have a few sticks I use. Any cool custom art? Any ideas on what you would like on one? Please share! I'll post some pictures in a few hours.

I would love a King of Fighters stick or a SNK stick. I would love to have this on one. If I mod one this would be on it.

The Fluke:
I have a chun li te stick and a mayflash fightstick. They are quite different but have their qualities. Anyways, i think the kof xii stick was a mayflash stick and i wouldn't mind if they used the same brand for xiii.

Here's my collection:

The NeoGeo stick with the orange balltop is a PS2 model. The NG stick next to it is one of the 2 PS3/PC NeoGeo sticks I own. I found them both at a discount and it's great when I bring KOF to SF gatherings to provide the exact same sticks to new players. I own 1 NeoGeo pad for PS2 and 2 for PS3. My wife prefers the NeoGeo pad. The HRAP3 with Kyo is my main stick. It has Seimitsu clear buttons and a Seimitsy LS-56 stick. The buttons are arranged in the default SNK layout. The blue NeoGeo themed stick is a gutted MadCatz SE that has a hacked PS2 pad inside. The Iori stick is a current project. It's a gutted Hori Wii stick which will be PS2 pad hacked soon. It uses the Hori stick which I've added Omron switches to and Seimitsu ultra flat buttons. Not pictured: 1 Hori Wii stick, 1 NeoGeo stick for Wii and 1 MadCatz TvC stick with Sanwa parts.

since you guys are so awesome know anyplace i might snatch a pretty good arcade stick for cheap?

Shinra Shiranui:

--- Quote from: Xxenace on February 03, 2011, 08:34:40 PM ---since you guys are so awesome know anyplace i might snatch a pretty good arcade stick for cheap?

--- End quote ---

Amazon is one of the best places to purchase one


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