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New Soul Calibur upcoming

Started by Shiranui_ninja, December 25, 2010, 12:58:32 PM

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Rex Dart

Have they confirmed anyone besides the main character? I don't believe they have.

I wouldn't be surprised if Siegfried and Mitsurugi return. Kilik may as well. But Japanese pop culture is really averse to "old" (i.e. middle-aged) characters. Some of the young girls will probably return too, but middle-aged females are even more of a rarity than middle-aged men.

Ivy will almost certainly learn the secrets of immortality from Cervantes, or Zasalamel, or from Namco Plot Convenience Depot. And she'll be 30 years old forever. I don't think Namco would ever give up youthful Ivy, as her tits are worth their weight in gold.

Anyway, if even half the characters are new, I'll be quite amazed.

Main site is up, but none of the links work yet:


EDIT: Spoke too soon. Japanese site is up now. The rest will probably follow shortly.

EDIT2: The Guardian (of all places) has art of the new Siegfried. Looks pretty cool.



Soul Calibur facebook page has full artworks of Siegfried and Patroklos


Both looks good. I love new Siegfried. About Patroklos, doesn't look what I expect from Sophitia's son, I guess I was expecting something more greece style, but he looks cool. Let's see what this new character has.

I think Ivy and Sophitia could fit easily in a mature female character concept, but not sure about Taki or SeungMina, or XianHua... Anyway watching Siegfried, he doesn't look so much different, just a bit more mature.
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As long as they keep Mitsurugi and Taki, I'm good.

I am interested to see what new-blood designs would look like.
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Dojo Destroyer

Long as they still have Xianghua, I'll be ready to throw down in SCV! And hopefully they'll keep all the other technical characters such as Taki, Talim, Maxi, and Setsuka as well. Only character I think they should bring back is Hwang. I would play him too.


Real talk, the only reason I even got on SC3/3AE was for Li Long... With that new style and moves they gave him in SC3AE, he definitely needs to come back!!! I thought he was better than Maxi anyway...
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If Mitsurugi comes back looking like Haohmaru in Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage, I'd lol.

No Raphael or legal Amy, no buy from me. I wouldn't even care how it played, just as long as they're in it.


Daishi comfirmed Nightmare and Pyrrha (Sophitia's daughter, who looks like Cassandra).

They said too, in E3 they will reveal guest characters. The game will have around 25 characters, half new ones, half returning ones. Said on a live interview with Famitsu, I think. The vid where Harada and Daishi talk, and 10 sec of gameplay (around 1.53):


Characters comfirmed so far: Siegfired, Nightmare, Patroklos and Pyrrha.
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Rex Dart

A bit disappointed that this is sounding like only a half-hearted reboot. Especially with Nightmare's inclusion. Oh, well. I shouldn't expect too much from Namco. I just hope they don't also throw in Sophitia and Cassandra.

The wait for SCV is going to be brutal. Daishi loves teasing with tiny drops of info, like ten seconds of blurry gameplay footage that I've re-watched three times.

The irony is that it may still come out before KOF XIII.  :(


ive never been a fan of sc, i liked the one on dc the most (part 2? and before that the psx one was decent as well). i couldnt stand sc4, but reading the their speeding up the gameplay and making combos even more accesible and faster reactions could make this one good again. who knows. 
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i wont buy this game if talim isn't in it