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#KOFXIV: Ryuji Yamazaki Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Ryuji Yamazaki! Lots of powerful, high damaging combos of different meter restrictions throughout!

Initially I wasn’t too impressed when I watched the trailers for Yamazaki but after trying him out, I felt he was well thought out for the KoF XIV system. While most of the characters would have to get into raw max mode to accomplish more, for Yamazaki he generally accomplishes more by going into the traditional max mode cancel from a normal. Height plays a very important role in his juggles because even a slight height increase opens up new juggles that normally would be too slow to connect. He does poison and it’s not calculated into the damage counter so I ignored it and followed the digits when it came to non 100% max damage combos. All his specials have a specific purpose so sadly I couldn’t fit them all into one video such as putting his projectile reflector, counter and multiple max mode activiations to use.

Source: Persona Entertainment

KOFXIV: Gang-Il Combo Exhibition Video By Combonauts

Check out some crazy, possibly impractical, damaging combos by Combonauts using Gang-Il!

Here are some notes from Combonauts regarding this video:

Many of Gang Il combos require precise timing and are not extremelly damaging, but his combo options were more than we expected, and that was fun.
HereĀ“s a showcase of Gang Il combos. We hope you enjoy it!

Source: Combonauts Youtube Channel

King of Fighters XIV: Hein Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment has begun his King of Fighters XIV full version combo video journey by showing us what he can do so far with Hein!

Here are some notes from Persona himself:

If you’ve tried Hein out for a quick moment, you’ll quickly realize he’s not a combo heavy character and relies of mind games rather than raw damage. To push his damage even lower, his Climax can only combo on a non juggled opponent and the only way to put them back down onto the ground is to use his Queen super, which can’t even be climax canceled on the last hit which does the most damage. Most of his moves have slow startup but can be comboed after if the opponent gets hit so when building combos, it’s best to work backwards with him, If you notice in the video, Hein seems to take one path in terms of combos, so basically it just comes off to how short or long you want your combos to be in terms of pratical uses.

Source: Persona Entertainment via Submitted Tip


PersonaEntertainment recently re-uploaded a older combo video that was originally uploaded a few months ago if you remember:

This combo video shows 100% damage combos using Ash, Saiki, Billy, EX Kyo, EX Iori, Mr. Karate, Kim, Hwa Jai, and Raiden!

Source: PersonaEntertainment

KOF2002UM Ramon, Benimaru, Vanessa, Mature, K’, and Kusanagi Combos By Bruno_Kof_13

Today, Bruno_Kof_13 just uploaded a short KOF2002UM combo video showcasing Ramon! The combos range in difficulty, either very easy bread-n-butter type combos, easy super cancels, then progress to much longer BC/Max Mode combos involving some links, or much difficult hit confirms! If you are looking for useful combo ideas, or a challenge, try a few of these out in practice mode!

Hit the jump to see KOF2002UM combo videos of Benimaru, Vanessa, Mature, K’ and Kusanagi that were uploaded weeks ago!
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KOF XIII: Woman Fighters Team 100% Damage Combo Video By Douglas Pereira

Douglas Pereira of Douglas Production just uploaded another impressive combo video showcasing 100% (or 1000 damage) combos using King, Mai and Yuri Sakazaki of the Woman Fighters Team!

All the combos use full stocks of meter and are incredibly flashy. Subscribe to his channel for more upcoming combo videos!

Source: Facebook, Douglas Pereira Youtube

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Select Your Character – Video Tutorials, Combo Videos and Character Guides for The King of Fighters XIII

This video created by Wyseguy Bebop using annotations links to many different video tutorials, combo videos and character guides for all the characters of KOFXIII. Make sure your annotations on youtube are enabled, then hover and pick a character that links you to a playlist of helpful videos! Recommended 100%!

NOTE: If you don’t see the annotations, open the video in a new window or tab.

Source: Video thread, Youtube

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