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#KOFXIV May Have Corner Cross-Ups

Last night during the Dream Cancel Live podcast after show, a few players in the discussion panel noticed that corner cross-ups may exist in King of Fighters XIV similar to Street Fighter 4. SoleChris in particular noticed the cross-up in a video he watched this past weekend, which lead to a few other instances in some footage taken at PSX.

(Video starts at 37 seconds)

What do you think about this? Post your thoughts in the comment section below!

KoFXIII: Corner Cross Up Off Ground Normals

TSS AtmaDP recently uploaded a very interesting tech video which shows how you can cross up a crouching opponent who is placed fully in the corner:

First; the opponent must be brought to the corner offensively, not just pushed in through running or walking into the character sprite.

Second; the last hit must not be a neutral jump attack or special move as shown in the video. The jump attack must be able to go over a crouched opponent.

Third; if the opponent stands up blocking before the cross-up, the cross-up loses its ability.

Test it out yourself in practice mode!