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KOFXIV: Kula Diamond Anti-K’ Edition (v1.03) Combo Video By ON|Dark Chaotix

Check out this really cool Kula combo video created by Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix!

Some notes from Dark Chaotix:

As a competitive character she is good and the opposite to what Kula was in XIII, which you can complain too much. I just don’t understand some of the changes they SNK made because those changes were game breaking before but the only reason I see it not being there is because of the high damage output, which would make Kula even BETTER.

Source: Dark Chaotix Youtube Channel

King Of Fighters XIV Demo – Kyo Kusanagi Combo Video by ON|Dark Chaotix

Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix has blessed us with a KOFXIV Demo, Kyo Kusanagi combo video!

Here are his notes found in the description section:

Kyo took me a while to complete. Kept coming up with different variations so meant making updated combos. I’m sure there is still some more options but I think i covered most of them.

Linking his SDM with dp can be difficult. Holding the button on his orochinagi DM still works (as shown with the 5 hit combo, you have to hold the button). Letting go of the button at the right time will net you the right hit to extend the combo.

Source: Dark Chaotix Youtube Channel