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KoF XIII: Hwa Jai Combo Video (Final Version) By Persona

This combo video recently recorded and uploaded by Persona is the 2nd Hwa Jai combo video which places a bit more emphasis on style, and placing the opponent in stun than outright full damage (even though they are still very damaging).

Here are the notes from the description section of the video on Youtube:

“I’m glad I put most of the effort into the video the first time around since just watching this video already stresses me out on how much hair I had to pull out of my head back then. I didn’t add in the usual amount of combos I should have on all my KoF XIII videos so that’s where this final version comes into play. I focused more on style while still managing to easily do 100% damage but other than that, this is definitely as good as Hwa Jai can get, drunk or not drunk!”

Hwa Jai’s KOFXIII wiki page

Hwa Jai’s Dream Cancel forum section

KOFXIII: Hwa Jai – The Proper Combos Video by Jay-1andONLY1

Jay-1andONLY1 aka Jay of the Storm sent us this Hwa Jai tutorial/combo video explaining and showcasing a few practical but highly damaging optimal combos! Here is a quote from the description section of the video:

“I put this together detailing the correct combos to do with Hwa in most situations for optimal damage and meter building. Includes the correct way to do his 100% death combos with minimal supers. I skipped over the basic no-drive combos as I think they are self-explanatory.”

Practice these in training mode and try them out in battle!

Hwa Jai Forum Section: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?board=88.0

Hwa Jai’s Wiki page: http://dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hwa_Jai_(XIII)

KOFXIII Character Series Podcast: Saiki, Shen Woo, Kim, Hwa Jai

Character Select Screen

The KOFXIII Character Series podcast is an experimental podcast show where one character is featured and talked about throughout the whole episode with the players who focus and main them. It is a gameplay based discussion where we go in detail about a character’s strengths and weakness with strategies and ways to succeed with that character.

In this batch of episodes, 4 players are interviewed:

Choysauce for Saiki

Team Chaos Yoshi for Shen Woo

James Jr. for Kim

Sir Octopus for Hwa Jai

Give your feedback, comments, and questions in this thread until a dedicated thread for the character series is created: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=701.30

Youtube audio versions coming soon!


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