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#KOFXIV: Iori Yagami & Hein Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Iori Yagami & Hein! Damage, high amounts of meter, and interesting setups are the motif of these combo videos!

There’s been two major changes to Iori ever since I’ve made the earlier video for him. He can now juggle with his EX rekkas. Although the third hit of it can only connect once, the first two will always hit making Iori’s juggle potential increase dramatically. The second change, while nothing really major for combo videos, is Iori being able to super cancel off the second hit of his dp C. No idea why they didn’t put this in since day one since it’s been a staple since forever.

The latest balance patch allowed Hein to Climax cancel during the last hit of his super (yet still can’t advance cancel it for some strange reason), allowing his damage output to increase quite dramatically. He can also special cancel his jump D now for extra damage. I decided to shorten some combos with less repetitions of his CD loops so the video doesn’t drag on for too long, only doing them for max damage.

Source: Persona Entertainment

KOFXIV: Classic Iori DLC Costume Footage From GatoRay

GatoRay’s twitter has released some .gifs of the Classic Iori DLC costume (available in China only at the moment)!

Do you think we will get this DLC in USA? What DLC costumes or additional content you would like to see? Post your thoughts in our comments section!

KING OF FIGHTERS XIV DEMO: Iori oki-super reversals by ZuperKommandant

Twitter user ZuperKommandant has uploaded several videos showcasing viable reversals for the entire demo cast versus Iori’s non-EX fireball super.

KOFXIII: Kyo HD Combo Reset, Terry & EX Iori Max Damage 2 Stock HD Combo by KOFKimeth & PersonaEntertainment

The video above by KOFkimeth is a 2 Stock Kyo HD Combo that has a reset toward the middle for more max damage!

This is another combo by KOFkimeth using Terry that shows a possible max damage HD combo using only 2 Stocks!

PersonaEntertainment shares an EX Iori 2 stock HD combo that could be max damage for that meter limitation.

KOF2002UM King, May Lee, & Iori Yagami Combos By Bruno_Kof_13

Bruno_kof_13 just uploaded and recorded these 3 new videos of combos you can do with King, May Lee and Iori Yagami! The combos range in difficulty, either very easy bread-n-butter type combos, easy super cancels, then progress to much longer BC/Max Mode combos involving some links, or much difficult hit confirms! If you are looking for useful combo ideas, or a challenge, try a few of these out in practice mode!

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