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Guard Cancel: KC’s NOTOR1OUS | Missouri

Guard Cancel is an interview series profiling KOF community members and players. The goal is to get to know the people behind the tags. Guard Cancel will be published every Monday. If you’d like to be featured, email admin@dreamcancel.com or PM me in the forum.

1. How long have you played KOF? Which KOF was your first? Which is your favorite?
I’ve only recently started playing KoF competitively with KoF XIII, before then i stuck mainly to kof 98 and 02. I’d have to say i definitely enjoy XIII the most so far.

2. Why KOF over all of the other fighters?
I made KoF my main game after XIII got released, i honestly don’t know why i wanted to play it so heavily. I just really enjoyed the art style and fast paceness of the game. i really wanted to get into 12 but we all know how that went. I think what i like most about XIII was the overall fairness of play as opposed to the capcom fighters i was accustomed to.

3. Are you a tournament player? If so, list your tournament rankings.
I am a tournament player. I got 9th at Final Round in 2012, 13th at Ufgt in 2013, top 32 at ufgt 2014, and probably last at EvO lol. The decline is disheartening haha.

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