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Fan artist spotlight: Victor Lozada

While KoF has inspired a lot of competitive play over the years, its fighting mechanics aren’t the only thing that has appealed to fans all over the world. During its 20 years it also developed a number of appealing characters and stories.

While the game mechanics have inspired some great players to delived exciting performances in competitive events, the other aspects of KoF and other SNK series have also inspired a number or artists in their chosen craft.

Today we try to start giving some of these artists some focus, and we’re starting by interviewing Victor Lozada, an artist from Mexico.

Vanessa by Victor Lozada

DC: How did you get started with illustration?

VL:  Well, I started with digital illustration like three years ago, I did a couple of drawings before these three years but I was not serious about learning and was not committed at all with practice so I don’t consider my previous drawings as experience ’cause I did one or two a year, and you can see this on my DeviantArt page, where I opened an account without even posting anything for like 4 years.

The interest for getting better came all of a sudden, I was doing graphic design for video games, it was more… adapting and resizing assets than really creating from scratch. And then I got some spare time every once in a while at work and started practicing cause I wanted to, one day, make a video game cover, I wanted to be in the creative team, not only in the production line. Once I started admitting I knew nothing, I started learning with a fresh point of view, and here I am, still learning and hopefully getting better.

DC: Is it more of a hobby, or do you have some paid work experience or specific aspirations?

VL: Currently it is more a hobby since I haven’t gotten paid yet for any of my illustrations, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time promoting myself without being really good. I rather spend that time practicing and improving my portfolio. But I do want to work doing this. I still am in the graphic design production line.

Yes, I have worked in the game industry for five years now, though I haven’t made it to the creative field yet. I still work adapting assets that are already made. Recently, a friend and I made a little, very simple, game for Android in our spare time just for fun. It was more of a test and we learned a lot in the whole process. We made some mistakes, we rushed to publish it before it was totally ready and it was not successful at all, but we learned a lot and we are planning to do something a bit more complex and more polished visually. Here´s the link to it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Lemurian.KipusFlight&hl=en

Blue Mary by Victor Lozada

DC: I noticed your gallery covers many different subjects, like nature, comics, movies, TV and games – what was it about KoF and Samurai Shodown that got your attention to draw their characters?

VL: I have always liked SNK characters since my childhood, me and my brother used to hit the arcades so often in order to play those games, he was way better at playing. I, on the other hand liked to spend more time looking at the art of those games in general, good times.

DC: What are your favorite games in the KoF and SS series, and why?

VL: My favorite characters from KoF were Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, K´, Joe Higashi and Ryo Sakazaki, I always chose those. From Samurai Shodown I liked Genjuro a lot, like his bad ass personality and so skilled with his sword. I also liked Haohmaru and Ukyo a lot as they were very well thought, very well designed characters.

Genjuro by Victor Lozada

DC: You’ve done some pretty good illustrations of Vanessa, Mary and Genjuro – any other favorite SNK character you’d like to illustrate some day?

VL: Thank you, yes. I want to do a lot more SNK fan art, I don’t get tired of those characters, I don’t think I ever will and I have been asked to do Mai Shiranui a lot so maybe I will do that one next, hopefully soon. I’ll let you know. :)

You can find more of Victor’s work at http://victter-le-fou.deviantart.com/

SNK Playmore hiring for new roles

mini-snkpSNK Playmore’s recruitment page has mentioned openings for developer roles for a while. However, today both Gatoray at Twitter and Professor at the Madman’s Cafe pointed out links to the SNKP section of a Japanese recruitment site which mentions a few new roles for the company’s Osaka’s office – to quote Professor:

Consumer Psychology-
The company is looking for psychology graduates to work in their development team to make their games more appealing. I guess they still haven’t figured out why MSD had so many downloads.

Statistics and Analysis-
The company is looking for statistics graduates to analyze data useful for game development.

Overseas sales and business management-
For taking care of business sales, contracts, etc.

All roles are expected to require fluency in Japanese.


SNK has had their eyes on the PC market for quite some time

With the imminent official release of KoFXIII on Steam tomorrow, SNK Playmore today revealed that their North American and European Business Department has had their eyes on the PC market for quite a while in an interview with Siliconera.  They began their work on the Steam platform earlier this year, starting with putting the right development team and infrastructure together, before working on porting  KoFXIII to Steam.

Additionally, SNK Playmore said that their experience working with Valve on the Steam platform had been an incredible positive one and that they hope to work with them more in the future.

With an incredible library of games, SNK Playmore certainly has a lot of good options for porting their games to PC.  Let us know in the comment section and forums what you would like to see from SNK Playmore in the future!

Check out the source for the full interview for more information including SNK Playmore’s lead programmer Jace Varlet discussion of how they tweaked the netcode for KoFXIII Steam edition.

Source: Siliconera

Milwaukee Fight Nights: Capcom vs SNK Season 1

Forum member syxx and his group in Milwaukee are building hype for SNK games in an interesting manner. They’re holding 5 fight night ranbats through August that feature 1 Capcom and 1 SNK game. SNK games being featured are King of Fighters 98, Samurai Shodown 2, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. The last game will be determined by a vote of participants.

More information is available here.

Announcing Dream Cancel

Welcome to Dream Cancel!

Dream Cancel is my contribution to the King of Fighters and SNK fighting game communities. I hope this site will become a useful tool for new and experienced players alike.

This page will be updated daily or as often as I can. I plan to post all news related to SNK and their games including figures and collectible. The Forum is structured in a way that is easy to navigate and get directly to the necessary information. The next stage will be wiki pages. I plan to start out with KoF 2k2Um and KoF XIII. Over time, I’d love to fill in wikis for Mark of the Wolves, the Real Bout games and many of the KoF titles.

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