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King of Fighters XIV: Frame Data (Kyo, Iori, Nelson, Shun’ei) By TSS|Atma

While playing King of Fighters XIII, there were many different players submitting their findings for frame data. TSS|Atma has been the most consistent and accurate of all the players, and the most organized as well.

Now, TSS|Atma is busy at work compiling frame data from characters featured in the King of Fighters XIV Demo! So far he has finished data for Kyo, Iori, Nelson and Shun’ei!


We will inform you soon when more characters are completed!

KoFXIII: A Long Video About Counter Hits, Quick Rolls and the Meter System By TSS|Atma

TSS|Atma goes into a fair amount of in-depth information about counter hit states, quick rolls and the meter system in this unscripted tutorial video for King of Fighters XIII!

At the start of the video, Atma asks a very important question and concern that he would like your thoughts and feedback on. Post your thoughts either in the comment section here in the article or go to the comment section on YouTube!

Source: TSS Atma Youtube Channel