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Katate Nage - cl. f + C

  • Over the shoulder throw
  • Opponent lands on opposite side

Shinku Nage - cl. df + C

  • Ground throw
  • Picks opponent up then slams them, landing on the other side

Kosatsu Sho - cl. f + D

  • Grabs opponent and hold them into the air and chokes them
  • Mashable throw

Special Moves

Reppuuken - qcf + A

  • Ground projectile

Double Reppuuken - qcf + C

  • Ground projectile except bigger and faster, slower start-up as well

Shippuuken - air qcb + P

  • Air projectile
  • Causes Geese to float for a bit making it kinda unsafe

Atemi Nage - (counter) hcf uf + K

  • Standard counter against normals
  • Can counter Raging Storm

Desperation Move

Raging Storm (DM) - db hcb df + BC

  • His trademark special move
  • Can be comboed into
Fatal Fury Special



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