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[ Info Needed ]
Pros Cons
  • Huge damage output in both forms
  • Above average movement speed
  • Good buttons
  • Slash's potential and damage is massively increased with high flame charges
  • Bust rekka can end matches in 2-3 confirms
  • Oppressive rushdown in the right hands
  • Struggles getting in
  • Slash's damage is garbage without flame charges
  • Charging flames as Slash leaves you vulnerable
  • Bust's entire gimmick is his rekka
  • Dropping Bust rekka finisher leaves you open for a punish
  • Either Kazuki blows the opponent up, or they blow him up

Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 66C
  • Throw > 14-hit CD
Does not work on Nakoruru, Hanzo, or Kyoshiro.
  • Back throw > 66C > 14-hit CD
Does not work on Rimururu, Galford, Hanzo, or Kyoshiro.
  • [14-hit CD (7)]xN
Self-contained CD combo infinite, and since it stops on the 7th hit, it's pretty easy to know when to stop, too. Not too difficult of a link, either, but due to the low damage there's no good use for it beyond one loop for extra damage. Any more than that and it's just to either timer scam or you want to rub it in. Better to instead link into n.5B after it.
  • [14-hit CD (10)]xN
Same as the one above but this variant only works on Gaira and Zankuro.


  • Throw > 66B xx 623X
  • 14-hit CD (7) > n.5B xx 623X
  • CD BBC > 623X or WFT
WFT cancel needs to be done ASAP for the combo to work.
  • (Corner) CD > 236X (1 charge) > 66B xx 623X
One flame charge is required for 236X to allow for 66B to combo, therefore 236A does not work. Technically speaking, the 236X doesn't actually cancel the CD, but the game interprets it as a CD whiff cancel after the first hit lands. Wider characters a second follow-up of 236X should be possible, as well.
  • j.C > n.5B xx 236X (1 charge) > Issen
Basara only combo.


  • Back throw > 66B xx 236A > 236B > 236C
  • 14-hit CD (10) > 236A > 236B > 236C
  • n.5B xx 623X
Make sure to mash back and forth, plus buttons, for consecutive hits on DP.
  • CD BBC > 623X
Make sure to mash back and forth, plus buttons, for consecutive hits on DP.
  • CD (whiff cancel 2nd hit) > 236A > 236B > 236C
Easiest way to do this combo is to plink 236A as 236B~A, that way the game reads the B input for CD but then immediately whiff cancels the B into 236A.
  • (14-hit CD (7)) > n.5B xx 236A > 236B > 236C
Basara only combo.
  • 236A > 236B > WFT
Does not work deep in the corner. Depending on how close you are to the corner, you can still combo into WFT if you input it quickly enough, but generally speaking its slow startup makes it whiff in the corner.
  • (During Rage Explosion) j.C > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > n.5B > Rage SCS (6) xx 623X
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