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The King of Fighters '94


Combo Notation Guide

Notation Meaning
X Starter Use the corresponding starter(s) from the 'Starters' section of this page.
> Cancel the previous move into the following move.
If preceded by a move in brackets, must cancel the start of the preceding move (AKA a 'Kara Cancel').
, Link the previous move into the following move.
(X) A move in brackets must whiff (not hit).
Can also mean the move must be Kara Canceled.
~ Cancel the previous special into the following special.
cl. Close to opponent.
f. Far from opponent.
j. Jumping move.
AA Anti-air. Hit the opponent while they're mid-air.
[X] Hold input briefly.
P & K P and K each denote "Any Punch (A or C)" and "Any Kick (B or D)" respectively.
X/Y Do either X move or Y move in a combo (Both final damage & stun values will be shown).
X * N
{X} * N
Repeat 'X' input 'N' amount of times.
Multiple inputs will be bundled into "{}".


Starter Notes
2B Your best normal by far. Converts solidly at range and links into cl.C up-close. Also your best abare option.
Crossup j.D > 2BB Leaves you close enough to link into cl.C on hit, and leaves you at advantage point blank on block.


Please note that, due to the existence of random damage spread, the damage a single combo can do has the potential to vary significantly. For this reason, we cannot give precise indicators of combo damage. Not that it matters, 'cause this character has an infinite. It'll win you the round no matter how much random damage spread rng doesn't like you.


Combo Location Notes
As many 2Bs as you can land > [2]8C Anywhere Great damage, oki, and stun output. Good for any situation where you aren't close enough to link into cl.C. [2]8C will drop from max range, so mind your spacing.
(Crossup j.D > 2B >) 2B > cl.C > 214A Must be very close Stuns the opponent on hit no matter what. Terry's infinite is simple: do this combo, then follow up the stun with the crossup j.D version of the combo. Repeat until you win. 2B > cl.C is a link, so be mindful of the timing.

Max Meter

Combo Location Notes
Stuff > cl.C > 21416BC Anywhere Combo into Power Geyser. Not a particular point to this, since if you're able to combo into cl.C, you could've just stunned them. Good if you want to be flashy, though. Powah geysah.


The King of Fighters '94

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