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Vice KOF 2002 Mook

Vice 2002 mook.JPG



1. Death Blow - b/f+C

  • Vice slashes the face of the opponent and knocks them back

2. Back Rush - b/f+D

  • Vice grabs the opponent and shoves them into the ground behind her
  • hard knockdown and the opponent's back is turned when getting up
  • very good throw that can setup a number of options afterwards since the opponent is not knocked back far

Command Normals

1. Monstrosity - f+A

  • Vice performs a punch that is angled diagonally downwards
  • overhead
  • hard knockdown if it hits an airborn opponent
  • very useful overhead that can lead to good damage with meter

Special Moves

1. Outrage - qcb+K

  • Vice performs a series of kicks, her feet turning into blades that have a reasonably large hitbox and decent recovery on block
  • qcb+B makes her kick from the initial spot, while qcb+D makes her perform a short hop forward before starting the kicks
  • does not knockdown on hit
  • not a very useful move because she has better moves to combo into and the move does much fewer hits when blocked (making it not a good chipping move, something she doesn't really have)
  • free cancellable out of on all hits

2. Ravenous - qcb+K(air)

  • Vice performs a series of blade kicks similar to her ground qcb+K, but in the air
  • the opponent can be juggled after this move, depending on what height they get hit by it relative to the height she is off the ground. It is possible to perform an infinite in the corner by repeating this move, though it's not easy
  • free cancellable into
  • this move has a good hitbox and continues to do hits until Vice hits the ground. Though it has some startup, it is a good preemptive jump attack

3. Decide - hcf+K

  • Vice swings her arm, causing a shadow to extend outwards. If it connects, the opponent is thrown to the opposite side
  • hcf+B travels shorter (about half screen length) and comes out faster than hcf+D. Not possible to combo into hcf+D
  • hard knockdown and opponent will get up with their back turned
  • free cancellable into
  • this move has good range and recovery (if you use hcf+B and not hcf+D), as well as good meter buildup on whiff and good advantages if it hits (hard knockdown, back turned opponent and lots of time to setup a mixup)

4. Mayhem - qcb+P

  • Vice performs a dashing shoulder charge
  • qcb+A comes out faster (can combo off of weak attacks), has better recovery but goes a shorter distance than qcb+C
  • qcb+A can be used as an anti-air against non-meaty jumpins that aren't going to land directly above her but other than that, it's risky to throw out this move since it is almost always punishable on block
  • can be followed up with Mithan's Robe, qcf+P
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of

5. Blackend - hcf+P

  • delayed throw that has startup invincibility
  • Vice will slam the opponent down doing some damage, then throws them upwards for more damage. She can followup with Mithan's Robe, qcf+P, for additional damage after that
  • When Vice throws the opponent into the air, they are thrown with their back turned

6. Gorefest - hcb f+P

  • an instant throw in which Vice grabs them and slides them across the screen
  • hard knockdown and opponent gets up with their back turned
  • very good recovery if the move whiffs, better than any other command grab in the game
  • gives Vice a lot of time to setup a mixup after this move lands
  • can also be used after some normals like crouch C, close D and crouch D to shorten their recovery

7. Mithan's Robe - qcf+P (after qcb+P or hcf+P)

  • Vice jumps into the air and grabs the opponent
  • this move turns the opponent's back to be facing properly on wakeup. iff the opponent's back is already turned, it might be disadvantage to use this followup
  • hard knockdown


1. Withering Surface - qcfx2+P

  • Vice leaps into the air and performs a throw upon landing
  • qcfx2+A jumps higher and shorter horizontally than qcfx2+C
  • qcfx2+C is useful for punishing ground projectiles on reaction such as Iori's qcf+P but difficult to get over air projectiles like Athena's qcb+P. qcfx2+A is too slow to use for punishing anything.
  • hard knockdown

2. Negative Gain - hcbx2+K

  • Vice performs an instant throw that does good damage
  • during the throw, she will move backwards quite a bit before knocking the opponent away. She and her opponent will bounce in the opposite sides that they initially were before the throw - so, if Vice was on the left and opponent was on the right, after the throw, Vice will bounce off to the right and opponent to the left
  • hard knockdown


1. Withering Surface - qcfx2+P

  • same as the qcfx2+C version but does much more damage (over 50%)

2. Negative Gain - hcbx2+K

  • same as the normal DM version but does a lot more damage


1. Overkill - db qcf uf u d+AC(air)

  • Vice performs an instant throw in the air and slams the opponent to the ground
  • it is easier to perform most of the move's motion on the ground. Input back to up, making her jump into the air, then d+AC while in the air
  • hard knockdown


  • cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, far A, close B, crouch B, close C, crouch C, close D(2), crouch D, jump A, jump C
  • CD is cancellable into specials and DMs



1. Close D(2), f+A, hcf+B - 35%

Vice's most damaging B&B that doesn't use any meter. The close D must land very close to the opponent for this combo to work, otherwise the f+A will whiff. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to get this combo to land properly after a jump attack, though still possible if your jump attack lands early enough or a crossup jump B was used. If Vice is in the corner when she lands this combo, it will throw the opponent into the corner with their back turned, which is a huge advantage for her.

2. [Jump attack] Close D(2), qcb+C, qcf+P - 28%

Use this combo when your close D hits such that the f+A after it would be out of range to connect. Overall does less damage than the above and does not back turn the opponent or give Vice as much time to set anything up after.

3. Crouch B/Close D(2)/Crouch C, hcb f+P - 20-27%

Comboing into hcb f+P does less damage than the above combos but gives Vice a lot of time to setup her next mixup. The crouch B version isn't really hit confirmable but if blocked, hcb f+P recovers quick and keeps Vice in range of a close D. This is explained in the strategy section.

4. Jump attack/Crouch B, Crouch B, Crouch A, qcb+A, qcf+A - 29%

This is easily Vice's most useful combo off of low weak attacks.

5. [Jump attack] Close D(2), hcbx2+K - 40%

This combo does just a little bit more damage than her B&B(combo 1) and uses up one stock, but has the advantage of being able to hit from further out, including after a jump attack.

6. f+A, BC, run up close D(2), hcbx2+K/BD - 45%/65%

A very easy and damaging combo off of her overhead. This combo will prove to be very useful in matches, especially when mixed up with her damaging

7. [Jump attack] Close D(2), BC, run up close D(2), hcbx2+BD - 65%

This is Vice's most damaging practical combo. It is easy to hit confirm her close D and can be comboed after a jumping attack without having issues with spacing (a longer run is necessary).

8. qcb+A(CH), qcb+A, qcf+P - 25%

This is a useful anti-air combo that can be used against jumpins that aren't directly above Vice when coming down. The initial qcb+A won't always counterhit depending on what the opponent did but if it does, you can followup with another.

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