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The King of Fighters XIII


XIII Chin Profile.png
Chin Gentsai
XIII Chin.gif



Bangeki - Bk.gif/Fd.gif + C.gif/D.gif

Command Normals

Uronkochu - Df.gif + D.gif

Feint - Press D.gif again or hold Df.gif + D.gif

Chokaroh - Dn.gifDn.gif + B.gif/D.gif

Standing A - (Press A.gif during Chokaroh)
Nikiyaku - (Press B.gif during Chokaroh)
Getsugasosho - (Press C.gif during Chokaroh)
Far D - (Press D.gif during Chokaroh)
Zanbantetsu - (Press Dn.gif during Chokaroh)
Press B.gifD.gif to cancel stance

Zanbantetsu - Dn.gifDn.gif + A.gif/C.gif *

Getsugasosho - (Press A.gif/C.gif during Zanbantetsu)
Press Up.gif to stop crouching/cancel stance

Special Moves

Nikiyaku - Df.gif + B.gif.B.gif *

Suiho - Qcb.gif + A.gif/C.gif *

Ryu Sogeki - Qcb.gif + B.gif/D.gif *

Inshu - Rdp.gif + A.gif/C.gif (Drink up to 5 times, Increases offense 10% per drink)

Kaitenteki Kutotsuken - Hcf.gif + B.gif/D.gif *

Desperation Moves

Tohkuhitenhoh - Qcf.gifQcf.gif + A.gif/C.gif *

Tetsuzankou - (Drunk) Qcb.gifHcf.gif + A.gif/C.gif


Suisou Gouran Enbu - Qcf.gifQcf.gif + B.gifD.gif

[*] = EX version available

Chin's Move List Video

Quick Combos Reference

0 Stock, No Drive Gauge


d.B, s.A, d.B, s.A, qcb A (so you can drink) = 149 dmg
s.B, Quickie Punches, Far C, df.B, qcb A = 218 dmg
s.C, Far C, df.B, qcb A = 215 dmg

0 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge


s.C, Far C, df B, qcb A. [DC] hcf B, df.B(whiff)~B = 316 dmg
s.C, Far C, df B, qcb A. [DC] hcf D, df.B~B, s.C = 389 dmg

1 Stock, 1+ Drive Gauge

Low, Anywhere
80% of screen

d.B, s.A, d.B, Ex df K, hcf B, df.B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, df B x3~B, s.C = 383 dmg (
s.C, Far C, Ex hcf K, hcf B, df.B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, df Bx2~B, s.C = 571 dmg
s.C, Far C, Ex hcf K, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df B, hcf B, (Ex df K, hcf D,) df B x4~B, s.C = 538 dmg
df D, QP, s.C, Far C, Ex hcf K, hcf B, df.B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, df B x4~B, s.C = 533 dmg


Gameplay Notes

First of all, why Chin?  He's the only small character in XIII yet he doesn't have the typical advantages of being small which is annoying (In XII, he was small enough to duck certain moves without doing anything, such as Robert's forward A which now hits a crouching Chin in XIII).  The purpose, is to annoy the hell out of people with the limited, but well thought-out moveset he has.  Although, he mainly has one or two combos with many variations to it, he has many combo starters as mentioned in the combo section (Overhead, d.B combos, hcf+K, df.B as an anti air, counter and so forth). Master him and people will stop underestimating "just the gimmicky old guy". The biggest threat about Chin is that he makes the opponents have to play Chin's game.

[ Info Needed ]
Pros Cons
  • Great against mid-projectilers (or similar) like Andy, Ash, Ryo, Robert, Takuma, Mature, Elisabeth, King, Mai, Yuri, K', Athena, Kensou, Leona, Saiki and Mr Karate; decent against low-projectilers with stock.
  • Decent Ex counter and great Ex moves in general
  • Strong HD combos and damaging combos with drive plus stocks from pretty much anywhere on the screen.
  • All his optimal 1 drive 1 stock combos can put the opponent in the corner.
  • His corner combos all can start 60% of away from the corner.
  • Very strong corner game.
  • Good options and mixups / mind games
  • Overhead that leads to damaging combos
  • j.CD, s.C, Far C
  • 1F counters that lead to damaging combos
  • Drinking increases his damage 10% per swig, up to five drinks
  • His d x2+BD stance cancel shortcut and jump/hop cancel makes pressure games real interesting
  • The damage from Far C into Far C, or s.C into Far C/s.C punishes, can add up real quickly--especially if he is drunk and does good guard crush damage if done in succession
  • Easy hit confirms from lows starting with d.B, s.A/d.A x 2
  • Drinking overall can 'control' the match, forcing even the most passive opponents to want to attack him making him have one of the strongest neutral game.
  • High Risk, High reward style gameplay
  • High risk, high reward style gameplay
  • Significantly weaker without drive cancels
  • Hard to get in if the opponent is paying attention
  • Floaty jump (which makes crossups easy to read / react to as well)
  • Floaty backdash
  • Specials are mostly unsafe even factoring in the free cancels from hcf K
  • Raw overhead cannot activate HD on hit (due to it being in the air), however you can cancel the Quickie Punches into s.C into HD
  • Overhead can be punished if blocked
  • Lacks anti-air if you don't want to risk his counters
  • Low projectilers such as Kyo, Terry, Flame Iori but mainly Joe can give him a hard time
  • Ex qcb P can easily be hopped if anticipated



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


s.A: 25 damage, chain/cancellable, hits mid. Standing forward poke, average range, fast, chains into s.A/d.B and is cancellable.

s.B: 30 damage, cancellable, hits low. Standing low kick to the shin, must be blocked low, is cancellable but does not chain to any normal. Great for his high low game since it needs to be blocked low --> df + B/Quickie Punches.

s.C: 70 damage, cancellable, hits mid. His combo starter of choice, double palm to the chest--comes out fast, cancellable, good priority, and is meaty.

s.D: 70 damage, cancellable, hits mid. Leans back drunkenly while kicking forward (very drunken fist like). Comes out slower, still cancels.

Far C: 80 damage, cancellable, hits mid. New horizontal with a slight upwards swing with both arms (very drunken fist like), has deceivingly good range (in Chin terms) and it cancels as well (great to cancel into df + D, but not a true combo). If anticipated early enough, use this for anti-hops into df + B/.

Far D: 80 damage, hits mid. Longest range move for Chin, solid kick to the gut, button can be held to go into his kick stance. Also used for HD activations explained later.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


d.A: 25 damage, chain/cancellable, hits mid. Quick low hit, can still be blocked high, pretty standard, used in his BnB combos. Chains into d A, d B, st A, fast and is cancellable.

d.B: 30 damage, chain/cancellable, hits low. Front sweep, slightly slower than his d A, about the same range, is cancellable and chains into d B, d A, s A. Since it can be canceled, play around with his d.B into df.D overhead.

d.C: 70 damage, cancellable, hits mid. Slight diagonal upward elbow, not that good for anti air, and the new far C does a better job for that role. Nevertheless, it's cancellable so it's somewhat useful.

d.D: 80 damage, hits low. Real low sweep as Chin basically lies on his back and does a double thrust with his feet. Good range, good recovery but is not cancellable.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


hop A j.A: 45 (40) damage, hits overhead. Horizontal punch with a slight upward angle, fast and is a great choice for air-to-air. Use this instead of j. CD if they are already above you or started jumping before you.

hop B j.B: 45 (40) damage, hits overhead. Standard martial arts fly kick, comes out slower but stays out longer than any of his jump attacks. Decent range.

hop C j.C: 72 (70) damage, hits overhead. Chin lies horizontally in the air, good solid j. C, great priority and crosses up well.

hop Dj.D: 70 (68) damage, hits overhead. Jumps and kicks backwards while facing backwards himself drinking at the same time, it's actually a really funny animation. Good horizontal reach, decent air to air, good priority, good move for a vertical jump too. More difficult to use as a crossup but still good.

Blowback Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


s.CD: 75 damage, cancellable, hits mid. Leans forward and hits with one arm, good speed, cancellable, good range for Chin. It should be noted that due to the strange crossup mix up of XIII, avoid using his GCCD on jump ins as much since it tends to miss a lot. Use his counter qcb + B/BD instead.

hop CDj.CD: 90 (80) damage, cancellable, hits mid. Real quick horizontal swing of the foot, good horizontal range, extremely good j.CD overall (I would put it in the top 5 due to it's speed an amazing priority). One of his key tools in zoning.

GCCD: 10 damage. Guard Cancel Blowback Attack

Move Metadata

Move Damage Stun Startup On Guard Remarks
s.A 25 3 4 +2
d.A 25 3 5 0
Far A 25 3 4 +2
j.A 45 3 4 -
Hop A 40 3 4 -
s.B 30 3 4 +2
d.B 30 3 5 -1
Far B 30 3 4 +2
j.B 45 3 6 -
Hop B 40 3 6 -
s.C 70 7 4 -4
d.C 70 7 6 -3
Far C 80 7 6 -3
j.C 72 7 6 -
Hop C 70 7 6 -
s.D 70 7 5 -9
d.D 80 7 10 -15
Far D 80 7 9 -7 張果老の構え移行で+1
j.D 70 7 8 -
Hop D 68 7 8 -
s.CD 75 10 13 -1
j.CD 90 8 12 -
Hop CD 80 8 11 -
Normal Throw 100 0 0 1 端で追撃可
GCCD 4 0 13 -15 J攻撃には発生17F
Uronkochu = df D 45 6 21 -9 中断は全体29F
Suiho = qcb P 60 6 8, 15 -15
Ex Suiho = Ex qcb P 120 0 7 -1
Kaitenteki Kutotsuken = hcf K 70, 90 6 22, 25 -7, -11
Ex Kaitenteki Kutotsuken = Ex hcf K 120 0 20 -1 2nd hit -11
Nikiyaku = df B~B 20,60 2, 6 13, - -2, -13 密着、張果老中Bは発生7F
Ex Nikiyaku = df BD 40,40 0 10, - -, -4
Getsugasosho = d x2+P~P 30, 35 2 4, - -, -4
Ex Getsugasosho = Ex d x2+P~P 45, 45, 45 0 4, - +5
Ryu Sogeki = qcb K 80, 40 12, 8 1 - 全体49F 当身18F
Ex Ryu Sogeki = Ex qcb K 30, 55, 55, 80 0 1 - 24 Blockstun, 25 Hitstun
Far D (Press D during Chokaroh) = d x2+K~D 85 7 10 +1 4 frames from afar & no cancel
Chokaroh = d x2+K 0 0 1 - 解除は全体4F
Chou Karou (Kaijou) = d x2+K~BD 0 0 - - 全体16F
Drink = rdp+P 0 0 - - 全体41F(27Fで完了)
Tohkuhitenhoh (1st hit) = qcf x2+P 30 0 36(7) -19 時間停止29
Tohkuhitenhoh (2nd - 8th hit) = qcf x2+P 30 0 - -
Ex Tohkuhitenhoh (1st hit) = Ex qcf x2+P 20 0 35(6) -16
Ex Tohkuhitenhoh (2nd - 8th hit) = Ex qcf x2+P 20 0 - -
Tetsuzankou = (Drunk) qcb~hcf+A 220 0 40(11) -13 時間停止29
Tetsuzankou = (Drunk) qcb~hcf+C 180 0 47(18) -23 時間停止29
Suisou Gouran Enbu (1st hit) = qcfx2+BD 14 0 73(14) - 時間停止59
Suisou Gouran Enbu (2nd - 27th hit) = qcfx2+BD 14 0 - -
Air Suisou Gouran Enbu (1st hit) = air qcfx2+BD 14 0 63(23) -
Air Suisou Gouran Enbu (2nd - 27th hit) = air qcfx2+BD 14 0 - -


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Bangeki = b/f+C/D close 100 damage. Chin grabs the opponent and does a double palm to the chest.

Command Moves

Uronkochu = df+D 45 damage, hits overhead.

  • Overhead flipkick. Can be combo out of (Quickie Punch) but too slow to combo into.

∟> Overhead Feint (If you press and hold the D button OR if you tap D again during Uronkochu)

∟> Getsugasosho (Press punch after the overhead and it'll do Getsugasosho {"quickie punches or QP"}

Kamae = Far D (hold)

  • Goes into kick stance.

Chokaroh = d,d+K

  • Chin hops onto one foot. Pressing fwd and back makes him skip/hop rapidly in that direction like a Pogo stick. You can hop or jump out of it (the jump is new to XIII) but you can not block. Can be free canceled into any special and has multiple follow ups. New to XIII, he can now throw an opponent by pushing forward or backward C in this stance. Note, this does have a whiff animation and acts as a normal throw--hence he the throw can be broken out of.

∟> Standing A (Press A during Chokaroh)

∟> "df B" Nikiyaku (Press B during Chokaroh)

  • This version has a slightly faster startup than doing it outside of his stance.

∟> Standing C (Press C during Chokaroh--in the arcade version it would do his Quickie Punches)

∟> Far D (Press D during Chokaroh)

  • Does 85 damage instead and leaves you with +1 frames

∟> Chou Karou (Kaijou) = BD

  • Cancels his stance (Press BD during Chokaroh) There is a special shortcut to go straight into this animation, and since the move itself is cancelable, it enables him to link hits that normally wouldn't combo (e.g. s.C into far C). The shortcut is performed d x2+BD.

Zanbantetsu = d,d+P

  • Chin crosses his feet and squats down real low. He has total upper body invincibility, even d As and most jump attacks miss him (curiously Duo Lon's d A is the only known exception). Just like his kick stance, he can now throw an opponent by pushing forward or backward C. In trade, he has lost his ability (from KOF XII) to cancel the stance into a d B while squatting. You can free cancel his stance into any special. You can also cancel into his overhead df D from this stance. Pressing up will end the stance early.

∟> Getsugasosho (Press A/C during Zanbantetsu)

  • The follow up are two quick hits with both hands and has very high priority. It can be free canceled into any special. Ex version does 3 hits (only the last hit can be cancelled) and the third hit draws the opponent back to him and you can follow that up with a s.C (Perfect for HD activation). The Ex version needs to be done close for the third hit to connect and hence even if you did one d.B before the Ex version the third hit will miss. The only thing that will combo into the Ex version and have all three connect is df.D, QP, Ex QP.

(EX) = AC (after doing d x2+P)

- Cancellable

- Hit Detection: Mid

- Damage: 30+35/45x3

Special Moves

Nikiyaku (EX) = df+B.B [1] 20+60/40x2 damage, cancelable, hits mid.

  • Kyo-like kick diagonally upwards, you can press B again during the first kick to kick again (a la Ex Kyo/old school Kyo). Landing automatically puts you into the kick stance which can canceled into any special. Must anticipate early on if you want to use df B as an anti-air and do not use if they they are nearly above you. If you connect one df B in the air you can juggle with another df B or qcb + A. The Ex version automatically does the second hit for you and launches the opponent higher into the air but is not very good as a raw anti air.

Suiho (EX) = qcb+P 60/120 damage

  • A quick hit to the face with the back of his fist. A version is quick, C version is slower and used mainly for specific juggles; C version has upper body invincibility. Deceivingly good range and recovery but not safe especially if done close. Ex version does more damage and setups specific juggles. You can drive/super/Ex cancel out of it.

Ryu Sogeki (EX) = qcb+K 80/40/40+70x2+80 damage

  • Chin walks backwards 1-2 steps (lasts only 1 second in the console version) in a seemingly drunken state with his head down awaiting for an attack; this move is a counter. The B counter counters all specials, and air attacks and even counters projectiles. For the B counter, he'll flip backwards immediately so a df + B will connect depending on how deep the attack was, or a well timed hcf + B. The D counter counters low hitting normals and some attacks that hit at his waist level. He'll do one cancelable s.D (note, if you don't cancel the s.D the opponent will have frame advantage) allowing you to cancel out of it. NOTE:The follows ups to the B and D counter are switched in the arcade version. EX Counter counters everything, he'll do a series of four hits (s.A, s.D, s.C, s.CD) that can be free-cancelled into any special but the best follow up is a hcf + K. The EX counter does 199 damage in the console version but the active frames are incredibly short.

Drink = rdp+P

  • Drink. Chin takes a swig from his gourd and he gets darker in color as his drink counter increases; the max you can drink is 5 drinks. Every drink Chin increases his offense damage by 10% and in the console version, he takes no penalty whatsoever. He will lose a drink counter every time he's knocked off his feet.

Kaitenteki Kutotsuken (EX)= hcf+K 70/90/120 damage

  • Chin rolls across the ground and ends in a backfast to the chest area. B doesn't go as far although D seems to startup quicker. This move radicalized Chin's gameplay from XII (which was strong already) since it allows you to free cancel into any special (no stances/supers). Of course you can chose to deplete a cancel and super cancel into one of his DMs if you like. Mid fireballers have to watch or even stop throwing them completely lest they want to eat a 40%+ combo as the D will go under mid fireballs (Even Mature's regular one). Chin's hcf B can go under the fireball of these four characters: Andy's, Ash's, Saiki's and King's. It cannot go under Robert's, Takuma's, Mature's, Mai's, K's, Athena's and Kensou's. EX version is much faster and is invincible during the roll but not the start. Most common specials to free cancel into are qcb + A or df B but you can juggle with hcf + B so you don't waste a drive cancel. The Ex hcf + K is pretty safe leaving you at a -1 frame disadvantage.

Desperation Moves

Tohkuhitenhoh = qcf x2+P

  • Chin flies forward with a spinning headbut a la Jackie Chan. Normally does 8 hits if they all connect and the EX version does 16 hits. The EX versions combos off a d B, d A, and off a df + B but the normal version can only be comboed off a df + BD or super canceled off a hcf + B or C.

(EX) = qcf x2+AC -

- Max Cancelable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 30x7/20x16

Tetsuzankou = (Drunk) qcb~hcf+P

  • Chin turns around and slams his back into the opponent a la Xiang Fei. A version is quicker and combos off df + Bs, it is a hard knockdown--always drink afterwards. C version is slower but has wire damage and can be followed up into the A version or into qcb + A juggle combos. C version also combos off his Getsugasosho.

- Max Cancelable

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 220/180


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv. Hit On Block Invulnerability
- - - - - - - -


Suisou Gouran Enbu = qcfx2+BD (also in air)

  • Chin breathes fire out like 2k2UM. The player can control the direction of the flames. This move can be performed in the air however it does three less hits. Although the damage output is lower than most NeoMaxes, it can be easily followed up with a df B, DM, or a well tell hcf B if juggled correctly.

- Hit Detection: High

- Damage: 14x27(14x24)



Chin's 1 drive 1/2 stock combos are so incredibly crucial to his gameplay that you would be forgiven not doing HD combos. He averages 500+ basically off any scenario, anywhere on the screen. We're not even talking about drinking once or twice which you should always do per round. Master these combos and your opponent will be staying clear of you.

Although the combos below are technically 1 drive 2 stock combos (remove the parenthesis if you only want to burn 1 stock), most if not all, replenishes 100% (or damn near) of your bar:

1 drive 2 stocks

Combo (1): (midscreen) (starter), Ex hcf K, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df B, hcf B, (Ex df K, hcf D,) df B x2~B, s.C


a) j.C, s.C, far C - [663]

b) s.C, far C - [637]

c) s.C, s.C - [627]

d) s.C - [600]

e) d.B, Quickie Punches, far C - [570]

Combo (2): (anywhere) (starter), Ex hcf K, hcf B, df B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, (Ex df K, hcf D,) df B x3~B, s.C

a) - [633]

b) - [605]

c) - [595]

d) - [486]

e) - [443]

Combo (3): (anywhere) (starter), df B, qcb A, [DC} hcf B, Ex qcb P, hcf B, (Ex df K, hcf D,) df B x2~B, s.C

a) - [606]

b) - [576]

c) - [566]

d) - [534]

e) - [519]

1 drive 1 stock light hit starter

-(midscreen) d.B, s.A, d.B, Ex df K, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df B, hcf B, df B x2~B, s.C

-(anywhere) d.B, s.A, d.B, Ex df K, hcf B, df B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, df B x3~B, s.C (

Flow Chart

Chin has two main combo routes and depending on where you on the screen, two versions. The most damaging one requires you to be at least 80% from the corner (almost full screen). Note that all s.C that are combo into can far C if you use the stance cancel technique (s.C, dx2+BD, Far C). The Flow Chart might look daunting at first, but once learn the combo routess you will see they are just derivatives of each other.


a) j.B / j.C / j.D / crossup C, s.C, Far C--> ➀ or ➁

b) (df.D) / (s.A, d.B,), Quickie Punches (dwn x2+P.P), (Ex Quickie Punch), s.C, Far C--> ➀ or ➁

c) (d.B, d.A) / (s.A, d.B), df.BD, hcf B--> ➀ⓐ or ➀ⓑ

d) hcf+D (for mid projectiles), qcb A, [DC] hcf K, df BD, hcf K, df B x n~B, s.C (End)

g) Ex hcf+K for ground projectiles and low hits (add an optional Ex qcb P), hcf+B--> ➀ⓐ or ➀ⓑ

h) D Counter--> ➀

i) B counter, hcf B--> ➀ⓐ

j) df.B as an anti air--> ➀ⓐ

Combo route ➀ (Ex hcf K, hcf B)

(Starter), Ex hcf K, hcf B-->

  • {➀ⓐAnywhere} df B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, {df.BD, hcf B,} df B x3~B-->
  • {➀ⓑmidscreen} qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df B, hcf B, df B x n~B-->

Combo route ➁ (df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf B)

(Starter), df.B, qcb+A, [DC] hcf B

  • {➁ⓐprimary} Ex qcb P, hcf B, df B x2~B-->
  • {➁ⓑCorner extender} Ex df K, hcf K, df B x n~B-->


-Corner juggling the df.Bs in the corner really depends on your distance and height. You will be eventually learn to eye how many to use before finishing it.

-{Ex df K, hcf+K,}x n (see ➁ⓑ) can be repeated as many times as you have stocks. It's perfect to use if you're sitting on stocks. If you're already in the corner, use hcf D after the Ex df K for more damage. Midscreen, use hcf B and you might have to slightly delay the hcf Bto get it to juggle correctly.

-(➁ⓑ midscreen) if you cancel Ex df B as early as possible off the hcf B, you can actually juggle another (hcf B, df B) before ending the juggle. Hence: Ex df K, (hcf B, df)x2, ~B-->

-Learning ➁ⓐ is crucial for the corner normal throw damage (minus the very first df B).

Combo ender notes


  • Best damage for non-stock finishers and is a reset for mixups (Hop/Jump cancels, s.A into punch stance-->delay throw, s.C x2 pressure, s.C into overhead or overhead cancel).

-qcb A (omit the df.B~B follow up: df B x n, qcb A)

  • Good to bait a recovery roll after the qcb A. Attempt a normal throw them into the corner for big damage

-qcb~hcf+A (must drink first and guarantees a drink AFTER the super)

  • Only worthwhile way to spend one stock for a DM

-Ex qcf x2+P DM (omit the df.B~B follow up: df B x n, Ex DM)

  • Good damage if you're not doing a long combo otherwise it suffers from damage scaling

Note: Doing most of the combos mentioned, will replenish approximately 80% of his stock gauge!  


Non-Drive combos

  • No stock:

-s.C, s.C, df.B, s.C/qcb A ~ 205 dmg

  • 1 stock:

-s.C, Far C, Ex hcf K, hcf B, df.B, Far D~ 392 dmg

  • 2 stocks:

-s.A, d.B, QP, Ex hcf K, Ex qcb P, hcf B, df.B.B (393dmg)

-s.A, d.B, QPx3, df.B, Ex qcf x2+AC DM  (408dmg)

  • 3 stocks:

-s.A, d.B, QP, Ex hcf K, hcf B, df.B, Ex DM (~511dmg depending on # of hits on Ex DM)

-With a j.D, s.C, Ex hcf K starter it's 529dmg for 19 hits

-Just for kicks, here's the same combo after drinking five times


-Ex qcb K, (Ex hcf K (,Ex qcb P)) hcf B, df B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, df.B x3~B-->

-{midscreen}, Ex qcb K, (Ex hcf K (,Ex qcb P)), hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df B, hcf B, df B x n~B-->

-Ex qcb P, [DC] hcf B, df B x2~3, s.C

-(if you're not right next to him) Ex qcb P, [DC] hcf B, df B, hcf B-->

  • It cannot overstate how good his Ex qcb+P it has full invincibility, -1 on block, and can be [DC]'d into longer combos.

-You can also time a d x2+P, punch stance, and crouch any non-low attacks. As long as you time the Quickie Punches (just press C during the punch stance) when they land, you can do a full combo.

-qcb C does have upper body invincibility but you have to time it well as you step forward sightly.

Counter Starters

a){midscreen} Ex qcb K, hcf B, df.B, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, df.BD, hcf B, df.B x4, s.A (16 hits, 2 stocks 1 drive, 525dmg)

  • You can start off with 1 stock and you should build 1 more stock by the time you finish your combo

b) qcb D, Ex hcf K, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df.B, hcf B, df.BD, hcf B, df.B x4, s.A

c) Ex qcb K, Ex hcf K, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df.B, hcf B, df.B x3, s.A (14 hits, 2 stocks 1 drive, 570dmg)

  • Again, more damage than the first 2 combos, but it depends on how much you start with.  

d) Ex qcb K, Ex hcf K, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df.B, hcf B, df.BD, hcf B, df.B x4, s.A (18 hits, 3 stocks 1 drive, 628dmg)

  • Use this one if you started off with 2 stocks 1 drive and you're confident that you'll build 1 more in time

e) qcb B, df B x1~3, qcb A, [DC] hcf D, df BD, hcf D, df B x2~B, s.C

Drink DM combos

-(drink) df.D, Quickie Punches, qcb~hcf+C (wires), qcb~hcf+A (has to be the opposite direction)

-(drink) df+D, Quickie Punches, qcb~hcf+C (wires), qcb+A, [DC] hcf+B, Ex df+BD, hcf+B, df+B, qcb~hcf+A 64% damage (3 stocks, 1 drive, 1 drink)

Corner normal throw combos

-(Throw) qcb A

-(Throw), DM

-(Throw), Ex DM

-(Throw), qcb A, [DC] hcf B, Ex qcb P, hcf B, df B~B, s.C - 480dmg

-(Throw), qcb A, [DC] hcf B, Ex qcb P, hcf B, Ex df K, hcf D, df B~B, s.C

-(Throw), qcb A, [DC] hcf B, Ex qcb P, hcf B, df B~B, Ex DM

Double Ex fun

-df.D, d x2+P.P, hcf+BD, qcb+AC, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df.B, hcf B, df.BD, hcf B, df.B x2~B, s.C (~606dmg, 16 hits, 3 stock 1 drive)

Special notes about this combo :1) The more Quickie Punches you do (1, 2 or 3 sets) the less damage it deals due to damage scaling.  

  • 1 set of QP does 18 hits 597dmg  
  • 2 sets of QP does 20 hits 575dmg
  • 3 sets of QP does 22 hits 550dmg.  

Hence, do 1 set to prevent damage scaling especially if you wanna add a Ex Dm.  

2) You would think that by doing more Quickie Punches, you at least build more meter; not the case, I don't know why but it's exactly the same whether you do 1 set of QP or 3 sets which leads me to...

3) This combo charges exactly 1 full bar so although you're using 3 stocks and 1 drive, it's really just 2 stocks plus 1 drive (real cool).

4) If you omit the Ex qcb+AC it'll be 17hits for 529dmg.

-df.D, QP, s.C, Far C, Ex hcf BD, Ex qcb AC, hcf B, qcb C, [DC] hcf D, df.B, hcf B, df BD, hcf D, df B~B, s.C (18 hits, 3 stocks 1 drive, 660dmg) (

  • Slightly more damage than the combo listed above, both are 3 stocks 1 drive.  The key to discern which to use is how many stocks you are begin with.  
  • If you have 3 stocks 1 drive to begin with, go for this one.  
  • If you only have 2 stocks 1 drive then do the 597 one and you should be able to build a full stock to add the df.BD in the end.


-Chin's overhead cannot active [HD] because the command normal is in the air

  • Remember in XIII, if you press the BC activation slightly delayed (as the hit is about to retract) then it'll perform a s.C, otherwise if you press BC early (as-soon-as-possible all the way till the hit first hit connects), it'll do an auto-dash which you can cancel yourself into a s.C


-s.C/far C, (s.C/far D,) HD, s.C/far C, s.C/far C/far D-->

  • Once again, to do a far C after the s.C use his stance cancel shortcut: s.C, d x2+BD~C

-d.B, d.A / s.A, (slight delay) BC--> will perform d.B, d.A / s.A, (HD) s.C-->

-You can also tack on a strong normal, s.C/far C/far D after the Quickie Punches (d x2+K~C/d x2+BD~C/d x2+K~D)

-df D, Quickie Punches, Ex Quickie Punches, s.C, HD, s.C-->

-df D, Quickie Punches, s.C x2, HD, s.C-->

-You can do s.C, qcb+BC and it'll do his qcb C+HD.  

-NEW! Seemingly, Chin's strongest HD combo variation yet: (Full credit goes to No.17's friend Kantoku, translations done by No.17)

The beauty of this HD combo it's a full screen wall-to-wall carry so it's worth your time learning it. With Chin's stocks being so useful, it is probably not worth doing the 1 stock finish unless it kills the opponent.

  • s.C, HD, s.C, (qcb+A, [HC] hcf+D)x2, df.B, qcb+C [HC] hcf+D, qcb+A,[HC] hcf+D, df.B, hcf+B ~
    • qcb C, [HC] hcf+D, df.B, hcf+B, df.B ~
      • ~B, s.C 700dmg 0 stock finish
      • df.B, qcfx2+P DM 750dmg 1 stock finish
    • df.B~B, [HC] qcf x2+BD NM (straight up), (hcf B, df.B)x2 ~
  • Fun fact: If you take the aforementioned 4 stocks combo and start it with a s.C, far D, HD, s.C, far's 1001dmg

Easy 3 stock+HD high damage

-s.C, Far D, HD, s.C, Ex hcf K, hcf B (qcb C, [HC] hcf D, df B, hcf B) x3, df B~B, [HC] qcf x 2 K NM, (hcf B, df B)x2, df B~B, s.C 962 dmg (49 hits)

3 stock+HD+drink 100%

-j.D, s.C, qcb~hcf+BC, (qcb A, [HC] hcf D) x2, (df.B, qcb C, [HC] hcf D) x3, df.B x3, qcf x2+AC DM (

3 stock+HD NO drinking 100%

-(mid screen) j.C, s.C, far D, HD, s.C, far D, Ex hcf K, hcf B (qcb C, [HC] hcf D, df B, hcf B) x3, qcb A, [HC] NM, hcf B, df B~B, s.C for 51hits 1005dmg

-j.C, s.C, far D, HD, s.C, far D, (qcb+A, [HC] hcf+D)x2, df.B, qcb+C [HC] hcf+D, qcb+A,[HC] hcf+D, df.B, hcf+B, df B, qcb A, [HC] qcf x2+BD NM, hcf B, df Bx3, qcf x2+P DM 1016dmg

Double Ex HD

-s.C, HD, s.C, Ex hcf K, Ex qcb P, (hcf B, qcb C, [HC] hcf D, df.B) x4, hcf B, df.B~B, s.C (,hcf~b+P / rdp+P drink optional) 825dmg

-d.B, d.A, BC, s.C, Ex hcf K, hcf B, (qcb+C, [HC] hcf D, df.B, hcf.B) x4, df.B x2, Ex DM 40hits for 892dmg:


Let's start with far range.  There's not much you can do here except prepare to hcf+K any whiffed moves.  The D version goes about 70% of the screen and of course if they have mid fireballs, which roughly 1/3 of the cast do, remind them not to mess around with you.  If they have a ground fireball like Terry and Kyo, only his Ex version will be suffice but there are still ways around it (note, Ryo, Robert and Takuma's HSKK projectile is still consider a mid fireball despite the size).  You can either qcb B the fireball and cancel into hcf D, go into the kick stance and tap forward and you carefully skip over the fireball if you time it correctly (tap fwd in kick stance). In the meantime, while near full screen away, steal drinks when you can.  After one or two drinks usually, the opponent will approach you to prevent you from drinking.  

Another useful tool from fireball happy opponents is to use his qcb+B counter to prevent any block damage (Chin triggers his counter but neither party takes damage and the projectile is negated). Eventually opponents will wise up and will try to punish you if you go for the counter.  Against characters like Robert or Andy, use his punch stance (d x2+P) to crouch under the projectile, if they use any attack afterwards like Zaneiken or Robert's Flying Kick HSPK, cancel his stance into his qcb+B counter--punish them at will.  

Often times you can bait them to throw a mid fireball without them really thinking.  e.g.  Try hcf+D (blocked), qcb+B...  Chin will proceed to walk backwards.  You'll be surprised how many people try to punish you which is when you remind them about your hcf+K or qcb+B (again).

Mid range - Now we enter more of Chin's comfort zone.  df B covers good horizontal distance but make sure you don't abuse it too much because a blocked df.B can be punished despite it leaving you at -2F (unless done at point blank range, -3F, which is never recommended).  Of course if used preemptively, it's a good anti-air and another good anti-air is his vertical j.CD.  Play around with his Far C into df+B and you'd be surprised how effective it is against hops.  Against jump-ins use his qcb+B counter. If they are baiting your counter with empty jump ins do an early j.CD and drink immediately when you land. Essentially you want to being doing j.CD a lot be it vertical forward or backward depending and drinking a lot. On the offense use Far C into df.D, good reach and deceptive.  Sometimes, it's even good to use hcf+K to escape underneath your opponent as they jump towards you.   Be prepared to punish with hcf+K or the Ex version.

Close range - Chin's sweet spot.  Here's when the mix up games begin.  Crossup C and jump B mixups, d.Bs with overheads loops mixups can seriously drive your opponent mad.  When they are tired of your barrage of attacks, let loose a well timed Ex counter and let them think again about attacking.  Don't forget Chin's d x2+P now has a foward+C followup which is a normal C throw. Using his d x2 punch stance is a great anti air.

  • Since, Chin will not correct his direction for the follow up throw if the opponent is behind you (he'll whiff the throw grabbing forward even if you hold back+C), you can do the overhead db.D if they are behind you. Alternatively, cancel his punch stance into any of his specials like df B, qcb C (seems to have a decent amount of invincibilty), qcb B all the opposite direction of course.

So you start with a Crossup C, they block it, you can either go for a d.B into overhead, or s.C into overhead, both are relatively safe but they can still throw you if they're paying attention.  If your d.B connects you can go for s.A x1~2 into qcb+A... or just go for another overhead.  If they block your d.B, d.A/s.A, you can do the overhead feint (df.D and hold the D) into d.B combos.

If they start blocking high too much, sweep them with a down D and start the crossup/overhead/d.B/counter mix ups again.  Don't forget, holding df.D or pressing D again does Chin's overhead fake so you can do d.B combos or just throw them.

Sometimes when they wake up it's good to go for his punch stance and either Quickie Punch them/ throw them/ or cancel into his counter.  Don't forget both of his stances cancel into any special.

Let's say they block your overhead, tack on at least one set of Quickie Punches (coming from an overhead, you just tap C but mash d x2 and P after the first set if you wish to continue).  If they block your quickie punch you can go for another overhead (!) or cancel into his kick stance (d x2+K) and jump over them and start attacking once more.

A more advance block string is j.C, s.C, kick stance, cancel into crossup C.  

Far C is an extremely abusive normal, it has decent range, cancelable into his df B, and cancelable into specials. Far C --> d x2+BD pressure is very hard to deal with, just make sure you walk slightly forward to make them block the second Far C. Far C into hop cancel into j.CD is very hard to deal with (Far C, d x2+K, Hop immedidiately j.CD). The aforementioned hop cancel leaves the opponent in a staggering 17F of block stun making him have only a couple of frames of movements before having to block the j.CD. Note: If you do the Far C, d x2+BD cancel you recover faster but so does the opponent.

Coming from a Chin user, Chin is real annoying to fight against once you really understand how many different options you have at your disposal.  After some reflection, what's annoying about Chin isn't necessary his damage (which is pretty high relatively speaking) but simply coz he makes you play HIS game. Playing against an experience Chin user definitely makes you have to play differently.  If you factor in his different options to administer this torture, and you're grinning from ear to ear.

Guidelines and Tips

I've spent most of the time talking about block strings and mind-game mix ups since you can read the combo section about what to do if it connects. Basically...

-Try to drink whenever you can but remember you are pretty vulnerable during the drink so do it after j.CDs, qcb+As and drink super.

-As long as I have one drink, I'll try to finish the df.B combos with his qcb~hcf+A. Burning a meter for the ender: Ex df K, hcf D, df B~B, s.C does more damage but the drink super does a hardknock down so you can drink some more. Drinking cannot be overstated how useful it is in console because it takes no penalty for doing so. Even if you have 5 drinks, it'll still meter for drinking.  

-If I have only one stock, I'll save it for his Ex qcb P (his qcfx2+P DM is pretty much not worth using, and will not connect after his df.B anymore (unlike XII). I'll even go for an Ex hcf K starter (which can only be started from a strong hit or QP) into hcf B -->

-Make sure you have 1 drive gauge otherwise it severely limits his options (s.C, df.B, qcb+A, [DC], hcf+K...) hence Chin as a 2nd or 3rd character is generally wiser than being first although you can kinda compensate the lack of drive by drinking.

-If you find yourself without drive or gauge: s.C, df.B, qcb+A/s.C, Drink (after knocking away the opponent sneak some drinks in)

-If you lack a drive cancel but have stocks go for Ex hcf K starters, or raw Ex qcb P and drink some more.

-Anytime you connect with qcb~hcf+A, drink away safely (even in the corner).  

-Don't under estimate 5 drinks = 150% damage.  A normal 40-60% combo is now 60-80% best illustrated here: (

-Under too much pressure and have 3 stocks?  Ex counter, hcf+B, df.B, Ex qcf x2+AC.

-If I have more than 3 stocks I'll either save it for combos or if I'm playing someone I better finish off, extend your df.BD, hcf D corner loops.  e.g. df.B, qcb A, [DC], hcf+D, (df.BD, hcf+K)x 1~3, df.B x2, Ex qcf x2+AC.

-Full drive gauge and if the opportunity arises, go for his HD which is good considering he does 60%+ damage with no stock.

-Quickie Punches only combos off strong attacks or 1 light hit; exception is d.A / s.A, d.B, QP because the d.B moves him slightly forward.

-Due to damage scaling, do as few QP as possible before continuing your combo.

-Only do 3 sets of QP if you don't have any stocks and want to build meter.

-The timing for Ex hcf K after the QP is real tight, basically as fast as you can. When you do the first hit of the QP start inputing the motion. Better yet, work on your stance cancels such as QP, s.C, s.C or Far C variants into Ex hcf K

Frame Traps and Links

  • L = Link, can be a frame trap as well.
  • LO = Link only, not a frame trap.
  • "(n) frame gap" = The amount of frames that opponent has to counter a frame trap.

1.) st. A > far C - 4 frame gap between st. A and far C.

2.) st. A > cl. C (L) - 2 frame gap between st. A and cl. C.

3.) st. A > cr. C - 4 frame gap between st. A and cr. C.

4.) cr. A > cl. C - 4 frame gap between st. A and cl. C.

5.) st. B > st. B - 2 frame gap between st. B and st. B.

6.) st. B > cr. B - 3 frame gap between st. B and cr. B.

7.) st. B > cl. C - 2 frame gap between st. B and cl. C.

8.) st. B > cl. D - 3 frame gap between st. B and cl. D.

9.) d, d+A/C > d, d+D (LO)

Character Matchups

Andy Bogard

Ash Crimson

Athena Asamiya

Benimaru Nikaido

Billy Kane

Chin Gentsai

Clark Still

Duo Lon

Elisabeth Branctorche

Goro Daimon

Hwa Jai

Iori Yagami (Claw)

Iori Yagami (Flame)

Joe Higashi


Kim Kaphwan


Kula Diamond

Kyo Kusanagi (XIII)

Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS)

Leona Heidern

Mai Shiranui




Ralf Jones

Robert Garcia

Ryo Sakazaki


Shen Woo

Sie Kensou

Takuma Sakazaki

Mr. Karate

Terry Bogard


Yuri Sakazaki


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