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The King of Fighters XV


General Gameplan





Safe jumps

All safe jumps work vs 4 frame reversals unless otherwise noted

  • C throw > 2B, hop/hyper hop - corner only due to distance
  • [2]8BD > hop/hyper hop - works raw and in combos
  • 2426K/BD > cl.A, neutral/forward jump - corner only due to cl.A proximity
  • 66A j.214D > 2A, hyper hop - works from any juggle, 66A needs to hit as low as possible
  • 214Cx3 > roll or hyper hop, hyper hop - only works from grounded hit
  • 214P~9K~2K > manual hop/hyper hop


  • [2]8D~2D > manual meaty cl.A/2A 214A

Midscreen only - works in typical combos regardless of height - no safe jump here - catches back dash and can confirm rekkas on hit - outside of throw range - close enough so that 214A doesn’t whiff vs crouch block, but pushes outside the range of 4f lights - can technically do this anywhere but the spacing is set up automatically here (don’t move)

  • [2]8D~2D > 6B

Beats 4f normals - loses to reversal throw due to forward movement, can still break - 4 or 6 w/ BC QM input will break throw as well

Countering Kim

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