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  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl. A is a standing elbow that can chain up to 2 hits and can combo into dp + A or f + B.
  • cl. B is a low kick that can chain up to 2 hits and can combo into dp + A or f + B.
  • cl. C is a 2-hit uppercut. This move can be canceled at any point of execution.
  • cl. D is a move that deceivingly looks like a low trip, but it is a special mid (can be blocked with either standing or crouching block).


  • st. A is a straight jab. This move is actually pretty fast, as it comes out about as fast as jabs in Fighter's History Dynamite. This move cannot be canceled into anything.
  • st. B is a mid kick, which can be used as a mid-range poke. This move cannot be canceled into anything.
  • st. C is a standing hook. This is the only move that can be canceled into a special.
  • st. D is roundhouse kick.


  • cr. A is a ducking punch with special-mid properties. It can chain up to 2 hits and can combo into dp + A or f + B.
  • cr. B is a low hitting kick that can chain up to 3 hits. If desired, cr. B can chain into cr. A and into either dp + A or f + B.
  • cr. C is a slow moving uppercut that can be canceled into f + C and/or any special for a combo.
  • cr. D is a long sweep. Nothing is guaranteed after this move.


  • All jumping attacks can be canceled into aerial specials (qcb + B/D or qcf + B/D).
  • j. A is an air punch attack that can be used to cross up, safe jump in, or it can be canceled into an aerial move for some mixup potential.
  • j. B is a jumping knee attack. The hitbox is higher than j. A, so it can't be used to cross up.
  • j. C is an alternate version of j. A, in where K' drops his other hand lower than the j. A version. There are a few options here just as there are in j. A, but there's a slight difference. Because the hitbox is lower, this move hits quicker when attempting a safe jump in, allowing the mixups to be applied with no real fear of GCFS, unless the opponent has a full bar. This is obviously not a good move to use against characters with dp reversal potential.
  • j. D is a fly kick that can be canceled into an aerial special.

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow K' to do counter with f + A, and he will then tag out.


Shot Pile: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken. Normal knockdown. From this throw, qcf + B/D can be used to apply mixups if desired.

Command Moves

One Inch: f + A

  • K' steps forward and does a punch similar to Bruce Lee's "One Inch Punch". On a normal hit this move knocks down, but on counter hit, it causes a counter wire in which the opponent bounces off of the wall. K' can combo from counter wire hits. If this move is used in a link (i.e. - cl. C > f + A) it just acts as a normal hit that can be canceled into a special.

Knee Assault: f + B

  • K' does a short jumping knee that can be canceled into an aerial special.

Special Moves

Iron Trigger: qcf + A/C

  • K' throws his arm out, and emits a giant circular flame. Button strength only determines the damage for the initial hit. There are different moves that can be done from this move.

Second Shot: During Iron Trigger, f + B

  • K' kicks that flame he just threw out from qcf + A/C. There's no damage distinction here, nor is there a difference in projectile speed.

Second Shell: During Iron Trigger, f + D

  • K' does a flaming kick that launches the opponent and allows for a combo.

Black Out: During Iron Trigger, b + B/D

  • K' cancels his flame with a teleport dash. Button strength determines whether he teleports in front of (B) or behind (D) the opponent.

Crow Bites: dp + A/C

  • K' does an uppercut attack. Button strength determines the arc, and the number of hits. A does 1 hit, and C does 4 hits. If dp + C is used, pressing f + B/D will add an extra hit.

Minutes Spike: qcb + B/D

  • K' does an air kick attack. This move can be done in the air, and be canceled into either air qcb + B/D or air qcf + B/D.

Narrow Spike: During Ground Minute Spike qcb + B/D

  • K' does his dash teleport, but it actually hits, allowing him to combo this move with a DM.

Air Trigger: During Ground Minute Spike or in the air qcf + B/D

  • K' throws a fireball from the air. Button strength determines the angle at which the fireball flies to the ground.

Desperation Moves

Heaven's Drive: qcf x2 + B/D

  • K' does a series of dp + A/C and finishes with an air kick.

Heat Drive: qcf x2 A/C (hold button to charge)

  • K' does a dashing punch that launches the opponent in the sky. This is a very good move, as it allows K' to combo with this move. This move can be charged by holding either A or C. At max charge, this move becomes unblockable. It also does a considerable amount of guard damage.

Chain Drive: qcf, hcb + A/C

  • K' tosses his shades towards the opponent. If they hit, he continues with a ranbu combo ending with a f + A attack. If the shades do not hit, or if they're blocked, there's a very long recovery time, allowing the opponent to get a free combo.

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:


(more to be updated)

Color Palettes

  • --Note: The "S" button is the start button.--


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