Blue Mary 02

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1. Victor Nage - b/f+C

  • Mary knocks the opponent to the ground and elbows them, knocking them in the direction opposite the one she was facing
  • hard knockdown
  • very useful throw that has many possible crossup setups afterwards. Discussed in strategy section

2. Head Throw - b/f+D

  • Mary grabs the opponent and throws them over her head in the direction opposite the one she was facing
  • the opponent will get up with their back turned

Command Normals

1. Hammer Arch - b/f+A

  • Mary hops forward slightly and performs a two-handed hammerfist that doesn't knockdown on impact unless it hits an airborn opponent(in which case, it is a hard knockdown)
  • Mary is considered airborn throughout most of this move but the when the contact is made, she is considered grounded
  • this move is very useful in combos but is punishable by some things even on hit, if it isn't cancelled
  • overhead
  • cancellable only to DMs if not cancelled into
  • cancellable if cancelled into

2. Double Rolling - b/f+B

  • Mary performs a two hit kicking move that does very good damage
  • hits low on the second hit
  • cancellable on the second hit
  • great move to use in combos for the damage adn cancellability, but can be guard rolled and punished if blocked

Special Moves

1. Spin Fall - qcf+P

  • Mary jumps into the air with a kick that does not knockdown
  • he initial qcf+A makes her jump higher but less horizontally than qcf+C. It also has better recovery on block than qcf+C
  • qcf+A is an overhead
  • the followup qcf+P can be performed after this move connects. It will only come out only if the move hits and not if it's blocked or whiffs
  • the followup is a hard knockdown
  • free cancellable into

2. Vertical Arrow - dp+K

  • Mary performs a very fast rising attack that knocks the opponent down
  • initial dp+B(not dp+D) is supercancellable on the first hit, though you have to be close to the opponent for the first hit to connect
  • free cancellable out of on the first hit
  • free cancellable into
  • can be followed up with another dp+K which will grab the opponent out of the air. This move only connects if the initial dp+K hit and was not blocked or whiffed
  • the followup dp+K is a hard knockdown and the opponent gets up with their back turned

3. Straight Slicer - _b f+K

  • Mary performs a sliding attack that goes fairly far
  • D version goes full screen length while B version goes about 3/4 screen
  • _b f+B is supercancellable
  • both versions hit low but for the D version, the tip of her foot must connect in order for it to be a low attack
  • free cancellable out of
  • free cancellable into
  • can be followed up by qcf+K, which grabs the opponent after the slide has connected. This move does not come out if the slide is blocked or whiffs
  • the followup qcf+K is a hard knockdown

4. M. Reverse Facelock - qcb+B

  • Mary goes into a counter stance. This move reverses jumping attacks and special moves that don't hit low
  • the counter becomes active immediately, but has bad recovery time
  • hard knockdown
  • free cancellable into

5. M. Head Buster - qcb+D

  • Mary goes into a counter stance. This move reverses midlevel attacks
  • the opponent is thrown into the air behind her and can be juggled afterwards
  • has bad recovery time, unsure if the counter becomes active immediately
  • free cancellable into

6. Real Counter - qcb+P

  • Mary goes into a stance where she is invincible to all attacks except throws. The invincibility lasts for about a second
  • during the stance, Mary can cancel it into qcf+P, which is an instant unblockable throw
  • the qcf+P followup is a hard knockdown


1. Splash Rose - qcf hcb+P

  • Mary dashes forward. If she connects, she will perform a combo that does decent damage. If it whiffs or is blocked, she will not continue and can be punished
  • qcf hcb+A goes about 3/4 screen length, while qcf hcb+C goes full screen
  • this move has a tendency to switch sides on the opponent, after it has been blocked. This will throw off some opponents trying to combo punish the move

2. Dynamite Swing - A A f B C

  • Mary performs a rising anti-air attack that comes out extremely fast (possibly on the first frame)
  • if the move connects, Mary then grabs opponent and swings them around before throwing them across the screen behind her
  • it is possible for the the initial hit to connect but the final grab (which results in the majority of damage) to not connect
  • this move can be cancelled after any normal on hit or whiff, including non-cancellable ones and even her CD counter


1. Dynamite Swing - A A b B C

  • works exactly like her DM version but does more damage


1. Typhoon - db qcf uf u d+BD

  • this is an instant one frame grab that does very good damage
  • hard knockdown
  • an easier way to execute this move is to do 270 degree motion starting from back and going to up


  • cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, far A, close B, crouch B, far B, close C, crouch C, far C, close D(2)
  • CD is cancellable to special moves and DMs
  • close B is a low attack