Duck King (FFS)

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Rolling Neck Throw - cl. f + C

  • Over the shoulder throw, opponent lands on other side

Reverse Breaker - cl. air d + C

  • Grabs opponent in the air then slams them to the ground

Special Moves

Headspin Attack - charge b~f + P

  • A Blanka ball style attack
  • C version comes out really fast

Break Storm - qcf uf + K

  • Looks like a dragon punch except with kicks
  • C version comes out faster

Dancing Dive - qcb + K

  • Tiger knee attack
  • C version goes higher/farther

Beat Rush - b, f, b + C

  • Duck does a combo finishing with a punch
  • Useful in combos

Needle Low - df + D

  • Slide attack, smilar to King's slide in King of Fighters/Art of Fighting

Desperation Move

Break Spiral - cl. hcf uf d + BC

  • Tosses the opponent into the air then kicks them around whilst dancing