Duck King (KOF:XI)

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Normal Moves


  • Rolling Neck Throw: b/f + C or D
  • N Reverse Breaker: (close in the air) any direction other than up + C or D

Command Moves

  • Mad Spin Hammer: f + A
  • Needle Low: df + B
  • Shocking Ball: (while opponent is on the ground) d + C
  • Duck Feint (ground): during dash, df + C
  • Duck Feint (air): during jump, down, down

Special Moves

  • Headspin Attack: qcf + A/C
  • Overhead Kick: during Headspin Attack, C
  • Flying Spin Attack: during jump, qcb + A/C
  • Dancing Dive: qcb + B/D
  • Break Storm: dp + B/D

Super Special Moves

  • Break Spiral: (close) hcf, uf, down + B/D
  • Beat Rush: hcb, f + A/C
  • Derived Beat Rush: during Beat Rush, A, A, B, A, C, C, D, C, dp + E