Duck King (RB2)

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Duck King (RB2)


Slam Dunk - f/b + C

Command Moves

Ground Spin - d + C (when opponent is knocked down)

Overhead Axe Handle - b + A (overhead obviously)

Slide Kick - df + B (hits low)

Fake Air - d,d while in air (tap F/B to change landing trajectory)

Fake Ground - df + C during dash

Fake-out Moves

Duck Dance - d + BC

Special Moves

Head Spin Attack - qcf + A/C (C version has Kick Away Finish as a followup)

Kick Away Finish - C after Head Spin Attack C

Neo Break Storm - dp + B (tap B for followup)

Cross Head Spin - u,d + D from backline

Dancing Dive - qcb + B (then qcf + B for followup)

Flying spin attack - qcb + A in air

Super Special Moves

Break Storm - Neo Break Storm, cancel with hcf + BC

Air Break Storm - hcf + BC in air while close to airborne opponent

Break Spiral - 270° + BC near opponent

Super Desperation Move

Duck Dance - f, hcf + C then tap C to gain ducks (you are completely vulnerable during the dance and will lose P power if hit)

0-2 taps = 1 duck 3-5 taps = 2 ducks 6-8 taps = 3 ducks 9+ taps = 4 ducks

after doing the dance successfully, your Ppower will refill and you will have access to any of the following P-power moves

Note that no matter how many ducklings you have using one of these moves will drain your Ppower completely and lose all ducks no matter it's requirements

Post Duck Dance P Moves

Air Cannonball - qcb + BC in air (needs at least 1 duck)

Cannonball - qcf + BC (needs at least 2 ducks)

Dance Kick - qcb + BC (needs at least 3 ducks)

Heaven's Knee - dp + BC (needs at least 3 ducks)

Duck Rave- hcb + C (needs 4 ducks)