Ramon (KOF:XI)

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Normal Moves


  • Arm Whip: (close) b/f + C/D

Command Moves

  • Triangular Jump: against the wall while jumping, uf
  • Headbutt: f + A
  • Stealth Drop Kick: df + B

Special Moves

  • Rolling Sobat: dp + B/D
  • Flying Body Attack: during Rolling Sabat, dp + B/D
  • Set-it-off Smack: during Flying Body Attack or Headbutt, down, down + A/C
  • Feint Step: qcb + A/C (can be held down)
  • Tiger Neck Chancellery: (close) hcf + A/C
  • Rope Spin: (close) hch + E
  • Somersault: hcf + B/D
  • Feint Dash: while running during Somersault, E
  • Tiger Lord: qcb + B/D
  • Close Chop: While on wall during Tiger Lord, qcf + B/D
  • Flying Body Attack: While on wall during Tiger Lord, qcf + A/C
  • Pufadora: While on wall with Tiger Lord, qcb + A/C
  • Feint Dash: during Tiger Lord, E

Desperation Moves

  • Tiger Spin: (close) hcb, hcb + A/C
  • El Diablo Amarillo Ramon: qcb, hcf + B/D
  • Savage Fire Cat: while on wall with Tiger Lord: qcb, hcf + E

Leader Desperation Moves

  • Tiger Combination: (close) hcb, hcb + E
  • Flying Mayar: during Tiger Combination, qcb + E
  • Arm Whip: during Flying Mayar, qcf + E
  • Tiger Spin: during Arm Whip, hcb + E