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Gameplay Overview

Andy Bogard, despite not being the poster child, plays the most traditional fireball-and-uppercut game in Real Bout 2. A strong defensive character, he has lots of powerful zoning tools and moves that can get him out of tight situations. He's fairly cut-and-dry even compared to the other characters that share his archetype, but his strong points truly shine when a patient and calculated player is controlling him.

Pros Cons
  • Good fireball traps and zoning
  • Can anti-air from afar with Shoryudan
  • Long range High Avoid attack that can convert easily into further damage
  • Versatile Breakshots
  • Lame offense with no high/low threat
  • Most normals are average at best
  • His fireball doesn't travel the full length of the screen and only has one speed


Inner Thigh Thrombosis - f/b + C

Command Moves

Kicking Onslaught - f + B

Raising Rep - df + A

Fake-out Moves

Flying Slice - d + AC

Quicksilver Flash - f + AC

Super Sonic Swirl - d + BC

Special Moves

Flying Slice - qcb + A

Fearsome Flying Slice - qcb + C

Quicksilver Flash - db, f + A/C

Reverse Sonic Split - db, f + C; during hit, db, f + C

Dragon Blast - dp + C

Sonic Split - db, qcf + B

Shiranui Spirit Crunch - In air, qcb + D

Super Special Moves

Super Sonic Swirl - qcb, db, f + BC

Super Desperation Move

Manly Mashing Blast - qcb, db, f + C

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2



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