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The King of Fighters XII

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KOF XII is the first HD entry into the series and was SNKP's attempt to reboot the series. SNKP stripped out many of the technical elements of the game in order to create a simpler fighter to attract new fans. Two new systems were added into the game: Clash and Critical Counter.
==Game Systems==
'''Attack Notations'''
==Characters=[[Andy Bogard (XII)|Andy Bogard]]=
[[Ash Crimson (Unlike most KOF games, KOF XII)|Ash Crimson]]do not have characters grouped into teams or boss characters. However, players are still required to choose a team of three characters in order to play.
*[[Andy Bogard (XII)|Andy Bogard]]*[[Ash Crimson (XII)|Ash Crimson]]*[[Athena Asamiya (XII)|Athena Asamiya]]*[[Benimaru Nikaido (XII)|Benimaru Nikaido]]*[[Chin Gentsai (XII)|Chin Gentsai]]*[[Clark Still (XII)|Clark Still]]*[[Duo Lon (XII)|Duo Lon]]*[[Goro Daimon (XII)|Goro Daimon]]*[[Iori Yagami (XII)|Iori Yagami]]*[[Joe Higashi (XII)|Joe Higashi]]*[[Kim (XII)|Kim]]*[[Kyo Kusanagi (XII)|Kyo Kusanagi]]*[[Leona Heidern (XII)|Leona Heidern]]*[[Raiden (XII)|Raiden]]*[[Ralf Jones (XII)|Ralf Jones]]*[[Robert Garcia (XII)|Robert Garcia]]*[[Ryo Sakazaki (XII)|Ryo Sakazaki]]*[[Shen Woo (XII)|Shen Woo]]*[[Sie Kensou (XII)|Sie Kensou]]*[[Terry Bogard (XII)|Terry Bogard]]
'''Console-exclusive'''*[[Benimaru Nikaido Elisabeth Branctorche (XII)|Benimaru NikaidoElisabeth Branctorche]]*[[Mature (XII)|Mature]]
[[Chin Gentsai (XII)|Chin Gentsai]]
[[Clark Still (XII)|Clark Still]] [[Duo Lon (XII)|Duo Lon]] [[Elisabeth Branctorche (XII)|Elisabeth Branctorche]] [[Goro Daimon (XII)|Goro Daimon]] [[Iori Yagami (XII)|Iori Yagami]] [[Joe Higashi (XII)|Joe Higashi]] [[Kim (XII)|Kim]] [[Kyo Kusanagi (XII)|Kyo Kusanagi]] [[Leona Heidern (XII)|Leona Heidern]] [[Mature (XII)|Mature]] [[Raiden (XII)|Raiden]] [[Ralf Jones ({{Navbox XII)|Ralf Jones]] [[Robert Garcia (XII)|Robert Garcia]] [[Ryo Sakazaki (XII)|Ryo Sakazaki]] [[Shen Woo (XII)|Shen Woo]] [[Sie Kensou (XII)|Sie Kensou]]}}[[Terry Bogard (Category:The King of Fighters XII)|Terry Bogard]]

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