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The King of Fighters XIII/Mr. Karate

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Desperation Moves
'''Haoh Shikouken = f, hcf+P'''- Start-up has auto-guard. A version travels slower and C version travels faster.
- Hit Detection: Mid
'''Ryuuko Ranbu = qcf~hcb+P'''- A version's start-up is fast. C version has a slower start-up and has invincibility.
'''(EX) = qcf~hcb+A+C'''- EX version starts up fast and has complete invincibility till about half way through the dash.
- Hit Detection: Mid
'''Kyokugen Kohou = qcfx2+K'''- Near instant start-up. Start-up has invincibility. Great as anti-air.
- Hit Detection: Mid
- Damage: 210

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