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The King of Fighters XIII/Andy Bogard

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Special Moves
'''Kuuhaden = (hcf+K) - ''' Andy kicks through the air in an arc. The D version does more hits and travels in a wider arc. The B version travels in a much less wider arc. The hitbox can cause the D version to cross-up on standing opponents who are standing close to the end of the arc. The reason this move is awesome is because you can "Brake" it after first hit. This cancels the move after the first hit, which sends the opponent into the air. You can follow-up with Shoryudan (dp + P), Zeneiken (db,f + P) fireball DM (qcf,hcb + P) and others. In the corner, this move offers even more combo goodness.
On block, the D version is more unsafe than the B version, but not by much. You will need to punish both of these versions point-blank with a very fast normal attack (like Kyo's s.C) or a special move (like Kyo's EX dp). The distance for punishing this move is very crucial, because if you block only the very last hit, you wont be able to punish it. '''Break = (hcf+K, BD)'''This move is unsafe on block, so try not to use it in blockstrings. To the unfamiliar player, it may look safe, but it really isn't. They will have to be very quick to punish it cleanly, so any fast crouching or standing normals or fast reversal type moves will be able to knock it out while in recovery.
'''(EX) Kuuhaden = (hcf+BD)''' - The EX version does more hits, with the final hit leaving the opponent in a juggle state. Common follow-ups are cr. D, shoryu or fireball DM (qcf,hcb + P). [Note: You can't Brake the EX version.] This move also damages the guard gauge immensely.

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