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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Iori Yagami

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Command Moves
* Only cancel-able on block if canceled from a cancel-able normal
'''Lily Breaker ''' - in air, (b + B) * This is one of the most useful moves Iori has always had in his arsenal. Its main use is to cross-up opponents while they're standing or crouching (with some exceptions to some characters), while either on their wake-up or even in close quarters. This can create some rather nasty and annoying mix-ups if performed correctly and if done unpredictability. It is very easy to start combos with this attack because it features a small amount of extra hit stun, and it is quite safe on block as well. Another use is to increase the distance and speed of his back-dash if performed as 'back, back + B'. This can create a lot of space between Iori and the opponent, which you can use to help apply your long range zoning with his qcf+P, or to escape, runaway or even bait reversals out of your opponent. Even offensively during pressure in the corner, you can use the animation to fake out your opponent and make them block, thinking you were going to hit them with a hop j.C or j.D. If you neglect to use this move in battle, you are minimizing Iori's mix-up potential and great way to create space between you and the opponent. * Cross-up attack only * Cancel-able on hit and on block
==Special Moves==
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