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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Iori Yagami

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Special Moves
'''Combo Advice:''' Many of Iori's cancel-able normals can combo into his rekkas but be sure to know and understand that the light normals can only connect into his light punch rekkas, while his close and crouching C can connect into his heavy punch rekkas. Look in the combo section for more details.
* Hard, untechable knockdown.
* Can be used up to 3 times in a row
'''Dark Crescent Slice ''' - (hcb + B/D* Command grab)
* Iori runs up to the opponent, slams their head on the ground, then blasts them with purple fire. The light kick version travels half screen while the heavy kick version travels at full screen. Both of the kick versions deal the same amount of damage, but the heavy kick version deals a bit more guard damage. The true property to the this move is that it is a block-able command grab that is not very safe on block. Plus the opponent can simply attack Iori while he is running towards him. The best situations to use this move is either to guard crash the opponent if their meter is dangerously low, after a hit confirmed close C, and to cancel in and out of during max mode. Overall, this move is not very useful and has extremely limited options. '''Combo Advice:''' You can combo into his grab from Iori's close and crouching C. It gives the opponent a hard knockdown which you can use to improvise a few wake-up options. This grab will also be used during a few of his max mode combo strings. * Hard knockdown * Running Command grab * Can be blocked '''Scum Gale ''' - close, (hcb, f + A/C)
==Desperation Moves==
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